Aguila Reintroduces the 5mm RRM


Keen observers of the Aguila Ammunition catalog might have noticed that the company is re-introducing the 5mm RRM cartridge to its line up. In fact, the company will be offering three different loads for this cartridge.

Aguila Loads

As stated, there are three new loads from Aguila for the 5mm RRM. The first, a FMJ round, does not have any published specifications yet.

The second load uses a 40 grain JHP bullet loaded to 2,300 fps at the muzzle. The third load is a 45 grain semi-jacked hollow point that is loaded to 2,400 fps.

No word yet on pricing or a shipping date.


For those not familiar with the round, the 5mm RRM is a rimfire cartridge that was developed by Remington in the late 1960’s. It was introduced in 1969 and Remington offered a pair of bolt action rifles for it: the 591 and 592. After just a few years, the rifles were discontinued.

RRM stands for Remington Rimfire Magnum. It uses a .204 caliber bullet and a bottle neck case. Since the 591/592 rifles were discontinued, it appears that only T/C made and guns chambered for this cartridge.

Taurus announced the Model 590 revolver at the 2008 SHOT Show, but never actually delivered any of those guns. At the same show, Aguila announced a return of the 5mm RRM. Though I’ve never been able to confirm it, I suspect the two companies worked together to bring back the cartridge. Why Taurus failed to deliver the gun is anyone’s guess.

The 2008 Aguila 5mm RRM used a 30 grain JHP bullet loaded to 2,300 fps.

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  • Those are both really impressive loads for a rimfire – fully 300 fps faster than .22 mag. I wonder what the cost per cartridge will be?

  • Edeco

    Hmmm, I wish they’d do a 17WSM case (vaguely based on a 25 cal industrial case IIRC) , but straight out to 25 caliber. I wouldn’t expect it to be useful for martial purposes since a thicker-walled rimfire might be more prone to misfires, but for sporting purposes…

    • Actually, the .17 WSM is based upon the .27 rimfire industrial blanks. I think the best bet for a magnum version of the old .25 Stevens rimfire would be to tweak the 0.251″ projectiles from the .25 ACP. Any JHP designed for .25 ACP should act like a frangible varmint bullet at the higher velocities. The existing FMJ would be fine for folks wanting to preserve pelts. If the rimfire round became popular enough to have its own purpose-designed projectiles, the same tech could be adapted to the .25 ACP.

  • DW

    Finally we get our minigun ammo at last. Prepared for 2077!

    • Steve Truffer

      2277*, and I believe the in-universe 5mm is .204 Ruger.

      • Zachary marrs

        2277 is 200 years after the bombs drop

        • JumpIf NotZero

          Can’t argue with that logic! The rounds have to exist before the Battle of Alaska.

    • Darren Hruska

      Bethesda sure knows how to make a Minigun kind of a “meh,” honestly…

      • iksnilol

        It worked super well in FO3 when you got the perks that increased damage by 5 and the one that increased damage by 5 when standing still 😛

        Though it can’t hold a candle to the Red Ryder LE BB gun in Fallout 1 and 2. That thing was a beast.

  • AD

    Is there really a niche for this, what with all the .22 and .17 rimfires around? I’m genuinely curious.

    • iksnilol

      Yeah, cause this is a .20 cal.

      • AD

        I’m not sure I understand why that is important, can you elaborate on the importance of a .20 rimfire?

        • iksnilol

          Well… You got .17 and .22 caliber.

          17+22 = 39

          39/2 = 19.5

          19.5 = close enough to 20 for all that it matters

          So .20 caliber is right in the middle.

  • alabubba

    I would rather they put the effort into making more 22lr. That said, sounds like a barn burner of a round

    • Blake

      It’s separate tooling, so the one doesn’t exclude the other…

      • alabubba

        But for the same effort, time, and expense that it took to develop this, build and install the tooling in some sort of a building, and hire and train personnel to operate it, they could be making 22lr. Or more likely since they are both rimfire, and the parent case is the same just requiring an additional step to neck the case down. They probably roll off the same tooling as 22lr. Either way they could make more 22lr but have chosen not too. So let’s say you buy a rifle chambered in this round, you thought 22 mag was expensive and hard to find.

        • Gabe

          They have made this round in the past, it is not new. The tools existed, and employees already trained. No need to worry about their 22lr production.

          • alabubba

            Sure are a lot of people trying to convince me my opinion IS WRONG. All I said is I WISH THEY WOULD MAKE MORE 22LR INSTEAD OF THIS. It’s not a right or wrong sort of thing. It’s my opinion. Ya it’s a nice round. And I’m sure there are like 3 guys willing to pay a lot for a few boxes but in the meantime, where I’m at, 22lr is still going for a dime a round when you can find it. So if it’s ok with all you keyboard commandos out there, all in all I would rather ifthey made more 22lr.

          • Gabe

            I simply pointed out they made this in the past, you are the one getting upset. 22lr shortages are false, the companies are producing plenty, people in your area are hoarding it making it less available. Finding 22lr is not that hard…

            Maybe you should take it easy on the caps lock key, get out from behind your keyboard and take a trip to the range.

          • alabubba

            I guess you never studied supply and demand economics in school. If, as you say they were making “plenty” then it will be available in stores. It was only a few years ago when my local Wal-Mart would just wheel out pallets of .22.
            So let’s review. No .22’s on the shelf.
            An ammunition company had a choice to make a slick new round or make more .22lr.
            I exposed My OPINION that I WISH THEY WOULD MAKE MORE.22 because it’s NOT available in my region.
            None of this needs your approval.
            The caps lock being on in my previous post was intentional as I was YELLING
            Your correct I do need a trip to the range, ponting unloaded guns at targets is not that much fun. if only I could find some .22

          • Phil Elliott

            Gander Mountain had Winchester .22 HP for $24.99 a carton last week. My math says that’s a nickel a rd.

          • alabubba

            Thanks phil. I will check it out.

          • Thinker398

            325 round boxes

  • Blake

    I love this round. As usual the old Remington was a decade or two early with 5mm RMR. Had they not introduced it right before an economic crisis it might have ruled the roost, & there would never have been a need for 17hmr.

    Unfortunately without any new guns (hello CZ?) it’s hard to see it moving forward much…

  • Jwedel1231

    So, with only T/C making (only single shot?) rifles for this cartridge, how will they move any product at all? I like this idea a lot, I’m just not sure how it will succeed.

    • Gabe

      They have made this in the past, basically it’s for the folks that still have a 591 or 592 rifle. They were great guns and still have a loyal following. This will most likely be a limited run and they will only produce enough to keep the owners of 591s quiet for a couple of years.

      It’s like a company making a run of 577/450 martini. Not many people need it but those that do will gladly pay for it.

  • SirOliverHumperdink

    The value of all of those Rem 591 & 592’s will skyrocket, as they were almost worthless w/o ammo.

  • john huscio

    I always find it sadly funny that all the aguila stuff is made in Mexico but can never be sold there (for the most part).

  • Harrison Jones

    It would be cool in a MP7 clone!

  • Miguel Raton

    “Why Taurus failed to deliver the gun is anyone’s guess.” My guess: they found out that bottle-neck rounds don’t play nice w/ revolvers, setting back & tying up the cylinder. 😉

    • maodeedee

      I don’t think that was a problem with the Taurus 17SS6 1HMR revolver as it was with the old S&W model 53 in 22Jet and that may be because the rimfire cartridge operates at lower pressures.

      The 45 grain semi-jacked hollow point that is loaded to 2,400 fps. out of a rifle barrels may still be capable of doing 1800 fps out oif a 6 inch pistol barrel which isn’t to bad when you consider than most 40 grain 22 mag loads only do about 1900 fps out of a RIFLE barrel.
      Whenever velocity figures are bandied about people get confused. In the case of the 5.7 FN, people are always mistakenly attributing carbine velocities to the pistol which is mostly wishful thinking. A word to the wise on the Taurus pistol. Taurus is always coming out with interesting guns and then discontinuing them. If you want one, don’t delay.

  • gunsandrockets

    Serious question. Is 5mm more practical, less fussy, than .17 calibers?

    Or is it merely debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

    • Blake

      Well, the .204″ 45gr JHP in this caliber should have about the same BC as a 60gr .224″ bullet. Where .204″ really shines (e.g. in 20 VarTarg) is with the heavier bullets; Berger’s 55gr G7 BC is about the same as their 73gr .224″ target bullets…