G2 Research Releases “Rip Out” 7.62×39 Loading

G2 Research, primarily known for their controversial Radically Invasive Projective or “R.I.P.” ammunition has released their latest loading, the Ripout. The ammunition is loaded with a 124 grain all copper round with a stated muzzle velocity of 2,270 feet per second. G2 research rates the round as suppressor-safe.

Unlike its pistol-oriented RIP cousin, the Ripout is not designed to fragment on impact. On the contrary, its designed to stay intact for half its stated 17 – 20″ of penetration then expand to “2.5 – 3x” its original size. Its an interesting idea to see where the company is attempting to keep the energy dump to the last half of the wound activity, versus JHPs which tend to create wound channels early in soft tissue.

Despite the contention in their naming, the technology that G2 Research is bringing to the fore has lots of potential. By looking past swaging techniques with lead, G2’s focus on machined bullets is exciting. Machining can add new patterns that swaging cannot.

G2 is not the only one in the CNC machine bullets game. Other companies are pushing into it like Lehigh Defense with their .380 Extreme Penetrator. Its exciting times in the ammunition world. With polymer cased ammunition and machined bullets, ammo is not yet done with development.

On the flip side, swaging is inexpensive. The 7.62×39 trident has a retail of $56.99 for a box of 20 rounds. 

Nathan S

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  • TheSmellofNapalm

    The penetration is pathetic compared to others competitors like Lehigh. I fee like a fanboy but Lehigh’s Controlled Chaos rounds are on a whole different level for terminal effectiveness. A quick google search will find dozens of deer that were dropped without any tracking with a 5.56 CC round.

  • New Chris

    I was at a local gun store the other day, and the fellow behind the counter was trying to sell this stuff to some people who didn’t know any better. It was like watching an episode of “Pitchmen”. I contained myself, because gun stores deserve to make money too. The couple was really impressed by the pitch, and the graphic brochure full of propeller sized copper petals. In the end, it was the price that saved them, they opted for some Gold Dots instead.

  • Blake

    Good thing it reassuringly says “supersonic” on the box; I was worried that 7.62×39 was slower than 45ACP…

    • Nashvone

      But it is suppressor-safe!

  • USMC03Vet

    For almost $3 per round they better come individually wrapped in hand made silk paper with a nice bow tie and note telling me how awesome I am for buying them.

    • gunsandrockets

      I wonder if anyone seriously believes this Rip Out ammo is more effective than 154 grain SP Tula at 1/10 the price.

  • So it will cost $90 to fill just 1 Magazine. And then let’s factor in that you need to fire enough to make sure it cycles reliably. A few more to make sure you are Zeroed…
    So to use this ammo… You’ll be into it about 900 Dollars.


  • piotr1600

    While separating suckers with more cash than sense from their money is a time-honored pastime, I just can’t see all that many people buying enough of this stuff to make it a real success.
    OTOH, if it floats your boat to pay effectively 6x more than for fairly decent ammo, well then have fun, I guess!

    But if we want to talk about serious “terminal effects” in the same price range, keep in mind that you can buy .50BMG for about that much per round…

  • Patski762

    I’m thinking they’re using the P.T. Barnum business model with this stuff… There’s a sucker born every minute… and we want his money!

  • Lehigh defense bullets are sweet. Wondering if one could cast them reasonably easy. I know nothing about reloading, but “hard” lead is a thing, right? Would it hold up?