Bullet Proof Easter Peep Vest?

Just in time for Easter. Kirsten Joy Weiss answers a fan submission of whether or not a bullet proof vest could be made out of peeps.

The results are rather predictable and the beginning of the video is a bit over the top with the faux science experiments. The peeps did work though.

Maybe if she used a giant peep the results may improve?

giant peep

No, do not try this at home. It is a giant plush Peep.

Nicholas C

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  • TVOrZ6dw

    I can’t imagine an Easter without a peeps vs bullets video.

  • A.WChuck

    Everyone knows that a peep does not achieve its full bullet resistance until it has been air cured for a t least a week.

  • There were peeps in that video?

  • Gregory

    She has some real nice peeps!

  • Swarf

    She’s a hell of an actor.

  • gunsandrockets

    Is it wrong for me to wish to see a crossover video of Kirsten Joy Weiss and Jenna Marbles?

  • Matt Shermer

    Food should not be bulletproof (although peeps can hardly be called food), if your food is bulletproof then it should not be consumed, it should be thrown with lethal force at your enemy.

    • iksnilol

      Or launched with some form of pneumnatic cannon.

      • Matt Shermer

        I can just hear that being called in to the battery of 155s…

        “Fire Support this is Pathfinder, target package leftovers, target area…”

  • iksnilol

    “She also went for the hot scientist look.”

    Booyah! … is what somebody less serious than me would say. Any married guys here who can make that comment for me?