Ballistic Off-Body Bag (B.O.B.B)

Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts has an interesting bag for discreet conceal carry. It is a simple design that tried to avoid the common pitfalls of other concealed carry bags available. The BOBB provides rapid access to the firearm and can provide some level of ballistic protection.


The bag is available in green and navy blue.

Back Front


The bag is small and rather discrete. There is a bit of room for a few accessories in the main compartment. The only issue I have is the price. $350. That may include the Level III armor if so then the price is actually reasonable. If the price is for just for the bag and a kydex holster, that is a bit much.
I could not find information on their website if the armor is included with the price.

Nicholas C

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  • Travis

    I like it, but agree that it is a little spendy…. It would be nice if they would sell a version without the armor, that way a customer wouldn’t have to fork out the entire $350 up front, but could purchase in pieces.

    • Nicholas C

      That is assuming the $350 price tag includes the armor. I could not find any information on their website indicating if it does or does not.

    • Bill

      That would be The Wilderness Safepacker.

  • USMC03Vet

    Cool purse, Bro.

    – Said nobody ever.

    • billyoblivion

      Probably because you neglected to match it to the heels you were wearing.

      • USMC03Vet

        Negative. I never clash because I’m OD green all day every day.

  • Nicholas C

    Just wait til tomorrow. There will be an article about a backpack system similar to the Snigel and Ares Armor RAD pack but it holds a SMG with the armor.

    • Think I saw something like that on facebook – appears in Spanish?

  • gunsandrockets

    As long as you are carrying off body, then why settle for a puny compact handgun?
    Carry a full sized race gun or a big hand cannon.

    • Anonymoose

      That’s a Glock 17 holster in the picture. You could probably change it out for something bigger, like a G41 or FNX-45 Tactical or whatever, as long as your holster clips onto the MOLLE.

  • Salty Nuts

    “nice accessory”

  • Brian Tucker

    I purchased one of these a while ago when they first became available. It does include the ballistic protection mentioned. It will fit full size handguns. It’s a lot more comfortable to carry around a bag than inside my waistband. I carry a couple extra magazines, knife, multitool, and flashlight with room to spare. I know other users who also add a tourniquet and first aid kit. I’ve gotten plenty of questions and comments about carrying a man-purse, but as a member of the “armed populace” I am also part of the “polite populace”. If I don’t know the person, I ignore them with a chuckle. If it’s a gun-friendly friend, I’ll sometimes explain what’s in the bag.

  • Nocternus

    I’ll stick with my Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack although I do like the fast off deployment of this system. Given my situation this system works best for me. I know there are a lot of off body carry haters out there.

    • billyoblivion

      Sneaky bag medium with a Wilderness Tactical Products Safepacker in the dump pouch. Lets me leave the rest of my stuff behind for a quick walk to the stop-and-rob, or take everything with me.

      • Nocternus

        Whatever works for you. I find that if you can’t find a comfortable approach to carry the inclination is to leave it at home. People then find excuse after excuse not to carry until when they need it it is at home in the safe. Personally I can’t carry at work and they don’t even allow me to have my IWB holster on my belt while at work. This left me either leaving the weapon at home or carrying it without a holster. Between eyeglasses and sunglasses and my insulin kit in just made sense to off body carry as I already needed a bag to carry the rest of my stuff. Most people I run into assume the Maxpedition is a camera bag so I would say it isn’t overly tactical either and doesn’t scream “HEY THERE IS A GUN IN HERE”.

  • Thermonuclear Dogcatcher

    Hmmm, another man purse………

  • Bal256

    MOLLE webbing does not equal discreet.

    • Badwolf


    • Anonymoose

      At least it’s not covered in it, and the MOLLE loops are toward the wearer’s body.

  • Marcus D.

    Was I seeing it wrong, or is the armor in the front part of the bag that you rip away to draw the gun? If so, what is the point in pulling the straps to bring the bag to your chest if you are going to toss away the ballistic protection (so that it only covers your “man parts”)? It would make MUCH more sense to put this itsy bitsy plate at the back of the bag where it can maybe (just maybe) offer a bit of actual utility. Also, shouldn’t the right handed shooter wear the bag on the left (and vice versa) (like a tanker holster) so that the protection is on the side that is facing the threat? (IN my book, squaring up to the target like this guy did is a great way to get shot.)

    • ODgreen34

      The way it looked to me was that there were 2 tiny plates. One in each half. I could be mistaken though.