ZBROYAR – 10.5″ SBR AR-15 from Ukraine

I discovered this Ukranian Short-Barrelled Rifle at a Swedish dealer.

Ukranian arms manufacturer aren’t too common, so I wanted to share the pictures and spread the light and perhaps learn a thing or two. I’m sure there are difficult times there now.

Zbroyar seems to be a small privately owned company founded in 2004. According to World Guns the name means armorer or gunsmith in Ukranian.

Unfortunately I don’t know so much about the company, but hopefully you can help out in the comments section below and see what we can piece together.

Do they make their own parts, or buy partly from other sub-suppliers?  Obviously the furniture is sourced.

The model is called Z15, with a 10,5″ barrel. The barrel is free floating and chrome lined. The chamber seems to be .223 Wylde, to accomodate both .223 Rem and 5,56×45.

SBRs aren’t illegal in Sweden, but getting a license is virtually impossible after some recent changes in the gun legislation (2015). However, anyone lucky enough to get a license only pays $30 for the paper work.

For more information check out their homepage: http://zbroyar.com.ua

There’s also more here: https://www.facebook.com/Zbroyar/




2016-02-19 13.25.12


Yup, it’s pretty clear who made the rifle and where.

2016-02-19 13.02.29

The carbine come with a single-stage trigger and САА SBS (commercial type), plus detachable collapsible sights from CAA and a rubber-coated pistol grip by IMI.

2016-02-19 13.06.36

2016-02-19 13.26.22

Kulgevär Zbroyar Z15 .223R Marksman

2016-02-19 13.26.01

“The carbine utilizes low-profile steel gas unit mounted with coupling screws (not with pins, for which cavities must be made in the barrel).”

2016-02-19 13.26.50

“The flash hider named Pig is intended for comfortable shooting and reduction of muzzle blast. Due to the shell hole structure, it sends the shock wave from the shot. For the purpose of compliance with the MIA requirements as to the minimum length of rifled weapon, muzzle brake is fixed on the barrel, and the buttstock– in the extreme position.”

2016-02-19 13.25.25

This is obviously not a suppressor, but I understand the company makes real ones too.

Muzzle Break PIG – I wonder where that name came from?

2016-02-19 13.27.10


Thanks to DAE for the opportunity to have a look at this SBR.

There is also a Zbroyar Z15 .223R Marksman, with 18″ barrel in stainless steel.

And, of course, a Z-15 Zombie Hunter 7,62.

Need a 9×21 mm Z15? They have it here.

They also have bolt-action rifles in .308 and other calibers.




Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Max Popenker

    Their guns were available for purchase in Russia until after Maidan revolt of 2014.

    Quality-wise Z-15 were a mixed bag, some good and some not so good.

  • TheNotoriousIUD
  • JumpIf NotZero

    I enjoy that in 30 years people in the USA will be buying classic AR15s because they are “rugged and reliable, the design was made so that they could be fashioned in every third world country with limited machining, they are the right arm of the free world” bla bla bla…

    AR15, the new AK47

    • Ryfyle

      I argue that the world got used to making AR15’s. Soon we’ll be finding them in every crevice on the planet, and why not it’s a real decent design.

    • Hans Gruber


  • Green Hell

    The more you know, Molot and Orsis factories also make AR-15’s in Russia.

    • Anonymoose

      I thought the Molot ARs were made by Oberland or some other West/Central European company and then marketed by Molot?

      • Green Hell

        I believe it’s Schmiester parts with their own made Vepr heavy barrel.

        • Max Popenker

          yes, that’s Waffen Schumacher / Schmeisser parts with Molot cold hammer-forged barrel

    • Evan

      That’s a Vepr. I don’t know what factory it’s made in, but it says “Vepr-15” on the receiver.

  • Phil Hsueh

    Muzzle break pig, so you can break pigs using the muzzle?

    • Twilight sparkle

      More like a knockoff of the noveske flaming pig.

  • Just Sayin’

    No snarky comments about how even Swedes don’t need no stinkin’ $200 tax stamp and a year’s wait to buy an SBR??

  • May

    I recall quite a few of these popping up in pictures of the recent Russian invasion there, a couple had Daniels Defense handguards, not sure if those came from Zbroyar or if they were imported by someone else though.

  • toms

    They started with mostly imported components and were hit or miss. They have recently really upgraded their guns and produce 90% of them in house from Ukrainian materials. They also supply weapons to some units in the MVD and UA as sniper systems. They do import barrel blanks though, either krieger or Lothar and do produce budget models. Ive seen their .308 shoot .50 moa 5 shot groups at 100 meters consistently. They are also priced reasonably. Ukraine by necessity is producing a lot more complete weaponry now than they did just a few years ago. The used to be a major supplier of key, mostly high tech, weapons components to Russia. That relationship is now finished. Their new ATGM systems, engines, armored vehicles, and radar are really good and relatively inexpensive.

    • toms

      The one in the pic is a lower tier model. The more expensive ones have billet recievers

  • Kivaari

    It’s good to see that some Europeans can still buy real guns. If the photos reflect the inside quality, then it must be pretty good. It looks better than parts I bought from DSA. It is fascinating to see how the M16-AR15 has caught on just about everywhere, where people can buy guns. All while more states in the USA are prohibiting the good people from having such rifles. I like that bolt action. Now that would give me a reason to buy a 6.8 SPC, especially if the magazine could hold rounds having an extended overall length so better bullets could be used or 6.5mm something.

    • toms

      Ukraine is getting more gun friendly. Your pocketbook is the only limitation to include a carry permit. They also allow shooting in a lot of places, it doesn’t have to be a range if the area is big enough. The flood of illegal arms is causing a negative backlash though. Most of the political players now are open to codifying firearms as a right. Everytime they get around to voting on it some crisis or flare in hostilities throws it to the back of the line though.

  • toms

    They do. They have match krieger barrels or LW50 blanks that they chamber. They use high end CNC equipment to build the rest. Ive personally seen one .308 shoot 5 shot 0.5 moa groups with swissP ammo. They issue these to a few units especially MVD volunteer units as they are semi-donated or purchased with donated money. The SBU uses them and also the presidential security units, they replaced B&T bolt guns which tells a lot. Most of the armed forces still use SVD’s or occasionally local Galatz galil ace type rifles. The problem is that .308 is expensive and hard to get for military use, the MVD have a much easier time acquiring arms as they are technically police but involved in direct action and infantry type operations and can have military roles. Contrary to Russian propaganda, the west has done very little to help and actually blocked the sale/exports of arms and ammo.

    • Джон Доу

      It is funny how you judge about russian propaganda using western propaganda stemples. Russian propaganda actually tells the opposite things: the West is not helping ukrainian gvt, because it has finally revealed evident nazi nature of Maidan revolt, Putin won the confrontation, bla-bla-bla. While the ukrainian propaganda provides the evidence of piles of western weapons in Ukraine as a sign of western support and inevitable defeat of Putin.

      So, you just confirmed the russian propaganda tells the truth, LOL.

      • toms

        I am well aware of everything the west gave Ukraine, There are no weapons. Please show me the western weapons? I can tell you that if the west was giving weapons it would have changed the whole war. Old radar, humvees, rations, flack jackets, and belts are not weapons. Missiles, artillery, Tanks, .308, 5.56 is weaponry.

  • Robert S Moulds

    The Zbroyar is real surprise while the AR 15 has longer range and is more accurate the AK 74 using almost the some 5.56 mm was more robust while easier to manufacture and use. The Zbroyar is certainly a change I thought the Ukranian army used AKs or a bull pup based on the AK a true surprise thank you shame they are not sold in Canada nor could I afford one. If one has the opportunity to own then do so.

    • Max Popenker

      Z15 are purely commercial semi-auto guns; the fact that some para-military units use them means nothing beyond the sore state of Ukrainian military
      They also produce (assemble) under license some Israeli guns (Galil, Tavor) but then again, those are not yet standartized
      So far Ukrainian army uses old, Soviet era small arms, while their stocks last.

      • toms

        Max- I can assure you that they are in pretty widespread use by SF units in the army and a lot of their suppressors too. They are much more common in the MVD units though. There are a surprisingly large number of tavors, negevs, galil ace .308s, B&T bolt guns, and Zybroyar ar10’s weapons in inventory (at least 50,000 all told). The problem is ammo. IT is near impossible to import large quantities of .308 or 5.56 for military use and the only factory that produced .308, Lugansk CW has been looted, the majority of the equipment taken to Russia in a humanitarian convoy in Aug-Sept 2014 or so. At least thats what everybody says and it makes sense. Their guns are heads and tails better since they started machining a majority of their own parts. Honestly I was surprised at how well the ar10 shot. The first one I saw had saber defense components but Asian receivers. The newer one was pretty well done. The high edges were smooth, the bolt was NIB ansd sized to the raceway, cerakoted, the trigger was a SSF. I’d buy one if I lived there. Especially since they were priced cheap for Europe.

        • Max Popenker

          I’ll leave numbers you mention aside because I have no way to check them out
          But referring to “what everybody says” to situation in Ukraine is ridiculous to say the least
          Because, you know, “everybody” said that
          – there are 200,000 Russian troops in Ukraine
          – tactical nukes were used in Lugansk airport
          – Putin ordered terrorist attacks on Brussels
          – there are absolutely no Nazi in National guard

          – etc etc etc

          As for Lugancs CW, last I’ve heard they’re making ammo for separatists; IIRC it was entirely different Lugans instrumental plant that moved wholesale into the Russia because its owners decided so.

          • toms

            I’ve been to Vinnitsya to the Fort factory, those are the official numbers for transfer 08-now which is in the public domain. Were some of the transferred elsewhere? maybe a few.

            I’ve never heard any of your above mentioned claims except on RT or other Russian propaganda instruments. To deny that Russia has deployed soldiers inside Ukraine is ridiculous at this point. How many? not enough to achieve much but at least several battalions at any one time and a lot more than that altogether.

            As for the Nazi crap, there are fascists in every military organization in the world. The percentage of soldiers in Ukraine that fall under that ideology is so small its insignificant. Almost every soldier I met over there had grandparents (who they love and respected that fought against Nazis). This is just one of those false flag hybrid war narratives straight from the Kremlin, period. You’d get punched for calling someone a nazi there. Grandfathers still walk around in their WWII uniforms proudly.

            IF LCW is operating in the separatists areas I doubt it. Most of their raw materials were brought in from other parts of Ukraine. They probably did a little PR piece for Russian TV showing how everybody was back working in factories for the homeland BS, The reality is that the Donbass is a hot mess, Nothing works, like Stalin and CCCP came back from the grave.

          • Max Popenker

            well, the Azov battalion is officially recognized as “neo-Nazi” even by members of Us Congress; you can check it if you like, it’s googled easily
            as for “Nothing works like Stalin came back” – you’re absolutely wrong here
            Under Stalin it generally worked – and if it didn’t, someone was into some really deep trouble. Just check Soviet nuclear or missile programs, or jet aviation, or reconstruction of the country after 1945.
            I agree that Donbass is a hot mess, though, probably, still a bit better place that a former Yugoslavia under NATO bombs.

          • toms

            Max-According to Jane’s, a very good intelligence source, LCW, LMW, and several other defense companies in the Donbas were pilfered by the Russian Army and set up in Russia. Janes is considered a tier one outfit and would not post unsubstantiated information.

            There is an international criminal case in the Hague over it. I doubt Russia would admit it as it is a war crime, but still it makes sense to deny your enemy resources. All told some ten companies were raided: The report lists 10 plants: the Stakhanov Ferrous Alloys Plant (SZF), Stakhanov Railcar-Building Works (SVZ), Yasinovatskiy Machine-Building Factory (YMZ), Topaz Holding Company, Lugansk Rolling Mill Scientific-Production Enterprise, Lugansk Cartridge Works (LCW), Lugansk Electrical Machine-Building Works Mashzavod-100, Krasnodon-Lugansk ‘Youth’ Plant, Lugansk Pharmaceutical Plant, and LugaTerm boiler and heating equipment enterprise.

  • Twilight sparkle

    They need to stake the castle nut and use an actual muzzle brake. Other than that this has some real potential if the internals aren’t crap. Though I don’t see why they’re doing so many small projects like this and the 5.45 tavor, propaganda maybe?

    • Hokum

      5.45 Tavor is made by “Fort” – the other Ukrainian gun manufacturer.

      • Twilight sparkle

        Yeah I’ve checked out their website before, I don’t see why they don’t focus more effort on modernising the huge stockpile of Ak-74s that they’ve got.

  • Larry Notton

    Appears to be very good craftsmanship and a weapon a logical choice!

  • Hokum

    I had a chance to compare Zbroyar’s Z15 and Windham AR15. Z15 is actually quite good for its price, of course. Windham is still better and had little to none stoppages, whilst Z15 had a few. BUT that might have been the ammunition (Wolf).
    Also we managed to swap the uppers and still fire the mixed rifles.
    And they’re producing the .300AAC uppers and carbines.

  • Max Popenker

    well, i have quite a lot to say about your comments, but it would be strictly off-topic for TFB
    if you want further discussion, you can easily find me on the Facebook and we’ll continue there.