Real Avid AK47 Cleaning Tools

Our recent gun maintenance post got me thinking, I don’t really clean my guns that often. I usually run a bore snake down the barrel and wipe off the bolt and that’s about it. My AKs I usually run pretty dirty, it’s an AK right it doesn’t need to be cleaned? Well eventually they do so I went shopping for some tools that will help make the job easier. I stumbled upon a few neat gadgets from Real Avid for the AK47, I have a Real Avid AR-15 Tool and I love it so I know Real Avid makes good products.


The Real Avid Gun Boss AK47 Cleaning Kit is a pretty good all-in-one gun maintenance kit for the AK47 at just $30. It includes a T-handle with 6 threaded and black E-coated steel rods, when combined they form a 28.5″ cleaning rod. It also includes a 7.62MM bore brush, chamber brush, gas tube brush and mop, nylon slotted tip, gas port scraper and a AK47 drift pin punch as well as an 11 function carbon scraper made specifically for the AK gas pistons abd bolts. You get all this in a portable carry bag.


Don’t need all that? There’s also the Real Avid AK47 Scraper which is just the carbon scraper in the above kit but with a little more, it goes for just $20. It helps you scrape off built up carbon on your AK47 gas piston surfaces like the bolt face, firing pin tip, piston face and piston head grooves. It also includes a muzzle brake wrench as well as a flat driver and .25″ bit driver.



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  • Marc

    Haha…….you used AK47 and cleaning tools in the same sentence.

  • Jeremy Star

    Only cleaning tool needed for AK already ON AK. Also, in Russia, use teeth for to remove da muzzle break. Take svig of wodka and man up, komrad!

  • USMC03Vet

    The multicaliber pistol/rifle/shotgun kit they sell with the bendy cables to punch bores is way better. I have that and the only thing in this that interests me is the metal scraper tool. I looked it up and they are charging $20 for that alone. I think I’ll pass at that price.

  • JGT

    Funny, my kit only came with a shoestring, a chisel and a flask of Potato Vodka…

  • 7n6

    AK factory cleaning kit does everything you need it to do,while riding in the buttstock. Only extra thing i use is a boresnake.

  • I have their pistol version of that kit. I use it as a traveling cleaning kit as it is small enough to fit in my range bag.

    I like the size, but they went cheap on the plastic jags, and the patches (which are nearly worthless). I also wish it came with a small container to hold CLP.