Hong Kong 3Gun Match

3Gun Nation has started official matches for Airsoft. Say what you will about airsoft, but have a look at this video. Racing is racing and this looks like a fun and challenging sport. It has the spirit of 3gun just without the long distance targets we typically see here in the US.


For a long time I believed an airsoft version of 3gun would never really work since the shotgun is so different. Many of them shoot a single bb or at best 3 bbs. I was wrong. Look at the shotgun this guy is using. I am not sure what airsoft shotgun it is but it is a pump action shotgun with high capacity mag tube. He is solid on the long gun and pistol, but he is slow on the shotgun. He needs to speed up his quad loads and reaction time. It seems to take him forever to shoot the shotgun compared to his pistol and rifle speed. Still it looks like a lot of fun.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • KestrelBike

    Ok actually… this is friggen’ genius to simulate sports-competitions. You could do this basically anywhere there’s space and not have to worry about anything but people wearing eye-pro. Taping paper could be a thing of the past if you just stick to “steel” or hell even plastic targets that tumble when hit. You could do this in the winter and not have the same safety-concerns for ND’s in the case of slipping on wet/icy ground. The cost of “shooting” is max $5 of pellets, not $50-100 of bullets/shells. The airsoft-guns are often fractions the cost of actual firearms. You can shoot metal targets at any range you want and not have to worry about richochet, which means you can decrease the size of rifle targets to simulate distance and still have stages set up in small areas.

    One of the only things that might be different from shooting actual weapons is the lack of recoil, but I think that plenty of the gas guns simulate recoil through the blowback or whatever term it is for the CO2 (or w/e propellant media is used) designed to push back on the instrument.

    If you care about sports competitions because it’s a fun sport (and aren’t begrudgingly using it only as a tool to refine the last 1% of your operator-skillset), then this is a fantastic way to train for actual sports competitions.

    • Swarf

      “Ok actually… this is friggen’ genius”

      Yup. Whenever I hear “Airsoft”, my gut reaction is to scoff, but this is pretty cool. You can do it anywhere, any time of year.

      Part of what keeps me out of 3-gun (and other high-volume shooting sports) is the cost. That is a lot of freaking ammo to run through every weekend.

      I mean, I reload for pistol, and even then, that’s a lot.

      • Hans Gruber

        Learn to reload more and stop playing video games ……………………..

        • Swarf

          i don’t play video games at all. Why would you even think that?

          • Ned Weatherby

            I reload, and I think that post is crap….

    • Nicholas C

      Most of what you said is true. But airsoft guns being a “fraction” of the cost of real guns is far from true. The shotgun that I believe is being used costs $400 without any modifcations. That is more than a pump 870. The Systema PTW M4 simulates a lot of what an AR can do. And cost more than $1k. race pistols can cost over $1k as well. But running them is cheaper of course.

      • Swarf

        Well thanks for ruining it for me.

        • DW

          Eh, you can save lots of $$$ by not running raceguns and shotguns.

      • Just Sayin’

        Compare apples to apples. The airsoft guns you mention fall into the “racegun” category -inside the airsoft realm, of course-, so you should compare their prices with real steel raceguns, not with entry-level guns.

      • oldman

        The way to bring the cost down is to rent the guns to the people. That way new people that want to try it can do so without a massive out lay. Then if they want they can pony up the funds to buy their own. Do it like gun ranges do X dollars for x amount of time.

      • Yes but that cost quickly is made up for in ammo. 10,000 high quality airsoft BB’s can be had for $20-$30. So for the price of a single .45 ACP fired you can fire 100 airsoft rounds.

        With high volume shooting, the cost of ammo almost always ends up being much more than the gun that fires it.

      • KestrelBike

        I’m probably running on decades’ old airsoft gun $$ data. back in the day, Classic Army was cutting-edge and I bought a Toyko-Marui Famas for ~$400? (smh I know, I was young & dumb) and that was probably in … 2002?

        So I correct my original statement to say that I have no doubt that the latest & greatest of Airsoft guns can cost big bucks. But still, as others have posted below, I’m sure budget guns that would still work for A3Gun are still only $100-400 each.

      • DW

        Running them is far, FAR cheaper, and that will save a lot if one’s committed.
        You can save lots of money by not running “raceguns”, hell most of the people don’t benefit much from these finetuning anyways. Let skill catch up to guns before spending big bucks.

      • SDsa22c

        He Used a Gas Blowback Rifle not a Systema

      • Iñigo Zapata

        The cost of the guns can be pretty high, but running them afterwards makes a big difference. I’ve actually spent more in gun AS guns than in firearms, but way, way less in ammunition/gas when using them.
        All in all, it’s a fun sport, and that’s all it takes for me 🙂

    • Nicks87

      Yeah I think if you put these guys on a real 3 gun course with real guns they would do quite well. In my experience airsoft guns are a lot less accurate than real firearms so the hits would be far more consistent.

    • oldman

      It is also a good way to introduce new people to the sport in a safe fun way. This would also let younger people take part.

    • gusto

      airsoft is not cheap,
      I mean you can get cheap stuff but that is also true with real guns,

      a good AR airsoft with all the dodas is easily 1000bucks, atleast where I live, and correct me if I am wrong but you can get a pretty decent stock real AR for that?

  • I’d do this. It beats using up $600 worth of ammo.

  • Hans Gruber

    What mall was this filmed at?

    • Dan

      Probably the one across the street from where you flip burgers tier 1 operator boy

  • jerrythegeek

    Okay, *I* am impressed!
    I opened this video with a smirk, which turned into gaping-jaw awesomeness.

    This ain’t bar darts, this is high-energy shooting competition and i’ve not seen better at USPSA Nationals … Open, Limited, or 3-Gun.

    One thing this video shows graphically is that the same techniques used with a .38 super, a 5.56 and a 12-guage are adaptable for “airsoft”. And it’s every bit as much exciting, except without the earmuff thingies which give you a headache by the end of a long match.

    Thanks for making this video available. It’s gonna get a lot of traffic.

  • Arie Heath

    I don’t understand why people say Airsoft is stupid, it’s a great way to exercise and meet new people.

    • gusto

      yes, it is the same hate LARPing got 10 years ago.
      wtf was wrong with that,? people being outside, camping for real (most offten without much modern stuff), being social, being creative (dramatic improv) and getting excerise without much risk of serious injury
      yes it looks silly throwing tennisballs at someone shouting fireball. but lets be honest
      those tactical classes videos with peopel sticking their bum out and looking over their shoudlers looks pretty silly to

      • Xanderbach

        As a former soldier and current airsoft LARP player, I agree. Good exercise, fun to be had. Though the gun skills aren’t the same as real firearms- I play in an open area, 80 acres in size, with high winds. Engagement distances go from 500yds to about 100ft. Every firefight is cqb, even the “long distance” ones, because of the wind deflection. If someone is farther off than that, the 2 groups will either hunker down and wait, or scatter.

  • SGT Fish

    I’ll say it’s acceptable for china. But getting into 3gun isn’t hard. My girlfriend does it and just borrows my pistol when it’s her turn to shoot. And I have a friend that let’s me borrow his guns every once in a while. It’s not anything crazy. Go to a real match and quit watching the pros. You’ll see you don’t have to spend 5k on gear

  • Ned Weatherby

    Awesome video.

  • Swarf

    I’m not associated with TFB in any way, but I would put in a vote for hearing more about all of that.

    And I think you may have mis-interpreted some posts. As far as I can see, most of us are pretty impressed by the video.

    It gives me a new respect for Airsoft, although for the kind of money we are apparently talking about, I’ll stick with real guns. 😛

    BUT, if I lived where Airsoft was the only way to shoot, I’d be on board with it.

  • spencer60

    That’s pretty amazing.

  • SinoSparo

    Having grown up in Hong Kong, I’d like to point out that Hong Kong’s current gun prohibition laws were passed by the British government. Basically if you’re a Chinese, you can’t carry a gun. But the colonial Brits and those working under them, i.e. Royal Police, could carry with conditions.

    I’d like to see China including Hong Kong go the way of Russia, allowing civilian CCW.

  • Dickie

    Asian people look ridiculous with a gun.

  • Irfan Zain

    Nick those are the APS CAM870, the co2 is pumped into the shell and you pour the BBs into the shell with a wad. Works about the same as an actual shotgun without the recoil. The prototypes were known to be able to shoot actual shells.