P90 Run and Gun (Well, PS90 SBRed)

The P90 is famous for being weird looking. It has made countless appearances in sci-fi flicks, and serious appearances in the hands of groups like the US Secret Service. We have used a lot of firearms on the run and gun course, but none this strange or unconventional. So, how will it perform?

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(gun firing) – Well, suppressors always certainly add a little bit of giggle factor, but for this Run and Gun we’re going to be using a PS90 SBR without the suppressor.

We found out that with the suppressor it changes the point of impact drastically.

But that shouldn’t affect how fun this gun is.

Anyways, this is a PS90 as I said.

These are a terrific amount of fun.

This gun doesn’t really fill any hole in my collection aside from its being a range toy.

I’ve never taken it hunting or anything like that.

517 by 28 is probably less than ideal for taking a whitetail deer, but I suppose in a bolt action or something it would be a great squirrel gun.

I actually don’t know of a reason why this wouldn’t be a great squirrel gun, aside from being a little unconventional and awkward, but the PS90 is a very simple, very well made gun.

You Stargate fans will definitely recognize it.

It makes appearances in all kinds of video games and movies and stuff like that.

It certainly looks goofy, and it certainly handles goofy as well.

If you are used to other submachine guns or, well, PDWs, whatever, I don’t want to get into that whole deal, then it’s even strange compared to those, but this gun features a mini ACOG which will help a lot during the Run and Gun.

Also it does have a 50 round magazine capacity that rotates the ammunition 90 degrees to feed properly, which is very cool, but for the Run and Gun we’re actually going to just do what’s normal for us, load 10 rounds per magazine for a total of 30 rounds with two magazine changes.

That way it allows this gun to basically be compared against guns that we’ve done this with in the past.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the Run and Gun course and see how the PS90 SBR performs.

All right guys, here we go with the FN PS90 SBR.

I think this is actually the most modern gun I’ve ever used for this, so we’ll see how it goes.

I’m not really used to shooting a whole lot of modern stuff, especially not bullpup SBRs with little optics on them, so I hope it goes okay.

Also it’s worth noting, these magazines kind of exceed the limits of my tactical fanny pack.

(clicking) (gun firing) You know, to say this guy is awkward is kind of an understatement, especially for a guy like me who thinks a Mauser 98 is a perfect rifle.

But let’s go talk about it.

All right, so I probably looked extremely awkward doing that Run and Gun, well, more awkward than I usually look doing this thing, but this is such a strange gun.

I’ve shot it a lot, but I’ve never shot it with haste or tried to reload it fast.

This gun realistically has been a range queen for most of its life, so it’s got like the least intuitive magazine change I think I’ve ever messed with.

So after you’re done, obviously it doesn’t have a bolt hold open, so you kinda pull this out, and then it sometimes catches on this lip, and then you’re kinda wrestling with it.

And then you reach down for the magazine, and then it doesn’t always seat all the way, so you’ve gotta kinda, see I did it that time, you’ve gotta kind of finagle it in there, which kinda sucks.

The trigger is standard bullpup trigger, which is to say not very good.

Recoil impulse is low, though, so that’s good.

I’ll put the totals, hits versus misses right here.

I can tell you that the optic really helped, the low recoil impulse really helped.

I don’t want to say I don’t like it, because I do, but I would not want to pick this over a competing design like an HK MP7, which to me shoots better and is a better gun.

I’d take an MP Five over both of them, however, obviously, they fill a different specialty niche than the MP Five and nine milimeter and so on and so forth.

I’m sure that’ll start an argument in the comments, but you know, these are weird.

They look weird, they shoot weird, and everything about them’s weird, but I guess let’s go back to the room and finish this video up.

So yeah, that was certainly pretty weird and interesting.

I did not think that the magazine changes would cause me that much trouble realistically.

I’ve seen specialty magazine pouches for this.

After I did this Run and Gun I looked, kinda what other peopled used for a solution, and let’s just say that the tactical fanny pack is less than ideal.

I’m sure if I had proper equipment that would go a lot smoother, and if I shot this gun more, it would help a lot as well.

The PS90 is definitely a gun that I would want to shoot a lot more before I did anything serious with it.

I just like guns where you can press a button and the magazine drops free, or at least grab a paddle and the magazine at the same time and pop it right out of there, but the PS90 isn’t without its charm.

I certainly has some positives and it certainly has some negatives, however, it’s up to you, the consumer, to decide whether or not it’s something that you’d like to get behind.

Anyways, big thanks to Ventura Munitions as always, and big thanks to you for watching.

Hope to see you next time.

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Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • Luis Cabrera

    I’d love to know where you got that 3lug mount.

    • Gemtech makes them for the G5

  • Darkpr0

    The P90 is one of those rare guns that just makes a lot more practical sense in full auto. Unfortunately, this gun has been deemed too much fun by the government.

    • Steve

      Having shot a suppressed P90 on full auto, I can honestly say you aren’t missing much. To each their own, but the weird dual-mode paddle of a trigger really wasn’t for me.

      • Steve

        Just realized it wasn’t mentioned in the article, but the full-auto P90 has a semi-auto trigger at a half-pull that turns full-auto if you pull it further.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          Like the AUG… Since they are practically identical triggers.

          • Steve

            Now that I didn’t know… looks like there’s another for the ‘must-try’ list.

      • ProLiberty82

        Having shot the P90 and MP5 side by side in full auto I can add that the P90 doesn’t feel like it has any less recoil than the MP5, in fact it almost feel a bit more violent due to being a fair bit louder. I agree on the trigger, feels pretty cheap, like a nerfgun with a heavy trigger.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    I think the idea was keep the mag capacity high, so you don’t have to reload in haste. I would speculate the general design basis around more of a defense than offense, so you wouldn’t be concerned over unloading more than 50 rounds at a time. I love these things, but the mag swaps can definitely be awkward and the optic height just feels off.

    • supergun

      I will take the M16 with two 40 rounders strapped together.

      • Harold

        I’ll take a crew mounted SAW. Make a better comparison please.

        • supergun


    • Gunner

      I love my PS90 and my FiveSeveN. I have ten 50rd mags = 500 for the PS that are doubled by a stack connector. I also have 5 20rd = 100 mags for the 5-7, ready to go, total 600rds. These two are my first choice for SHTF senario. I have a mixture of ammo for various conditions encountered. From the FN 197 blue tip, full jacket Federal, FN192, 195 and 198. The 198 penetrates BA. Ammo is not hard to find right now but may be in the future that is why I have several thousand on hand which is compact and light.

      • Harold

        Could be a long wait for the balloon to go up. I would check those springs every 20 years or so.

  • Jim B

    I really like my PS90. If one gun needs to be SBR’d it’s that one as the long barrel sure makes it ugly.

    With the 50 round mags I have never had the need to change them quickly. :o)

    Tactical Taylor made a vest with six mag holders on it that worked great. Not sure if he still makes it?

  • somethingclever

    I always enjoy these videos. Thanks for sharing, Alex.

    • Thank you for watching. This is my favorite series to produce!

  • TheNotoriousIUD


  • John

    Cool video, TFB. Thanks for these.

    And now I understand why those have 50-round magazines. Fast reload doesn’t look doable.

    • I’d say the same about mauser stripper clip reloads which Alex can do very proficiently if I didn’t realize that like anything it just takes practice. I’ve reloaded a PS90 about 4 times and each one was faster than Alex’s so I’d say it is safe to say Alex just sucks at reloading PS90s. Seriously with 10 minutes of practice anyone could reload faster than he was in the video. The question is, can you reload an AR-15 30rd mag twice (for 90 rds) as fast as you can a PS90 once (for 100rds)?

  • Wolfgar

    I have never shot a P90 but it looks like it would be easy to shoot one’s support hand if the shooter isn’t careful. Another fun video Alex.

    • Harold

      That’s ok because the Internet says the 5.7x28mm doesn’t hurt you.

  • Bjørn Vermo

    For competitions where technique is important, it makes sense to limit the number of rounds per mag. If your goal is to compare guns, you should fill them up. Magazine capacity and ammo weight are important qualities just as sights and trigger feel.

    • Hensley Beuron Garlington


  • mechamaster

    Please do “dual-wield” P90 / PS90 video in the future. Lol.
    Just for science that 5,7 is very controllable and full ambidextrous.

    Long time ago the FN Hershtal made dual wield full-auto P90 in their promotion video.

    • Giolli Joker

      “Please do “dual-wield” P90 / PS90 video in the future”
      Dugan Ashley did it.
      “My body is a temple!”

      • mechamaster

        Oh, yes Carnickon did it too. Now I remember that.

        Just want to see TFB version.
        ( Or maybe dual wielding HK MP7, but it’s more harder to procure )

  • Amplified Heat

    Hmm, remove the primary benefit of the platform (using only 20% of the mag capacity makes zero sense) and it doesn’t stack up so well, huh? I wonder if an MP7 with a mere 6 or 8 rounds per mag would fare better? Or that precious Mauser with a two-round stripper clip? Why, it’s almost as though FNH didn’t prioritize mag changes over a small form factor, because the ammunition choice mooted the issue almost entirely by design (especially in semi-auto). Do an M240 run-and-gun with three belt changes over a thirty-round course next time, please, or at least do the PS90 with a full mag, once. I thought the goal here was to identify advantages & disadvantages of these platforms?

    Would love to see a PDW shootout; what little I’ve been able to find about the MP7 suggests that crazy-expensive contraption is not all that pleasant to get behind, even if it is mechanically more interesting than a blowback. Very short barrel, very high pressure. TP9, MP7, PS90, and MP5k as the ‘control’ would be great. Even better would be the incorporation of elements that have something to do with their intended role, such as tight quarters, and engaging of targets from behind cover (they are ‘defensive’ weapons first and foremost, after all) out two 200 yards.

    • Hensley Beuron Garlington

      Bingo! You’re exactly right! TFB really disappointed here.

    • Harold

      since you know what is best to perform just do it and post the YouTube link here.

  • M C

    Interesting video as always, although being British I couldn’t help but smirk every time Alex said “tactical fanny pack”.

    • ostiariusalpha

      Fanny means the same thing in Murican English as it does in Real English©, we just don’t say it in casual conversation as much as you do.

      • M C

        Er, actually it means something VERY different – let’s just say that Alex is unlikely to have one without an extensive psychological evaluation followed by some very expensive surgery.

        • ostiariusalpha

          Well, he is wearing it on the front side, so draw your own conclusions. LOL!

  • The_Champ

    Lots of extra points for the shout out to Stargate SG-1!

  • Sam

    Alex join SSG-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • Suppressed

    “All right, so I probably looked extremely awkward doing that Run and Gun, well, more awkward than I usually look doing this thing, but this is such a strange gun.”

    I know you’re from Texas and it’s a Texas thing, but it is awkward AF watching a man in cowboy boots do anything besides ride a horse. Minimal flex, no traction, and did I mention how weird it looks?

    That being said, maybe you didn’t wear them this video. I don’t know, I couldn’t watch it for fear of seeing you do another run-and-gun in them.

  • Camilo Emiliano Rosas Echeverr

    “This gun has a distinct advantage, that I won’t use so I can compare it to its competitors”
    Spot the mistake.

    • gunsandrockets

      Yep, that clumsy mag change is the penalty paid for a 50 round capacity.

    • Hensley Beuron Garlington

      Exactly! As soon as I read “but for the Run and Gun we’re actually going to just do what’s normal for us, load 10 rounds per magazine for a total of 30 rounds with two magazine changes.” I realized this was not actually going to be a fair comparison. I’m very disappointed in TFB for thinking that was necessary.

      • supergun

        Some of those FN Five Seven bullet goes through bullet vests.

        • Hensley Beuron Garlington

          Yes, that’s right. Specifically the restricted SS190 FMJ.

          • supergun

            I prefer the Hornady Blue Tips.

        • Harold

          So does every 556 and 308

  • gunsandrockets

    My suggestion for next run&gun, an AR57 with 30 rounds loaded in the magazine!

  • Bub

    Alex, you commented on the trigger being typical bullpup less than ideal. How bad is the trigger on a PS90? Also, despite your comment on small game hunting and range toy do you think the PS90 really serves a practical purpose for the average shooter? I know you really don’t have to have a purpose to buy a gun.

    • DatGuy

      Have played with an AUG, own a TAVOR and PS90, and played with a couple other bullpups. The PS90 actually has a surprisingly nice trigger, especially compared to the Tavor’s factory. It’s smooth, it’s not particularly heavy. My only complaint is that it has no discernible break. You just pull it, and it breaks at some point. It’s weird, it takes some getting used to, but it’s really not that bad as long as you’re not trying to compare it to say, a Geissele High Speed National Match Match trigger.

      Especially keeping in mind the platform is designed as a close-quarters PDW and not a marksman’s rifle.

      It wouldn’t be a bad home-defense option, but it is a great range toy. If you have the money laying around and you want an interesting, fairly rare firearm that is fun, I say go for it.

    • Harold

      How come everyone wants a bullpup trigger to act like the trigger on a bullseye 1911 made by Jim Clark?

  • Lee

    Does anyone know how ar500 steel targets hold up to the commercial 5.7 round?

    • Slvrwrx

      Just fine. the commercial 5.7 stuff even out of the PS90 is going to lack velocity to do really any damage to hard plate.

    • Harold

      About the same as the 22 win mag cartridge.

  • smartacus

    after watching that video; i REALLY wish the minimum barrel length for a rifle were changed to 14″-14.5″ instead of 16″.

  • The_Champ

    If we consider the P90 being a standard issue weapon for whichever hypothetical organization, I really don’t see it’s alleged awkwardness, and slow mag changes being an issue.
    I suspect these are problems only because the P90 is so different from every firearm we are used to handling. Training would eliminate these issues. That said I have never handled one.
    And I should add that I think the importance of speed reloads over rated in the real world.

    • Harold

      Yeah but this is the Internet where speed loads matter. 😉

  • Core

    Alex, those mag changes were painful.. You really have to train hard to operate a P90, and you need to have the mags stacked properly and get lots of practice getting the mags in and out of the P90. You also need to work on the sight picture and operating the controls with muscle memory. I’ve seen the P90 run hard and fast but it’s like anything you have to spend the time with it. You can’t just take it out of the safe and do a run and gun. The more you work it, the more you’ll like it. I could never get past the mag change, and I’m sticking with a M4 type. But honestly, if I was driving a vehicle allot, in the combat zone, I would want a full auto P90 with a reflex sight. The Acog is going to slow you down a bit, but depending on the threat it may be an asset. Thanks for taking the time to do the video, it’s always appreciated. I like the boots but I don’t recommend you run and gun in kickers, especially in the mud, cowboy..

  • Landroverman

    Don’t underestimate this rifle. It makes a great home defense weapon. With its 50 round magazine you are not likely to run out of ammo in a home invasion. It is light in weight and the compact bullpup design and short length of pull allows smaller people, like my wife, to handle it easily. The 5.7×28 round is quite lethal at closer distances but is not likely to kill your neighbor next door if a round goes astray. Some of the deficiencies notes can be fixed with upgrades (enlarged mag release grip points and charging handles), available from Bullpup Armory and other companies. Trigger pull is not great but the gun is highly reliable (no jams in over 2000 rounds) and very easy to clean.

  • Mike Crognale

    Ummm…what did you do to the silencer that the point of impact “changes considerably”? I sbr’d mine and run it with a can and it still hits dead center target consistently.

  • Phil

    Test run application defeated the essence of this rifle. A 50 round magazine eliminates the fumbling around with 10 rounds. If one used this gun as designed, it would eliminate the any comparison, using the “dopey suggestion. Why not “apples to apples”…Phil

  • Phil

    I spoke with FNS technical and they were absolute, that a suppressor will destroy this gun. Please get your self together before weakly comparing it’s virtues!.