Thanks to @HawkinsSecurity for bringing this photo to our attention. The officer behind the sign has a 33rd extended glock magazine in what looks to be a Glock 19 fitted with a Glock weapon light. I do not have any context as to why they are aiming so high nor why they are deployed. It may be the same officers that arrested the Paris massacre mastermind Salah Abdelsam by French and Belgian authorities.

They look similarly dressed as the officers in this video.


  • Bungameng

    Why so high?

    In the Muslim areas of Brussels, the only part of the street police can control is at teh street level. Every window, every roof top is a possible and very real threat.

    • ken

      This ^^^^^

      • Ken

        And, yes, those pics are from the terrorist arrest. There’s a whole series of such pics on one new site.

        • Rintala

          Could you link to that website? I’ve been looking for high res pictures from this event, but all I can find are those in shoddy quality. Thanks!

  • BattleshipGrey

    At least his cover says “don’t shoot”.

  • Mr Mxyzptlk

    It isn’t the case in that particular picture, but I noticed a few officers with shields using these extended mags. I assume it is due to their inability to easily reload. I know that what some armed British police who carry large shields (I say large to differentiate from the forearm shields that keep both hands free) do is to use a glock 17 as a primary with a glock 19 as a secondary in a chest holster.

    • micmac80

      That were the french , yes indeed no timely reloads while carrying a shield so a second pistol is used instead.

      • FourString

        Ministry of Defence does have a kit like that though. Chest holster being one of the bits

  • Joel

    Kudos to those cops for good trigger discipline. Obviously well trained.

  • Very interesting mix of weapons in the video. I spotted an AUG, what looked to be a SCAR due to the stock, and possibly an AR?

    • Gunner4guy

      Definitely a pair of Uzi’s with folding stock extended. One officer on the roof seems to have a 37 or 40mm gas gun/grenade launcher.

  • Thomas Carr

    The guy on the right is a member of the DSU (Belgian Federal Police). The guy on the left is an EOD specialist. I believe those are Glock 17s not Glock 19s.

    • Nicholas C

      Look at how far back the barrel is in relation to the front of the Glock light. If they were 17s then the barrel would be closer to the front of the light.

      • Thomas Carr

        See photos attached.

      • FourString

        I think the bulky gear they are wearing makes the Glock 17 look small. Might be an optical illusion.

  • Lee Attiny

    It looks like the cop on the left has a shield from a monty python movie strapped to his arm. Kudos to him for keeping his sense of humor even during a shoot out.

    • Nicholas C

      I dont think that is a shield. It is most likely a street sign that he is standing behind.

      • Lee Attiny

        Thats whats known as a joke. Come on man

  • Schnee

    I am not a door kicker, but I sure would like to see someone covering that storekeeper in the photo. Maybe from an opposite rooftop or even from a vehicle. Kinda doubt either was in place given the neighborhood. Seems like an open flank there in a neighborhood full of possible unfriendlies. Lots of this kind of stuff in the photos from the Paris responses, too, though many of those guys were beat cops in the fog of war.

    • Billy Jack

      They were in Molenbeek which is pretty much all muslim. If the store keeper did anything he’d have been dead. The streets were filled with tactical cops with balaclavas on. I had to look up how to spell Molenbeek and they just blew up the friggin subway right near there. Dangerous times in Brussels.

      • Thomas Carr

        It was the Maelbeek/Maalbeek metro station where the explosion occurred. Which is some distance away from the Molenbeek neighborhood. They wouldn’t attack their own neighborhood. Honor among thieves don’t you know. 😉

        • Billy Jack

          Yeah thanks. I was getting those two names mixed up.
          There were quite a few Middle Eastern responders and victims that I saw. Even for an airport I was surprised at the mix of cultures. Still shaking my head at what those scumbags did. Looks like Belgium is going to get the crash course on major upgrades to tactical and intelligence services.

          • Ken

            Yeah, in the form of a full fledged police state. This is what happens when you let everybody into your country, give them free everything, and then you don’t let the native citizens defend themselves.