12 ga Belt Fed AR Upper

Sure there were some people trying to convert AR10s to shoot 12ga. Then there are the AR style 12ga shotguns. Now someone has made a beltfed AR upper that shoots 12ga shotgun shells. Just need to iron out the kinks.

Nicholas C

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  • Salty Nuts

    “Stay off my lawn”

    • Anonymoose

      Oh, this would make them permanently a part of your lawn. They’d be reduced to liquid fertilizer!

      • jono102

        Even better, Get fertilizer pellets reloaded into the shells instead of shot, so if anyone asked you could say it just a belt fed H.I.F.A.D (Hi-velocity Fertilizer Application Device) as you walk around the yard “Fertilizing” everything. It would be also be very useful in the S.N.A.P.D. (Semi Non-lethal Area Pest Denial) role

        • Mark


    • noob


  • Ceiling Cat

    We Metro now!

  • M.M.D.C.

    I think this is pretty old, in internet years. I would be interested to know if he got the kinks out, though.

    • SGT Fish

      it is old. saw it probably 5 years ago. never heard of any updates. probably someones pet project that got shelved for now

    • gunsandrockets

      Yep, seen it before but it always brings a smile to my face when I see it again.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Wow, I bet the neighbors love this guy.

    • DataMatters

      You laugh but when I had a semi-auto .22 as a kid the neighbors complained to my dad that it sounded like WWIII next door.

  • Sianmink

    Well that takes care of the magazine stacking issue.

  • douglasjets

    Should open source it.


    Since the AA-12 meme has been dead for a while, let’s see the “civilian” mk19 in action.

    Wait, good luck finding Frag-12 shells.

  • Joshua

    I’m quite certain that this has been posted here before.

    • randomswede

      Yes, in 2009. Can’t post link; mods will eat me.

      • Joshua

        hmm, I’ve been reading this blog for 7+ years? where does the time go

  • me

    wow, such a new video

  • jerry young

    it’s not something you’d carry to hunt Bambi, but an interesting thought for close range deadly riot control if he ever got the kinks worked out

    • AldanFerrox

      Why deadly? Feed it with rubber shot. That is going to hurt a lot.

      • jerry young

        just meant if deadly force was needed

  • politicsbyothermeans

    Speaking of kinks, I’ll be in my bunk. That thing is awesome.

  • Silverado

    The Govt hates you…

  • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

    Ah yes, I’ve seen this before.

  • Matt Frikin Bennett

    This video is probably almost 10 years old. The kinks never got ironed out.