JARD introduces 9mm bullpup

JARD INC, an American bulpup manufacturer in Iowa, has come out with a dedicated 9x19mm version of their popular rifles, that come in 5.56x45mm, and .308. The company is based in Iowa, and apart from selling a number of AR15 related parts and rifles, they have the distinction of being one of the more successful American bullpup designs.

The J67 maintains the same design format as their rifles, featuring an ambidextrous charging handle and Garand style safety, with downward ejecting shells from behind the magazine. The forend is M LOK compatible, while the top rail is an M1913 picatinny. The rifle takes 9x19mm Glock magazines as well. It comes with a non-threaded barrel, but for around $13, you can have yours threaded to take any of the muzzle attachments for AR15s out there right now. For field stripping, the rifle comes apart via a knurled knob just ahead of the trigger guard. The company makes the claim that the rifles have the lightest stock trigger pull out of any production bullpup on the market, and I would assume this to be the case with J67 as well.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the design is the simplicity of it. Inside the frame of the firearm, the controls and bolt are kept to an absolute minimum, the bolt carrier itself riding on two recoil spring rods that stop up against the buttstock, and having a rotating triangular bolt head. Many firearms designers have no problems making a system complicated, however it is a true challenge to make a system simple.

Phil Note: We are currently testing this gun. A review will follow shortly.


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  • Aono

    Something that almost always seems to be missing from the pistol caliber carbines is a last round bolt hold open, even when the magazine utilized should support it. What about the JARD? Tough to see from the vid.

    • JohnnyBGood

      there is a silver button behind the magazine that would be a bolt release but I doubt it

    • SGT Fish

      i concur. while im not an engineer, it seems that most magazines support the function but the engineers overlook it. even 9mm ARs have a LRBHO, well im not sure about the glock compatible ones, i think some do, but i know the colt mag rifles have it and it works well

    • Daniel

      If I recall correctly the lack of last round hold open stems from the glock mag design. Obviously the mag was designed for their pistols. And it’s been explained to me that it would take a mag re design to make it work.

      • SGT Fish

        then they lack a proper engineer. or failed to see the want for one

      • Ergo

        if new frontier can figure it out these guys could

  • Capybara

    Wow, it’s really funky and kind of ugly looking but functionally, looks pretty cool. Just like Glocks. $900.00 MSRP, probably can get one for, what, about $700.00, not a bad price for a bullpup.

  • Martin M

    Wow. So much gun for such a little round.

  • J.J

    Its so gigantic. Why would anyone get it in 9? They’re are already so many options of you want a 9mm carbine. This one isn’t at the top of the list.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I wish it was snowing here.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Ah, l love that every single reload is a struggle.

    “Hey, bullpups are great for getting extra barrel length… Barrel length is great for extra velocity… 9mm doesn’t greatly benefit from extra barrel length…. LETS MAKE A BULLPUP 9MM!!”

    • DW

      Training alleviates reload issues.
      The main reason why this has a 16″ and is a bullpup is NFA, else you’d see either a 8″ normal-config carbine or a super compact bullpup.
      As for choice of 9mm, yeah it would be more “efficient” to chamber in .40, 10mm or other hot loads. Would they sell as well? Nah, most probably not.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Do it while running, do it in urban prone, do it with tunnel vision. Clear a malfunction where you can’t see it. Then get back to me on how it’s a “training issue”. It’s like people have their heads in the sand as to why bullpups are rare.

        Ironic words used, all things considering…

        • Laserbait

          Golly, if you’re so worried about all those things, you should probably stick to single shot rifles.

        • Anthony “stalker6recon”

          I agree with much of what you said, having the action behind your checkweld is strange, but nothing that training and repetition won’t cure. Sure it is odd not seeing the problem (think double feed or stove pipe), but malfunctions seem to be uniform across many platforms. Proper application of “sports” will usually get you back up and running in less than 10 seconds.

    • May

      Bullpups are also great for reducing overall length without reducing overall length, which is pretty nice if you want compact guns but need a certain barrel length for some random arbitrary reason that was established by law 80 some years ago…

  • Ahil925

    Actually 9×19 does get benefits from longer barrels, it’s just that you very quickly run into diminishing returns past ~12″. Look up Ballistics By the Inch.

    So is it gas op or blowback, I’m having video play issues on my end.

    • Laserbait


  • 1905swamp

    describe the features to me on paper, and I’m sold. Then I see the gun…….well I applaud the simplicity, but it looks like an early prototype. An ugly early prototype. I’d love to either see version 2 after some additional refining is done, or for it to be priced a lot lower than it is.

    But yay for any additional 9mm carbines hitting the market, and yay for anybody not cranking out another 1911 or AR, but showing some innovation.

    • noob

      I wonder what it would be like rebarreled in 22TCM9R, with a 30rd magazine?

      and with a giggle switch of course 🙂

  • wetcorps

    That’s pretty nifty. Since SBR are harder to get and PCCs have to come with long barrels, you might as well bullpup it to keep the whole thing short.

  • wt

    Good effort by these guys as they appear to be a start up.
    The ejector rod is a neat Idea.
    First accessory required is a front vertical grip that can take a spare Glock mag.
    Then get a professional product designer in to help with mk2 to get the gun looking beter.

    • Laserbait

      JARD has been around for as long as I can remember. Their bread and butter is making triggers.

  • Slim934

    Out of curiosity has anyone tried running their version of the AR-15? I’m curious how well they work seeing as they seemed to have modified the whole recoil assembly (it’s DI, except instead of the recoil spring in the stock its instead in a larger recess above the bolt carrier). This allows them to be DI yet still have a folding stock.

    I tried to find disassembly videos of this but was not having much luck. I’m just curious how well that system runs. It seems pretty different, yet they are not charging much for the uppers (like 700 msrp listed on the site).

    • tts

      I can’t find any info either. The little I can find is about some of Jard’s other guns and its mostly complaints unfortunately.

  • Laserbait

    I’ll be ordering mine tomorrow!

  • RickH

    For a second there I thought Mossberg was reintroducing their old 12 ga. bullpup when I first saw the picture.

    • Mike

      wish they would reintroduce it

      • RickH

        Don’t know if you had one, but you’d be disappointed. Heavier then it needed to be, the slide action was awful, the trigger was beyond bad, and it also had a grip safety that was unnecessary. I did some work on mine to smooth things out, but it was still an abortion. If I had kept it for 20 years it probably would have been worth something, but I sold it a few years after it was introduced. Truly a poorly engineered defense weapon.

  • Major Tom

    This gun is just fugly enough to give it a certain charm.

  • ChierDuChien

    Just wondering. Has anyone ever be lobotomized by a bullpup Ka-Boom ??? Seems kind of risky to me.

    Not picking on this particular one, just in general.

  • Southpaw89

    First off that is one ugly gun, however the fact that it is fully ambidextrous uses ubiquitose glock mags and has about the lowest price I’ve yet to see on a bullpup, makes the appearance far less of an issue. Its almost to the point where it would be worth picking one up just to get a feel for the bullpup platform in general. Of course that’s only if the reviews go well.

  • Blake

    So basically this is a bullpup Uzi-ish action?

  • Robert S Moulds

    A gun like that could even create interest in gun ownership among liberals. Light weight, mangable, portable, easy to use whats not to like.

    • Anthony “stalker6recon”

      One look at this, and they will start screaming assault rifle, ban it right away, it is too scary looking.

      We will never understand their knee-jerk logic deprived brains, something is missing in their frontal lobes.

      • Witt

        A huge increase in mass shootings, maybe. What don’t you understand about that?

        • Anthony “stalker6recon”

          The sad truth is that there hasn’t been a huge increase in mass shootings, only in the exposure of them. That is what they want, you to have unjustified fear, with you, it’s working.

          Also, the gun itself is not the instigator of these unfortunate acts, the individual is. You are obviously afraid of the wrong thing, but you have been coached in this fear for a very long time, and you probably don’t even acknowledge it anymore.

          Guns of all types, in the hands of law abiding citizens, pose no threat to the public. If they did, you would have murder rates that make Syria seem like a safe place to raise a family. Everyday, 150 million law abiding gun owners, and their multiple guns, never kill anyone. It is the same as yesterday, and will be the same tomorrow.

          In fact, if you discard all the murder in the US by criminals who lost the right to own a firearm (felons, illegals, non-citizens etc), the true murder rate by firearm would be the lowest in the western world where legal ownership is still available.

          That won’t matter to you, and the fact that a firearm looks scary, has no effect on its ability to kill, banning them accomplishes nothing in preventing violent crime. Going after our guns protect nobody but criminals. You will never understand this. I pity you.

    • Pranqster

      you’d be surprised at how many gun owning liberals there are.

  • Anthony “stalker6recon”

    I have always liked the bullpup design, giving you the extra firepower of a long rifle, but in a compact “carbine” feel. Having this in 9mm seems a bit like cheating the potential of the longer barrel, but if it still works for the MP5, why not. I think I would spring for the 5.56mm though. Nice, simplistic design.

    Sucks living in the Philippines, I get all these emails about firearms I can never have. The only upside to living here, there is no FFL required for things like full auto or suppressors, but supplies on the legal side are very rare and super expensive due to the oppressive import taxes and other regulations. I can only dream of owning one of these, while sadly having to make do with a crusty S&W 38 snub nose for home defense.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    It was interesting to read about the wide range of reactions from everyone who posted comments about the J67. Personally, I think it’s a purposeful-looking carbine that seems to have a functional and thoughtful design philosophy behind it. It will be equally interesting to see how well it fares in more intensive field testing, and what JARD will do to refine the weapon based on lessons learned. I also like the fact that it appears to require shorter sights than most bullpups ( if iron sights were to be added ).

  • Town22

    The break down and heavy bolt is similar to the Kel Tec sub 2000 carbine.


    I wanna love it, simply because they’re from my home state of AahWuh, but I cannot get over the looks of the thing. Plus the whole firearm has flimsy metal with hex bolts and welds – hec, polymer would have been a better choice – maybe. $700 would still be a little hard to swallow even for this wallflower. YMMV

  • RickOAA .

    Looks like the product of an erector set.

  • Jeff Edwards

    I disagree, Witt. Any imposition is too much. Evil people do not become more evil with guns, and they’ll use a bomb if that’s what it takes to express their evil-ness (reference Belgium). The world is not a safe place, and although the risk is minimal, the consequences of being unprepared are not. I don’t believe I am dim or callous, but rather able to recognize and rationally extrapolate the course of actions and their results. When these ‘minor inconveniences’ lead to major ones (and they will) I will be left with major consequences and no remedy. You are the recipient of major sacrifices by thousands of your predecessors and seem to show no humility or respect for those who have enabled your unbridled cynicism and rancor. Think on this deeply before you respond, if you choose to do so.

  • Anthony “stalker6recon”

    Since when has a single stupid gun law kept guns from criminals? Tell us all one example of a criminal who just gave up his criminal life and got a job, because he couldn’t find a gun? Give us all one incident where a criminal heard about some new law, and destroyed his firearms because they turned out to be on a new “scary” banned list.

    Look at the largest areas of the country, with the most strict guys laws, and tell us how those citizens have been protected. We can start with the nation’s capital, during the 80’s, I read the “metro section” of the Washington post, where the crime report was. Every day, there would be stories of people being shot and killed, by guns that were absolutely banned. Then look at shitcago, another libtard bastion of safety. They have almost an 80 percent increase in murders this year alone. But guns are illegal there, why is this happening? By libtard logic, it should be the safest place in America. Then look at califukya, the whole state has stupid gun laws based solely on what a weapon looks like. How dumb is that?

    Going after criminals, and actually making the already existing gun laws work, is where they need to start. If a criminal uses a gun in the commission of a crime, it should be automatic life behind bars. That will stop much of the violence, once the criminals are removed from society. If they kill anyone using a firearm, then the death penalty should be automatic.

    Preventing law abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves, how ever they see fit, protects nobody. Punishing criminals is the way to solve crime, not making our life more difficult and making guns illegal based in feelings.

    You can continue to be ignorant, and go after the wrong people, lot of good that has done so far. And mass shootings are not any higher now, that they were at any other time in America, just the reporting is much easier to spread around the world. 100 years ago, it remained a local story, now it is the top story around the globe. When good people die because their government disarmed them, and criminals ignored the law, and used guns to kill their victims, I hope you feel good about it. Sorry if I am sick of watching people needlessly die, and turned into evil by the media, just for protecting their family. It is vulgar and pathetic.