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  • Paul White

    /look at my gun safe

    /look at pictures

    /burn with jealousy

  • Lance

    Its what every gun owner hope his armory room will look like, win he plays the lottery.

  • jay

    There are countries out there that have less firepower than this. 🙂
    That’s why nobody will ever occupy USA…They may say” Screw that. Just nuke it from orbit.”

    • Spencerhut

      Many of those rooms were not in the USA.

    • micmac80

      Myth dimwits like to spread.
      Gun ownership is not exclusive to US, many US states have less guns owneship than the states in Europe . People in the some countries of the ,Balkans, Middle East ,Asia have as many or more guns the big difference being they own full auto guns while you play with your Glock and a Rem870 shotgun both borderline useless for war.

  • john huscio

    File under “things I’d do (buy) if I had the money”… think I’m down to 3 pistols and 2 long guns…..

  • One of those is the Heckler and Kock executive boardroom. Some of these gun rooms are just display models or guns you don’t fire due to being antiques unsuited to be fired. Lots of wall hangers.

  • All that money in guns and people use tacky looking peg board, shame on them they should send me the guns for batter presentation and keeping.

    Some of the pictures are of range rooms at businesses and others are of business rooms like the H&K one. I believe the H&K gun room has the name “We hate you and this is what you can’t buy from us” title.

    • gusto

      not to mention nice rooms with wooden shelfs/cabinettes, great cratfmanship, nice leather furniture and felt surface etc etc

      and tacky camo colorued guns or worse synthetic stocks?

    • Hans Gruber

      “batter presentation” – Mongo 2016

      • DIR911911 .

        me thinks self pleasuring may be involved . . . now the peg board doesn’t look so bad

  • Giolli Joker

    I wonder what the Knox Handroid pod gloves are doing in a photo…
    Cool stuff.
    I don’t even start the envy game… it’s overwhelming.

  • Rock or Something

  • Roy G Bunting

    All depends on what you’re doing. The gun room collection isn’t the right choice for everyone, cost not withstanding.

    To put it another way:
    “If you can’t have the guns you want,
    Shoot the guns you’ve got!”

    • Russ

      “Love the gun you’re with”

  • sean

    Shouldn’t this be marked NSFW

    • Nashvone

      It’s a firearms website and as such the IT department of the company I work for had it blocked long before I could have seen this.

      • Really? For what reason?

        • MR

          I was kinda surprised that my current employer doesn’t have firearm related websites blocked. Previous employers had anything firearm/hunting/camping related blocked. But you could still get on youtube or facebook.

          • Goodness gracious, that is absurd.

          • Shannon Kelman

            My employer blocks it as well. I worked IT for many years and had no problem with what people looked at (porn, gambling, firearms). As long as it didn’t interfere with bandwidth I saw it as an HR problem and not mine. If they wanted it blocked then I blocked it.

          • Michael Mabey

            This is one of the few things my employer is okay with. Kinda goes with the territory of some of our clients thou. Best thing is though anniversary mile stones with company include things like high quality scopes, reloading equipment, and other useful out door items

    • Josh B

      How is this NSFW? Unless you have a very terrible employer. If mine blocked something like this I’d find a new job, or at the very least get around the blockage problem ;-).

      • DaveD

        I think this was a joke, as in gun porn.

  • Hans Gruber

    HK- F%ck you we hate you

  • Jas

    But the one that beats them all is in a village called Vantaa, Finland. A gunroom the size of a hangar two floors, with a 30mm sixbarrel cannon (not just the cannons, the whole system, including cupola, ammo feed etc) of a Kuznetsov class cruiser pointing at the front door and behind it about 35k guns of all sorts and sizes, from a Kolibri to a Russian 30cm railway cannon (cannon collection outside on a small hill). All in private possession. Wow is an understatement.

    • Vincenzo Amato

      I visited that collection a few years back,as a member of an European gun collector association: incredible experience!

    • L Cavendish

      and they think Americans are gun crazy,,,ha

  • Joseph Smith

    Really cool!!!

  • SP mclaughlin

    the gray room was already in this photoset…..

  • Silverado

    I wonder how many of them vote DemocRATic??

  • Martin M

    My computer nearly exploded.

  • Lee Attiny

    The gun room in the first picture is clearly the winner. Dude has a Gatlin gun.

  • Heebrew Hammer

    You want to visit NORINCO …..

  • SoloistZ

    That would be nice! How fun!

  • micmac80

    Some are shop showrooms and the white rooms with tags on the guns are actually evidence storage room in a balistics lab in Germany

  • Josh B

    My favorite was the bunker looking one with the cement walls and reinforced door.

  • Ha ha ha

    Pure tools of art…

  • L Cavendish

    I was expecting all private collections…some of those are stores…corporate board rooms…lodges…armorer benches…
    Some were pretty impressive…others…meh

  • Shannon Kelman

    The photo of the room with the guy in black t-shirt with his back to the camera is Instagram star Dan Bilzerian. Every time I try to write him off as a meat-head playboy he comes up with a cogent and poignant post – Armenian genocide, wealth not buying happiness, the Whitehouse attempt at banning M855 green-tip. I also read that burglars broke into one of his houses but couldn’t get through the door to the gun room so kudos for to Dan for making the safety of his firearms a priority and keeping it out of the hands of others.

    • kyew

      Yeah, well… it didn’t work out quite as well as one might hope. The thugs in uniform took his guns when they investigated the break-in.

  • sanman99

    OMG what do I shoot today!!!!

  • Ryan

    Take out thw duplicates and it is more like 10 gun rooms.

  • Carter Gwynn

    That room with all the flintlocks is a dream room. Love the coffered ceilings in that one office.

  • John Davis

    I see lots of stores and lots of the same room from different angles….but mostly im just jealous