What If You Could Only Have Three Guns?

In this hypothetical situation, what if you were limited to three firearms? What would you choose to optimize your ability to accomplish what you personally need to with firearms? In this video, we give a rundown of what we would pick.

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– [Voiceover] What if you could only have three firearms? Well, for one, your wife and your girlfriend might be a little happier, but that isn’t the point I’m getting at here.

I did some thinking the other day as I was having a couple of six outstanding Miller Lites in a lounge chair in front of a shoddy campfire.

And I got to thinking, what if for some reason you were limited to three firearms? As a hunter of all sorts of foul and game, this makes things difficult.

As a rifle you would use for prairie dogs, isn’t generally ideal for moose.

A shotgun for turkey isn’t usually optimized for dove.

As an enthusiast, you want to see what other firearms and platforms have to offer, and experience all kinds of different guns.

Yet as a practical person, you want to hope for the best but prepared for the worst.

So what then would I do if I wanted to maximize my ability to practice marksmanship, participate in some shooting sports, hunt and protect myself? Well, to me this answer’s pretty obvious.

First off, I would pick a 9mm handgun.

One that’s big enough to enjoy shooting, and small enough to conceal and carry comfortably.

I say 9mm because ammo’s cheap and available everywhere, comes in all sorts of different loadings, has low recoil, and allows for a generally high-capacity magazine.

Which 9mm I would choose would be a tough one.

A Glock 19 would be a wise choice, as would any number of other similar pistols.

The underappreciated Steyr M9, maybe a compact CZ 75, a P30, and so on, but I would probably stick to my P7.

The reason why is because I’ve been carrying it since 2012 and feel comfortable with it.

I shoot well with it, it’s easy to strip and maintain, very reliable, and it’s big enough to shoot recreationally, yet small enough to carry.

Even for a guy like myself, with the center of gravity somewhere near my eyebrows, I can still get by with it.

However, I might choose the M13 though, for it’s additional capacity.

Next up I would choose a Remington 870 12 Gauge.

You could substitute the Mossberg 500 of course, but I’ve always preferred the 870’s cross-bolt safety.

I say the 870 because I would get a short barrel for home defense, as seen on this one, a 26 or 28 inch barrel for dove and duck, and then a pistol grip setup for turkey.

For what it’s worth, I’ve always preferred pistol grip setups on my turkey shotguns.

Also, while I haven’t been an avid participant in shotgun sports since college, I would one day like to get back into it.

While a pump isn’t ideal, you can definitely get the job done with one.

With the 12 Gauge you get incredible versatility.

Birdshot, buck, slugs, and any of the crazy stuff you’ve seen on Taofledermaus’ channel.

They’re both incredibly fun and utilitarian, and with a price point of less than $350, the value is definitely there.

So the last gun I would choose is predictable, and almost a cop out, a nice quality AR-15.

Honestly, if you’re buying a gun with some sort of survival scenario or defensive purpose in mind, it would be very wise to choose an AR in 5.56.

The caliber’s everywhere, parts are also everywhere, you can customize the rifle to your heart’s content, and by swapping a few pins, you have a different caliber.

If you aren’t confident in.223 for taking out whatever you’re hunting, pop a 7.62×39 upper on there.

If you want magnification, get a nice optic and put that on top.

If you want to build a precision rifle, you can absolutely do that with an AR-15 as well.

Hell, for plinking, just throw a.22 kit on there and get to business.

I would not hesitate to trust a hunt or my life to a well made AR-15 rifle.

Over 50 years of refinement have resulted in a truly amazing and light platform.

While they aren’t my favorite semiautomatic military style rifle to shoot, in this scenario I do believe that they make the most sense.

Even the local gun store in a tiny town I frequent has AR spare parts, but you would be hard-pressed to find an extractor for anything more obscure.

So that’s my list, pretty simple and utilitarian.

But with these three firearms I believe I could get by with quite a lot.

Anyways, I’d like to hear from you guys.

What would you pick if you could only have three guns? I’m interested to hear what viewers from other places might choose, and how people with different interests would change their choices.

I can see how people with no interest in hunting might go a different direction.

Or how a very devoted competition shooter might place a lot of emphasis on very specific firearms.

Big thanks to Ventura Munitions for making our videos possible, guys.

This is Alex C. with TFB TV, hope to hear from you, and hope to see you next time.

(gun loads) (gun fires)

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • Stoner 63a – gets me covered on my rifle, carbine, mag fed LMG and belt fed LMG.
    My Rem 700 custom in AICS stock with suppressor
    CZ-75 pre B in 9mm plus a Kadet kit for 22LR with a can.

    • Solid choice on the Stoner.

      • One of the reasons I originally bought mine and why its still one of my favorites in my collection.

        • Rusty S.

          Color me jealous. I’ve had two opportunities at great condition Stoners, but the price was too high, even in the world of NFA items.

  • Will

    Glock 17, Remington 870 12ga., AK47 knock off.

    • Hip-O-Crit

      Glock 26 – will take any 9mm ammo or magazine you can feed it and I can shoot it as good as a 19 or 229.
      870 – for its availability and versitility
      AR15 Carbine – It amazes me that so many people have delusions of a gun that shoots farther than 400+- yards. Friend vs. Foe / Clean kill vs. Wound – who knows? Shot selection with a 5.56 should do the trick. If not you should have grabbed the 12 slug.

  • SmithTech22

    9mm pistol
    Ruger Charger Takedown

  • manBear

    Glock 17 – Mossberg 500 – AR15

  • Edeco

    Nambu pistol, Ross rifle, Calico LWS 9mm.

    Seriously: G34, Stag Model 6 (varmint AR), and a pocket 380.

    • ryan

      i was worried there for the first line

    • Lemdarel

      For a second I thought you said a G43 and I was concerned lol.

    • Nils

      Well, if it was a Ross MK 2, you might actually have a very nice target rifle.

      • Edeco

        Yeah, probably the most legit one of the three. Perverse history though.

  • Kyle

    My Ruger SR1911R, my Benelli M4 and finally my modified AR. I’m all set for the dollar flu.

  • ryan

    AR with a bunch of different uppers
    probably a mossberg 500 flex
    and a S&W Governor

    although relisticly i would have a lot more than that buried all over the place

  • Anonymoose

    Noreen BN36, a Ruger Super Redhawk Toklat clip-cut so I can use .45ACP, and a Mossberg 935.

  • VEPR-12: needs mods, but otherwise the highest-performance combat shotgun on the market
    Glock 19 MOS: needs mods, but can do pretty much anything. Also has good 22lr conversions for training.
    AR 15: most flexible rifle on the market. Only an upper switch away from having access to big bore rounds like 458 SOCOM, long-range rounds like 6.5 Grendel, or cheap training via 22lr..

  • Rusty S.

    Benelli M2, 1911, and AR15. With the right caliber upper, one could take any game in the Western Hemisphere at the appropriate range. Tons of different barrel lengths and stocks for the Benelli, making it versatile for hunting or home defense. Also, inertia actions are super easy to clean.

  • st4

    M41A Pulse Rifle
    Cobra Assault Cannon

    • olivehead

      If the question were which four, then I’d add the Glock 7 to your list.

      • I forgot to add the Winchester 94 to my above list.

    • WFDT

      The Cobra assault cannon IS state-of-the-art in bang-bang, and fits nicely in the trunk of a SUX-2000.

    • disqus_f62emCdwDh

      Auto-Nine? You must be from Southern California, ca. 1981-1987?

  • Mr. FN

    Cobray Terminator

    FAL 50.63
    P&R Medusa M47
    GAU-8 w/ A-10 attachment

    • Giolli Joker

      I’ll take the last one as well.

  • Mattb

    I could be idealistic but I’m going to go with the 3 guns I have consistently kept in my possession through the years, winchester 1894 3030, s&w model 66 .357 and mossberg 500 with an 18 inch barrel and 26 inch barrel. I prefer my smith model 1000 semi auto shotgun but parts are obscure.

  • John Yossarian

    If we’re allowed modularity (conversion kits, uppers, etc) then Glock and AR-15 are the two obvious choices. You can get .22LR uppers for training, plinking & small-game hunting as well as switch to other calibers for shooting suppressed (45 ACP, 300 BLK) or larger game (10mm, .458 SOCOM).

    But if throwing out modularity, I’d choose these: Kel-Tec RFB, S&W M&P 40c, Savage Model 24

  • Theo Braunohler

    Glock 19 and two SBR AR-15 lowers.

  • denis Chamberlin

    Sig 320, mossburg 590, ar15 aside from the sig, not one is my favorite but they all have great modularity, I can even make a bullpup out of the mossburg. Different barrel lengths for different reasons, Sig can accommodate different calibers, grip modules, slide and barrel sizes. Likewise with the ar, calibers from 22lr to 50beowulf. Barrel lengths from less than 5 to over 22 inches.

  • Twilight sparkle

    Sig 938
    Winchester spx
    And a le6920

  • MIke H

    My choices are nearly identical to yours. My Sig P239, for all of the same reasons you’d go with your P7. However, I could see someone going with a Glock 19, a Sig P229, or a S&W compact M&P 9mm, simply because of they are so common, and can use the mags of their “big brother” pistols. My P226 is a close second because it’s so common, but it’s lousy for concealed carry.

    My Daniel Defense DDMv3, but any good quality AR15 in 5.56mm. I would get a companion .300blk upper since I live in a state (WA) where 5.56/.223 is still considered too small for deer. But in the zombie apocalypse, 5.56 all the way.

    And I want to get a shorter barrel for my 26″ Remington 870. Love that thing, and it’s way too utilitarian to pass on it.

  • PXN

    Ares-15/16 MCR – Convertible to many applications of use. Ammo common, magazines common.
    Glock 19 – Common magazines, Ammo common.
    Saiga 12 – Uses standard 12 gauge shells. Reliable.

    All my choices are from a SHTF perspective. Other uses applicable though.

  • Don Ward

    The answer is obvious.

    Taurus Judge
    Taurus Raginging Judge
    Taurus Circuit Judge

    It’s like having 8 different firearms in 3 platforms.

    • somethingclever

      I want you to be trolling so badly.

      • Don Ward

        Maybe. Maybe not.

        *Inscrutable grin*

    • SP mclaughlin

      Love that the Raging Judge is so angry its Raginging

      • TheMaskedMan

        It’s actually a different model. The Raginging Judge fires .50 BMG, cannonballs, and live honey badgers. The rage is next-level.

        • cargosquid

          You win the internet with “live honey badgers.”

          • Miguel Raton

            Honey Badger Don’t Care!

    • Spencerhut

      Fail . . . fail . . . . fail

    • Basil Sever Moulds

      I concur

    • James

      When will you ever learn the Erma excam with its special slam fire function is the ideal firearm, some of the benefits of select fire without the paperwork. Cooter47n out….

  • CanadianShill

    Mossberg 500, a built lightweight 700 or tikka, and my trusty vz58.

  • Renegade


    Springfield XD subcompact 9mm
    Remington 870
    Some flavor of AR


    Colt 1911
    M1 Carbine

  • Steve

    One downside I see to the P7 is a couple of heavily used models that I’ve handled tend to have an issue with the slide sticking rearward rather than cycling. Granted, I’ve only seen this with two, and these two were VERY heavily used, but they were clearly worn down in the exact same way. Never had a problem with my own P7, but after having it refinished, it became a safe queen.

  • Some Guy

    USP (9mm, v3)
    Sako TRG

    Short Shorts

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    Benelli M2 as a shotgun for hunting, but M4 if also for home defense.

    Sig Sauer P226 as a 9mm handgun, for home defense and IPSC production.

    I *would* say AR-15, but if possible, something that lets me change between 308 and 223. I´m not shy to say I´m very excited about the DT MDR. Also because I like bulpup ergonomics.

  • john huscio

    Pistol: vp9 or glock 19/17/30s

    Rifle: ar15 (multiple uppers)

    Shotgun: Mossberg maverick 88

  • Darhar M.

    My custom AR Carbine w/ 1-8 twist and perhaps a couple different uppers.

    Mossberg 500 12ga. w/ its 18″ barrel and a slug barrel

    Beretta Cougar 9mm 15 rd.

    I own all three already and trust them to work when needed most.

    • Damn, I want a cougar.

      • Tassiebush

        If you check out the right spots you can pick them up

        • Giolli Joker

          Kind of a triple entendre… good job!

          • Tassiebush

            Thankyou! I couldn’t have done it without lahlahsghost!

  • Scott Tuttle

    I only have 3 permanent guns, all the others are just visiting. hk usp40, ak47 and a mossberg 12g pump. yeah I know, doing a 40 instead of 9mm and an AK instead of an AR. no accounting for taste though.

  • plingr2

    CZ75 full auto, varmint ar 15, vepr 12

    • noob

      This is interesting – is there anything that buckshot can do that a burst of rifle or submachinegun bullets can’t do?

      • plingr2

        Take down duck, if you want her body in one piece.

      • politicsbyothermeans

        Breach without possibly dropping the breacher and the #1 man?

      • Zebra Dun

        Be lethal at 500 yards?

  • MichaelinPA

    Phased Plasma Rifle in the 40 watt range
    Gauss Cannon
    1911 (for when you want to not just kill a man, but kill his soul)


    AR-15 with 20 inch barrel to maximize energy.
    Vepr 7.62x54r
    9mm XD mod.2

  • AR-15 ( with 5.56, .300 blackout, and 9mm conversions)
    Mossberg 590A1
    Glock 34. I can always carry it owb, no?

  • TheMaskedMan

    AR15 – If having dozens of uppers to swap still counts as one gun, how could this not be someone’s choice?

    Remington 870 – Preferably an older model.

    P2000 9mm – Sometimes I think I’m the only person on the planet who likes this gun. Easy enough to conceal while being big enough to shoot accurately. Plus, for whatever reason I shoot it better than the G19.

    • TheUnspoken

      Fellow P2000 love here, though mine is .40. Still my daily carry.

      Would pick it, plus AR 15 and… Maybe some larger caliber bolt action like .308 or slightly bigger for hunting/sniping duties.

  • Justice

    Saiga12 shotgun

  • KestrelBike

    *Record-Scratch* You own multiple NFA including select-fire/MG’s… and you’re drinking Miller Lite?

    • Sledgecrowbar

      That’s how you afford machine guns.

      • Core


  • Glock 20 10mm – Can be converted to 9mm, 9×23, 9×25, .357 Sig, .40 with a barrel change; Slide change for .45/.460 Rowland, and .22lr Slide.

    AR 15 Pistol Lower – Can be converted to a rifle or pistol, in nearly any caliber and barrel length. Not a big AR fan but the modularity is unrivaled.

    Walther PPS – Slim CCW that is still fun and accurate to shoot.

  • ppaul24

    perhaps I am just not doing the same stuff you guys are, but I cannot imagine any gun I would want less on my only 3 list than a centerfire handgun.

    ruger 10/22 (but any 22 rifle would do)
    some flavor of shotgun
    some flavor of centerfire rifle

  • Thermonuclear Dogcatcher

    Only 3 but versatile.
    1. Colt M.A.R.C.901 .308 W/ adaptor to put 5.56 uppers on.
    2. Glock 23 W/ 9mm and .357 Sig conversion barrels. (and some G19 mags)
    3. Mossberg 590 18in W/ rifle or Ghost ring sights.

    With those 3 I can do everything I want or need to do. And the versatility to use a lot more than just 3 types of ammo.

  • Josh

    I would only differ in choosing a 1911 over the 9mm, personal preference is all.

  • Px4 subcompact 9mm for carry
    Px4 full size 9mm for home
    Cx4 px 9 magazine for property

    1 ammo to stock
    2 magazines to load

    • Dave

      If I can still own my bicycle, I’d opt for 1. Cx4 9mm (92 mags), four or five 20-rd. mags, 2) Ruger LCR 9mm–the “Ruger Luger” and, maybe, 3) Ruger Speed Six .357 for all the unwanted revolver cartridges in .38 and .357…

  • If you could only have 3 guns, modularity is key.

    Pistol: Sig P320 and swap between 9mm, .357 Sig, and .40 S&W. Switch from 4 frame sizes Fullsize, Carry threaded/suppressed, Compact, Sub-Compact for concealed.
    Smaller frames can use the higher capacity magazine of their big brother.
    Shotgun: Remington 870 12ga with multiple barrels and stocks. Long barrel w/ chokes for hunting and clays, scoped rifled barrel for slugs on deer, and short 18″ barrel and extend mag tube for home defense.

    Rifle: AR-15 SBR lower with multiple uppers. 5.56 carbine, .300 Blk for hunting and suppressed, 6.5 Grendel for longer range, 9mm for fun, .22lr for plinking. Not to mention even more caliber uppers like 5.45x39mm, 6.8 SPC, 7.62x39mm, .458 SOCOM, .50 Beowulf, .50 BMG.

    Runners up:
    Glock 23 in .40 and conversion barrels to 9mm, .357 Sig, and .22lr.

    Mossberg 500 12ga with multiple barrels.
    Colt 901 in .308 and other AR-15 uppers.

  • Mufasa

    How about colt 1903, Kriss vector, and Winchester model 12.

  • TJbrena

    Colt 6940 registered as an SBR + multiple uppers
    SIG P320 + caliber, barrel and grip change kits
    H&K XM8

    The first two cover most forseeable needs. The XM8 is because I want one.

  • Major Tom

    AK-12 with full auto and everything. (With some 60 round casket mags.)
    Saiga-12 shotgun with 10 round mags.
    MP-443 Grach with 7N21 ammunition.

    Was I supposed to pick Amerikanski guns comrade?

  • ePoch 270

    H&K USP .45
    Benelli M4
    Springfield M1A SOCOM or AR15

  • Michigunner

    Easy one. Glock 19, Remington 870, and quality AR15 variant. Pretty much all bases covered there.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      This is really only one of two answers if you live in the USA as well as reality. The other being replace the shotgun for a 700-pattern rifle depending on where you live.

  • Lance

    Depends on world situation. if were talking a post apocalyptic world then I say A 9mm pistol due to ease of finding parts and ammo. Shotgun I agree with you. Difference would a be a M-14 or FAL because over any 5.56mm rifle. M-14s/FALs uses its 7.62/308 win round would suit for defensive fighting and would work for most game in the CONUS. So with just one rifle to carry you could both defend yourself and get food for you and who ever your with. I chose the M-14 or FAL depending what your preference is, for two reasons. 1st they both very accurate rifle. 2 you can find parts for both cheaper and easier than a G-3, AR-10, or BM-59. Both guns don’t destroy brass like a G-3 so you can reload and keep ammo coming. this is for a situation where its you and a few in a world of trouble

    Now If the scenario play just in a sucky liberal state that made you just have three guns then Id would pic a nice AR, a nice .22lr plinker and a 9mm handgun.

  • Christopher Armour

    Man, this sucks. Ummmm,

    Ruger GP-100 3”
    Ruger 77/357
    Custom Build 18″ AR308 on the Aero Precision M5E1 platform


    CZ 75d PCR
    CZ Scorpion Carbine
    Custom Build 18″ AR308 on the Aero Precision M5E1 platform

    I’m torn.

    • Christopher Armour

      Oooh, or,

      Sig M11-A1
      Sig MPX Carbine
      Sig716 DMR


      Dan Wesson 715 w/3 barrel set
      Wilson Compact Carry 9mm
      Wilson AR-10 pattern 18″

      • MarkVShaney

        Dan Wesson 715 w/3 barrel set

        Same here. My dad had one (a real one) back in the early 80’s, never fired. Mom sold it to the neighbor when he died for $450. Thanks Mom.

        As soon as they start making them again I’m at the top of the list. I wonder if they’re what they used to be.

      • Christopher Armour

        Ok, I think I finally have this figured out.

        Dan Wesson 715 4″/6″/8″ barrel set w/2.5″ accessory barrel.
        Barret MRAD in .308 w/17.5″ barrel
        S&W PC Model 41

        There, no more thinking about it!

  • VF 77

    What a horrible thought…only 3. Ugh.

    AR with many uppers
    Glock 19
    and a good boltie 308, cause you cant hunt with semi auto here

    Next time make it ‘only 30’, so we can all be happy instead

  • Roy G Bunting

    Since the modular angle is covered, I’ll cover the three guns I’d want without access to additional uppers, caliber conversions or extra barrels.

    Realistically (within California law):
    Glock 19 ( it fits my hand and works)
    Mossberg 500 20″ barrel with choke tubes
    Mossberg 308 Scout.

    I’m not fighting WWIII, or surviving the apocalypse, but these would do everything I need. I might even trade the shotgun for a 22lr bolt action rifle.

    If I was living out of a car or otherwise was limited as to space:
    A 4″ 357 Magnum K frame
    2″ 357 J frame
    And a 357 lever action rifle with a 16″ or 18″ barrel.

    If I was concerned about ammo compatibility or apocalypse survival:
    Ruger 45 blackhawk convertible
    Ruger Single Six convertible
    Over and under 20″ turkey 12 gauge shotgun
    With choke tubes and caliber tube kits.
    (This one breaks my no adapters rule)

  • Darhar M.

    You should do a page on,
    “What if you could only have 3 hand weapons for example, “knives, clubs, pointed sticks, hatchets, swords, etc…”

  • Dave

    Hmm. From what I could get from my own safe?

    1. Remington 870 12-gauge with extra barrels and a few “bells and whistles.”
    2. Ruger Speed Six .357 stainless 2-3/4″ barrel revolvr
    3. Hmm. The third is tough. Beretta Cx4 9mm carbine? M1 carbine? Chi-com Type 56 SKS? Something like that, I’d think…

  • Spencerhut

    CZ P-09
    Mossberg 590

  • Jason Guhl

    HK P2000
    Benelli Nova tactical
    18-19″ M1A

    An AR is more practical, but frankly in a world where you can only have 3, your probably hard pressed to get different uppers.

    I like 308/7.62 for hunting all and as a defense round better than 5.56

  • Mark

    A full size 9mm possibly the Glock 17
    A Remington 572 BDL Deluxe
    A Ruger Gunsite Scout in .308 left hand model

  • John

    Some 9mm pistol like a Glock
    An AR15 in 5.56
    An AK variant in 7.62×39, perhaps a Galil ACE if cost is not an option and they actually come to market in rifle form

  • mosinman

    ok i know you guys are getting sick of me…. but i’ll leave my picks here

  • RickfromPaso

    Don’t forget 6.5 grendel upper, 300Blackout upper, 22lr upper and what the heck a 9mm upper. G23 or G32 with .40/357 sig and 9mm barrels.

  • Oldtrader3

    I have mine: A Colt Peacemaker 7-1/2 inch-.45 Colt. A 1949 Super Grade Winchester Model 70-.270 Custom stock. A Beretta 687 EL-20 gauge Perdiz.

  • Porty1119

    Sidearm of some sort- nothing plastic, Remington 870 or clone with a nice variety of barrels, and an AK. I thoroughly dislike ARs.

    Depending on the scenario and location, I might choose a bolt gun over the AK. I know how to run a shotgun for CQB; if the threat environment is low I may choose it over a carbine.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    Springfield M1A
    Remington 870
    Sig P320

  • smartacus

    Only 3 is IMPOSSIBLE!!

  • Dario B.

    Sig 553R, sig p220 9mm, sako trg 42

    • FarmerB

      Ahah – I recognise Swiss flavour. I’m thinking SIG 551 (or maybe 751), HK USP, and my trusty TRG 42 – but I’d be crying for leaving out my Remington 12g tactical auto.

  • JSmath

    M17S308 (16″)
    Barrett M107CQ
    Coonan 10mm

    Because my collection is currently a slew of sensible cost-effective compromises, if I HAD TO cut it to 3, I’d just throw caution to the wind instead. And if the number of firearms were being limited by something like a new national law or something of that nature – I’d need a .50cal because somebody should be ready, in case of T-rexes.

  • Joshua

    I only need one gun son.

  • schizuki

    1911 (with Mech Tech carbine unit and a .22 conversion).
    Remington 870, long and short barrel.
    AR-15 and a bunch of uppers.

  • mazkact

    Taking a novel approach and listing only from what I already have.
    If only one rifle it must be a bolt gun. Remington 700 bedded in a synthetic stock in 30.06 with an old Leupold “Gold Ring” 3x9x40,I hand load 30.06 and can load bullets for everything from bunnies to bear. Like Alex my shotgun would be a Remington 870, My Express in 12 gauge with a 28″ vent rib barrel and a short rifle sighted slug barrel. Hand gun is harder but it would be a CZ 75 with LPA rear sight and a .22 upper with the same rear sight.

  • Cattoo

    S&W 6590 9mm – An outstanding sidearm. Accurate. Reliable. Totally familiar with it.

    Mossberg 500 20″ barrel with extended mag tube makes for minimum seven shells in the mag plus one in the pipe.

    Rifle would be I’m thinking a Valmet and brainfarting the model but Al Pacino used one in the bank robbery shootout scene. the the movie Heat. Can remember that, but the rifle? Nope.

    • Hanna

      Pacino used a FN-FNC 80 in Heat shootout scene.

      Great movie

      • Cattoo

        Thanks for setting me straight. I’ll edit my comment. I knew that too but for some reason I keep getting the other name stuck in my grape. The FNC is one of the three I’d like to have.

  • MechanizedSwede

    Glock 17
    Sauer 200 str in 6,5×55 topped of with a kahles helia k624i in a spuhr mount.

    Its all about the muscle memory folks, pick the carbine that you can use if you are woken up on the middle of the night and thrown into a firefight. The only carbine i know my brain could operate without the slightest of thought is the ak5 hence my pick. You can do worse than a 9mil glock. And in the lands were you can find 6,5 cartridges in most houses in the countryside the sauer is a good pick for a precision rifle.

  • jerry young

    well you have my picks a 12 gauge pump with a short barrel for deer and personal defense and a longer barrel with interchangeable choke tubes for general purpose, an AR simply because of the versatility while no it’s not good for big game like moose it’s a good all around hunting and defense rifle and finally a 9 mm not so much because of ammo cost but popularity, the 9 will be most peoples choice and if it ever comes down to SHTF the 9 will be what ammo is most widely available, I’m not a big fan of the glock that’s a personal choice although I prefer a 1911 45 I would take a 9

  • Pete Sheppard

    Out of my safe today; WASR, S&W M10, and Marlin 60 .22. An SKS is very attractive, since it doesn’t use a separate magazine.

  • Tassiebush

    “Wife and girlfriend” I’m impressed by the word “and” 🙂
    Great topic. Hard to argue with the selection covered in the video if I could own those I probably already would own them. But if it’s to reflect local situation then I guess it’s a mix of local rules and conditions.
    It’s either rifle, pistol, shotgun or rifle, truck gun, shotgun.
    The rifle is either a tikka t3 lite rifle with 1 in 8″ barrel in .223 with spiffy Waters mags or a howa mini action. 223 carbine which comes with 10shot mags. This would cover much of the wallaby hunting.
    For the shotgun it’s either a side by side double or an Adler levergun with 20″ and 28″ barrels. The latter would be preferred if I could locate one assuming it fits me and points okay.
    Last is the truck gun vs pistol question. I’ve gone with a Ruger American carbine .22mag for the simple fact that it’ll be used a lot and realistically it’s legal to take it along with me wherever a hunt might be anticipated and ammo is very light and low bulk, whilst a pistol can’t be carried except for days at the club.
    If I could choose any type of gun to be my most practical gun possible it would be some sort of accurate suppressed repeating pistol optimized for opportunistic game sightings like the suppressed version of the High standard pistol.

    • Tassiebush

      If I add to my “if only it were legal” list an American 180 .22lr submachine gun is definitely the second gun to the silenced pistol. It’d also be suppressed and have whatever custom stock needed to make it point as well as possible. It’d probably be just as good as a gun could be for the wallabies I shoot.

  • ASterisk

    Ruger 10/22 Takedown
    tossup between M&P 9mm or my HiPower. The Hi Power feels so good in the hand, but the M&P holds 4 more bullets….I’d probably just flip a coin
    M92 PAP SBR. 7.62×39 works for anything I’d be likely to hunt around here (as long as I have a 5 rnd. mag it’s legal, too), good for self defense, fun as hell to shoot and I must’ve got one that had magical pixie dust sprinkled on it during manufacture because I can consistently get 1.5 MOA groups out of it.

  • Jim

    Mostly I agree. I too would choose a 9mm it would probably be a Springfield XDm Compact. I would then choose either the Remington 870 w/18″ bbl. or maybe the KSG! With the 870 I could still do some hunting. The next would be a rifle and it would be a Daniel Defense .223 cal. with a .300 Blk spare upper.

  • SpazC

    Same Basic Idea but different guns

    9mm Pistol – CZ75b Compact: Get yous 14+1 and CZ has .22 uppers for it with their Kadet Kit.

    12ga Shotgun – Remington 1187 – Same ideas as the 870, but I already have it and swapping barrels for different uses is just as easy

    AR Platform – Nothing different from your picks here.

  • rich

    Beretta m9, Benelli m2, Arsenal SGL

  • TheNotoriousIUD


    • Tassiebush

      Haha what the Dickens it that top thing?

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        M41-A Pulse Rifle
        10mm Caseless
        Pump action grenade launcher

        • Tassiebush

          That’s the middle one which is a superb choice! If it’s good enough for alien Queens it’s good enough for me. I’m meaning that bolt action pistol with no barrel, set triggers and a Ruger mag

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Ah, thats the pistol from Blade Runner.

          • Tassiebush

            Damn I missed that!

        • WFDT

          I hear the M41A’s ammo is problematic if you’re hunting xenomorphs under the cooling plant of a Weyland-Yutani terraformer. Better off with a flame unit.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Better to take off and nuke the site from orbit.

          • Cap’n Mike

            It’s the only way to be sure.

  • Xanderbach

    1) Ar-15 (though by choice I use a Maadi AK)
    2) Rem 870 (I have an IAC Hawk 982- a well made clone)
    3) Glock 19 (though I carry a S&W Shield 9mm)

  • Bob

    Hmmm. Realistically speaking, for what I can afford and all, I would have a similar list to Alex C here. I would probably choose a Browning Hi Power over a Glock, but Remington 870 and AR for the do-all aspects would be ideal. (No pistol grip on the shotgun though, all wood furniture for yours truly.)

    If you made me choose out of what I already have, it would probably be my Hi Power, my Wasr10 and Lee Enfield. Not ideal, but out of what I have…

  • Joshua

    kind of a boring question on it’s own, functionally it’s a “You’ve moved to a European style gun control and you have a cap on the number of guns you can own.”
    in which case there really is only one reasonable answer, AR-15 with several uppers, modern handgun, with a couple of caliber conversion kits, and a 12g shotgun with a couple of different length barrels and interchangeable chokes. gives you the versatility of having about 6-9 different guns, and allows you to compete in most modern competitions and hunt most game on North America, especially through the central part of the continent where the mainland USA and most of Canada is located.
    modified challenge; You have no restrictions on numbers of guns, but the scenario is you have been displaced by natural disaster, and are now fighting a running war mad max style across the land, so everything you have, you have to be able to pack and run in the event that your vehicle is disabled. Parts can be traded for, but are at a premium, and ammunition is currency, spend it wisely. What do you take?

    • gusto

      same answer

      ruger 10/22 (integrally suppresed bullbarrel 11inches with pistolgrip and folded stock

      Baikal combo rifle/shotgun in 223/12

      Browning BLR 308

  • mark

    You SOB, you just mentioned the M13 so you could show the 1 second clip of you opening the box to make us jelly.

  • gusto

    people are cheating too much and picking guns that can change calibres.

    I’d go with
    ruger 10/22 (integrally suppresed bullbarrel 11inches with pistolgrip and folded stock
    Baikal combo rifle/shotgun in 223/12
    Browning BLR 308

    I could hunt anything I want with that in Europe and the US, and I could carry them all at the same time. scavange ammo as I go along

    If I would cheat and have more money
    AR15 with 223, , 6,8 and 458socom uppers
    Blaser R8 with 308, 338lapua and 416rigby
    Renato Gamba with 3 barrel sets 12/12, 20/7x57r and 9,3x72r/9,3x72r

    • Tassiebush

      If you made blaser the R93 you could also have the Rimfire rifle barrel option

  • Shrike30

    The “pick only three guns” conversation gets a lot less interesting when you bypass the spirit of the question by picking a weapon and then saying “and grab seven different uppers for it.”

    My current “pick three” from my collection would be the Glock 19, the DSA FAL carbine, and the Tavor. Concealable handgun that’s large enough to be a duty gun, .308 fighting rifle that’ll do double duty as a hunting or marksman’s gun, and a lighter, more compact rifle for shorter-range combative applications and/or arming a buddy. Those choices might get upgraded down the line, but I doubt I’ll stray away from sidearm and two rifles.

    • maodeedee

      I think the conversation gets MORE interesting when you start talking about guns with interchangeability options. I have a Glock 23 with a spare 357 sig barrel and a 9mm conversion barrel and a whole bunch of 9mm mags from when I traded my 19 for the 23.
      I also have had a trigger job done on the Glock that makes a big improvement on the Glock trigger. Same thing with my Glock 20.

  • SirOliverHumperdink

    3 mosins.

    • SirOliverHumperdink

      Alex C, you missed this one.

  • Alex took the words out of my mouth. but I’d add a .45 auto in commander-length with alloy frame to keep the full-size grip. Flat-top AR. Moss 590 A1 Special Purpose.

  • Curtis Anthony

    I’d scratch my head and..

    3. PMR30- I can carry it, not ideal, but I spend more time shooting this gun than anything else. I get people into shooting with it. Low recoil, 30 round capacity, barks like an AR, and throws a huge fireball. What’s not to love?

    2. Mossberg 500- pretty much the same reasons as the video but I like shooting clays and prefer the tang safety.

    3. AR10- I currently don’t own, but if this was it for rifles I’d want more power and distance than what the AR15 can do. You can substitute the Scar here, but my baby would have to go a long time without diapers to be able to afford one.

  • RealitiCzech

    Bullpup 5.56, .380 compact, 9mm fullsize.

  • Bjørn Vermo

    Tricky problem. I would want a bolt action rifle for legal hunting in PA. My 30-06 Winchester 70 suits me admirably. It will drop anything I am likely to hunt, and reloading is easy.

    I think I would prefer a Saiga-12 for my shotgun, it would work for hunting with a capacity-blocked magazine.

    As much as I enjoy shooting my FsN, handguns are not very useful. I think the third will have to be a small-calibre automatic rifle. However tempting the Stoner is, I fear it might be difficult to find at a sane price. I guess I go for the Sig Sauer 516.

  • Heebrew Hammer

    .70 cal Air rifle with hand pump.. Volquartsen Scopion 22lr, AR10

  • Johnny Nightrider

    Glock 19 multiple magazines Colt M4 LE6920 with multiple mags and a sling and red dot sight.Remington 870 tactical 12 gauge with pistol grip.I already own two of these firearms.Just have to buy the third.The financial collapse of the U.S.A. is coming soon.

  • Franco

    Anyone ever wish we could only have 3? Would solve alot of problems with ammo storage and gun selection and save so much money. NAAAAA

  • Patrick Selfridge

    Barrett 82A1
    M240 Bravo

    Handguns are only good for fighting you way back to your rifle.

    • maodeedee

      “Handguns are only good for fighting you way back to your rifle.”

      In warfare maybe, but in everyday civilian life I never go anywhere without a handgun. I would no sooner walk out the door without a gun than I would without putting on my pants.

  • M J Johnson

    My three: A Springfield XD/XDM 9mm either the 4inch (XD) or 3.8 inch (XDM). A Mossberg Flex 590. A well-made AR-15 in .223/5.56.

  • whamprod

    Out of my current collection, I could configure this any of several different ways. The question leaves unasked: is this a scenario where we pare down what we already own to just 3, or which 3 do we acquire because we should have them but don’t? It’s tough to decide…

    From my current collection, it would be:

    Handgun – choices reduced to Glock 19 or Ruger 22/45
    Shotgun – Mossberg 590A1 20″
    Rifle – AR15 in DMR configuration.

    But I have trouble leaving out one of my .308s.

  • Lt_Scrounge

    While I would prefer my Tristar C-100 clone of a CZ-75 compact, repair parts for it would make it hard to maintain in a SHTF scenario, so my choice there would be a Glock 19 or 23, or a Browning High Power. I wouldn’t argue with the choice of a Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 since repair parts are readily available, but since the barrels between my two Winchester Model 12 take downs interchange, I’ll stick with one receiver and both barrel sets.

    As for the rifle, the AR platform is fine, but I’d prefer an FAL platform rifle. It isn’t as versatile or lightweight, but it does pack a bigger punch when you need it. A prairie dog or coyote isn’t going to walk away from a 7.62 Nato round not hitting them perfectly, the same can not be said for an elk, moose or worse an angry bear hit with a 5.56 or 7.62×39 round. Of course if you are close enough to use a 458 Socom round, you would stand a good chance of eating the moose or not being eaten by the bear. I might go with the AR platform, if I could have my choice of uppers for it.

  • Nils

    I only own three, so this is easy (though my rationale makes sense, I guess–small caliber, bigger caliber, bigger caliber).

    Stevens 87AB in .22S/L/LR for smaller game/birds/varmints.
    Winchester 1894 in .30-30 WIN for deer-sized things.
    M91/30 for bigger-than-deer.

  • Lou

    The author has made good choices. I would choose the Mossberg 500 because the ejectors break with a lot of use in the 870 and you have to send it back to the factory for repair. I can replace the ejector in the 500 with a screwdriver.

    The Ar is a choice hard to argue with.

    I would choose my Taurus PT111 G2 9mm for my pistol. It has never failed me and Taurus has hit a sweet spot in size and ergos. It is small, yet very comfortable to shoot +P+ ammo in. I can shoot it very accurately. I have Glocks, S&Ws , Bersas, Rugers, Kel-Tecs, EAAs, yet this little Taurus is my favorite. The fact this it only cost me $200 brand new is icing on the cake.

    I do not care what others say about Taurus, I have 12 handguns from them and they all work great. I bought a used Taurus PT22 made in 1985 that looked like new but it jammed in 4 different ways. I sent it back to Taurus and they replaced the slide, hammer and other parts for no charge and sent it back to me in perfect working order in three weeks. I do not know of any other company that would do that.

    I bought two of the PT111’s and one of them jammed on occasion when I first got it. I simply racked the slide 200 times and it has worked perfectly ever since. I bought a new S&W Shield and it jammed on EVERY shot. I had my gun dealer send for a new part that fixed it. Every gun manufacturer will have a problem once in a while. Of course I have known some gun owners that seem to have many problems with many guns that they own. They do the same with cars. They do not know how to operate or maintain them.

    I have a Taurus 357 Tracker that shoots sub 1″ groups at 50 yards. My Rugers and S&W will not do the same.

  • ManfredHarriman

    1. Winchester ’97 12 ga pump ( maybe an Ithaca 37 or Winchester Model 12) – for the slam-fire capabilities. I like the ’97 because of its easy handling characteristics and slim receiver.
    2. S&W .357 magnum – J, K, L or N frame…the versatility, power and choices of ammo are self-evident.
    3. Any good quality bolt-action rifle in .308 – fool proof, dependable, accurate, ammo availability and power factor.

    • maodeedee

      I have a Winchester 1897 made in 1940 and it’s hardly ever fired. Someone cut down the barrel and then parkerized it and it was not fired since it had been parkerized. I could tell because after I fired it I could see new wear marks on certain parts from working the action that weren’t there before.

      It is tight like a new gun and I bought a 27 inch full choke barrel for it for it if I ever want to hunt birds with it. It is a SWEET handling gun.

  • Rick DeWitt

    .30-30 lever-action. Probably a Marlin, even though I’m a Winchester man at heart.
    20 gauge double, 24″ barrels w/interchangeable choke tubes. I have a bad shoulder and want less recoil but still have max versatility.
    .357/.38 revolver, 4″ barrel, meat and potatoes.

    Because I like ‘ em:
    .32 CZ83 .32ACP is my favorite pistol cartridge, and 15 rounds is pretty cool
    Saiga .410 .410 is my favorite shotgun cartridge
    Ruger #1 in whatever caliber because I love single-shot rifles.

    • maodeedee

      Ruger number #1 in 375 H&H. If you reload you can load it down to 38-55 Winchester ballistics or all the way up to Brown bear, Cape buffalo or elephant ballistics. Good for everything from mice to moose

  • Isaac Arnold

    Benelli SBE II 12 gauge; S&W M&P R8 .357 magnum; AR platform with interchangeable uppers and a .22 conversion unit for the .223/5.56 upper.

  • 1911, M4 Carbine, M1 Garand; all three assembled by myself.

  • BigR

    AR-15 Carbine, Glock 17, and Mossberg 500 12 ga.!

  • TnT

    Glock 23, ar 15, marlin model 60. I am happy all you guys are going to use 9mm
    And I will be right behind you stopping up that 40 cal. gravy!

  • ben80220

    I agree with your choices. First I thought about a 30-30 instead of the AR15 but then opted for the 5.56 because I think the ammo will be even more available.

    9mm is a no brainer – I personally would choose my Ruger SR9C for the same reason you picked your Glock.

    I have owned an 870 since 1958 so that was an obvious choice. It has taken a lot of birds and a ton of clay pigeons. I would pick the pump action over an automatic simply because of reliability. It is easy to take down and clean internally. That was a concern when choosing the AR15 over my Winchester 94 but since the soldiers seem to get along OK with the AR15, I decided for it.

  • Arch

    Answered before I read the piece :.Model 1911, Weatherby Mk V 30-06, M1 Garand

  • Lou

    The Ar10 in 308 is the better choice. From elk and bear to the guy with a gun kicking in your door, a 308 stops them all. And it is legal to hunt big game with a 308 in all states. The 5.56 round is a .22 cal and is not legal for big game in some states, one of which is my state.

  • Zebra Dun

    7.5 cm Kwk 42 L-70
    7.92 x 57 mm Mg-34
    Stg-44 7.92 x 33 mm Kurz.
    And a suitable vehicle to carry them. Say a Pz V.

    M-16/AR-15 in .223
    Smith and Wesson revolver in .357 magnum with a five inch barrel.
    Remington M-870 in 12 ga.

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    This was like, “duh”.
    Though in my opinion, if the weapons had or ever become popular (need parts available if you’re only having three) I’d want the following;
    1. Desert Tech MDR LE model
    2. FN P90
    3. Crye Precision Six12
    and all with good optics, lights, and integrally or over-the-barrel suppressors.
    Heck, I’ve been dreaming of a suppressed MDR with a suppressed Six12, with a 3D printed forend making it look like one complete package since the weapons were announced. P90 carried on the thigh. Screw pistols. 8)

  • WFDT

    For me it would be a .357 revolver, a .357 lever-action rifle, and a pump-action shotgun. The revolver because it has a foolproof action and can fire a variety of commonly-available ammunition. The lever action in the same caliber for the same reasons, but with a longer range. Even in a zombie apocalypse I’m more likely to evade rather than engage anything that’s more than 100 yards away. The pump action shotgun also has a pretty simple action and also shoots a variety of common ammo.

  • Kivaari

    A high grade AR15-type carbine. Mid-length, 16″ light weight with SSA trigger.
    Glock M19 9mm
    Hugh grade .22 Magnum bolt action rifle.
    I’d feel under-gunned if I didn’t have a fourth – a S&W M642 always in a pocket.

  • Dean Seaman

    I would agree with the assessment of the 9mm for a handgun, for all the reasons listed. Easily found in light, concealable guns, my pick would likely be a Kahr T9 or possibly a Daewoo DP-51.
    The Rifle and shotgun could take a couple of forms.
    I like the idea of a combo gun, where a barrel change can shift you from rifle to shotgun (ala H&R and Rossi). Since there is no more H&R, I guess my pick would be Rossi.
    The .243, bored out to 7-08 with the 20 ga. modified choke barrel.
    I also like the idea of dedicated guns, though, and to that end, my pick would likely be a 12 ga. Legacy Sports single and a “scout” bolt action chambered for .358 Winchester. Just off the top of my head, the scout would likely be based on a Savage action or a Ruger action.

  • n0truscotsman

    Glock 19, AR15 build, Mossberg 590

  • disqus_f62emCdwDh

    SIG P229 in .40S&W with .22 conversion unit
    Remington 11-87 two barrel set 12ga, 28″ Rem-Choke, 20″ social
    CZ-USA .375H&H 550 Magnum

  • oldwestman

    Hey Alex you hunt fowls with a shotgun, fouls are what baseball players hit.

  • Rocketman

    Pistol- 1911A1 in .45acp with a good quality .22lr adapter
    Shotgun- Remington 870 with both a hunting and riot barrel and with .45acp adapter
    Rifle- H & K 91 with a .22lr adapter for training and plinking also a couple of German style scope mounts, one for a telescope and the other for night vision sight.

  • SinoSparo

    9mm CF07 for concealed
    Grizzly 12.5″ Tube Fed with folding stock, interchangeable with any Remington 870 parts
    Dominion Arms Socom 18 (better receiver quality than Springfield for upgrading)

  • maodeedee

    Smith and wesson seven shot 4 inch L-frame 357 mag handgun. Heavy bullet reloads for woods protection 38 special wadcutters for small game, shotloads for snakes and high velocity 125 grain jhp’s for feral humanoid recidivist predators.

    Benelli M4 for big game with slugs, shot loads for birds, and Buckshot for repelling boarders. And then a 22 Rimfire rifle maybe a 10-22 takedown or a Charger Just in case 22 rimfire ammo becomes affordable again. I have a scoped Ruger charger with a aftermarket barrel that is incredibly accurate.

  • Uniform223


  • Core

    Colt M4 5. 56/.223 with 22lr conversion kit.
    Remington 870 12 guage.
    1911 45 Auto with 22lr conversion kit.

    Plenty of parts in the US, plenty of ammunition, and easy to fix or fabricate parts.

  • Brian M

    ” I was having a couple of six outstanding Miller Lites”

    And like that you lost me. Miller isn’t beer; it’s cereal byproduct alcohol imitation drink!

    Now to be even more serious, I’d want a shotgun, rifle, and pistol.

    Rifle: Zastava N-PAP M70, 7.62×39. Why? One of the best AK’s out there, I already own a Zastava pistol which I adore, and the price isn’t too bad.
    Shotgun: Mossberg 500, 12ga, 20″ barrel. Why? Can’t think of really any better.
    Pistol: CZ-75B, 9×19. Why? Very reliable, accurate, good capacity, CZ does good work, and it’s a weapon desired for both fighting and fun.

  • Brian M

    I’m actually impressed that 9×19 is an overwhelming favorite here; for all the talk of 45 or the highway, it seems like most people when they get down to having to choose one pistol for fighting, fun, and practice, go for 9×19.

  • Jackson Andrew Lewis

    ok would not hunt a moose with less than a 308….. i get i can shoot more than once but i dont want the animal to suffer.

  • Lonnie

    1911A1, Mossberg 590A1, Colt M4, plus a .22LR bolt action rifle

  • Bob

    M1A or FN/FAL in 7.62 Nato or SCAR 17 (if I had the dough)
    Mossberg 12 GA 930
    1911 in .45 ACP

  • Russ

    Walther P99C in 9mm

    Sako 85 Carbonlight in .260 Rem

    Benelli M2 Field in 12 gauge

  • Richard Lutz

    M4 in 5.56, Glock 19 in 9mm, and a Ruger 10/22 in .22LR. Defensive use and efficient small game hunting in popular guns you can readily find parts and ammo for must have priority over stuff you don’t need like elephant guns and shotguns. A 5.56 round will any case take out most medium to large game with headshots. A 9mm is not ideal for defense against large anmals like bears but will do the job when loaded with AP rounds that will penetrate their skulls. If I could have a 4th gun in would be a bolt rifle in.308W round like the Steyr Scout (it will take down an elephant with a headshot with heavy solids). A 5th gun would be a Glock with a .22LR kit. A 6th gun would be a Ruger Redhawk in .44 Mag.

  • III%

    9mm Beretta PX4 with 50 round magazine
    Colt 6724 with assorted magazines
    Mossberg 500 with 50 round drum magazine

  • Bonzaipilot

    Browning Auto-5 26 inch Barrel Full Choke and my 24 in smooth bore slug barrel Why? It’s the most reliable Auto loader ever invented and with a simple flip of the friction rings you can shoot light or heavy loads. Buck shot to bird shot a very capable shotgun for any situation. With the slug barrel you could even take a bear if you had to.This is also a very low maintaince shotgun that has stood the test of time. 2nd Choice Early Mossburg or Remmy Pump with 26 inch Full Choke barrel (unless equiped with interchangable chokes) and a 20 or 24 inch rifled slug barrel
    Browning Hi-Power. 2nd choice 1911 with a .22 conversion kit
    Saiga IZ-123 wihe 123 gr hp 124 soft point and 154 softpoint
    The Saiga you ask? Because it is a “True Russian” AK and with the POSP scope it is very servicable as a hunting rifle or a battle rifle. It would be very unobtrusive and with very little time could be converted to a standard pattern AK rifle and will accept AK mags. I live in Ca where I want to Keep it stock so I do not have to use a mag lock but I do have the conversion parts on hand but even in the stock configuration thry are great rifles. They are pretty accurate (mine with match grade ammo or hand loads will shoot moa) and they are the most rugged. reliable and maintance free rifles in the world if you really need the capability. Ammo should not be a problem if you run out out of your stockpile of many thousands of rounds as every prepper keeps a ton around and scavenging would be pretty easy. 2nd choice my M! or M14
    This is a SHTF pick only!