New Kershaw “Grid” Knife

Kershaw Grid

For 2016, KAI USA LTD announced a number of new Kershaw knives. Among the new folding blades are a pair of SpeedSafe opening knives: the Grid and the Identity.

The Grid

The Grid is a modified drop point knife that is said to offer great piercing ability while not sacrificing its ability to slice. The 3.7″ blade is made of 8CrMoV steel and has a black oxide, non reflecting coating for improved corrosion resistance.

As with many Kershaw knives, the Grid uses the company’s SpeedSafe assisted opening device that allows the user to lock the blade open quickly and easily with one finger pulling back on the flipper bar. A frame lock holds the blade securely open.

The handle is made of steel, and it is finished in a grey titanium carbo-nitride coating. The suggested retail price of this knife is $49.99.

The Identity

Kershaw Identity

Another SpeedSafe opening knife, the Identity has a broad drop point blade made of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. It is also finished in a black oxide coating for low reflection and increased corrosion resistance. The blade length is 3.5″.

The handle is made of steel with glass filled nylon inserts. The clip is reversible and is designed to carry the knife deep in the pocket, tip up.

The MSRP of this knife is $39.99 and it should be shipping soon.

Kershaw announced many new knives in 2016 such as the Barge and Launch 6.

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  • John

    Kershaw makes an awesome knife. Even with the U.S.A. made models the prices are great for what you get.

    • USMC03Vet

      I got Kershaw in a Man Can. It came in OD green as if Eric knew who he was shipping it to.

    • avconsumer2

      Chinese made ones seem to have impressively tight tolerances / great QC & construction as well. $14 “Filter” via a popular website – lolwut? Yes plz. Christmas / birthday gift achieved for some lucky acquaintance.

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    I just bought their Launch 4, which is a California-legal fully automatic switchblade. It’s super compact and I’m able clip it in my right front pocket, even with an iPhone 6S in there as well. Great, sharp little knife.

  • Marcus D.

    My Kershaws (I ruined my first one) are incredibly sharp, much sharper than my usual Buck, but the sharpness sacrifices edge strength, something I found out the hard way with my first one. You can’t use it as a tool, as you can a Buck, without breaking the blade, so no whittling allowed. The one I have now is very similar to the Grid, but without the reinforcing to the tip, and not as long. Great little knife.

  • Treyh007

    Kershaw makes great Knives, hard to beat for the money. All shapes, sizes and styles! ????