New CBC Ammo


CBC Brazil is the parent company of two ammunition manufacturers: Magtech and Sellier & Bellot. For 2016, its two manufacturers are introducing new ammo loads.

Sellier & Bellot

Sellier & Bellot announced three new 300 BLK loads, two new 5.x28 loads plus a new 10mm load. The 300 BLK loads are:

  • 124 gr FMJ @ 2,165 fps
  • 147 gr FMJ @ 2,077 fps
  • 200 gr FMJ @ 1,060 fps

According to the company, the 200 grain subsonic load was specifically made to be run in guns with an attached sound suppressor.

The 10mm load uses a 180 grain FMJ bullet that is running at 1,165 fps from the barrel.

The company has not released the performance specs on the new 5.7 loads, but one will have a 40 grain FMJ bullet and the other will use a 55 gr FMJ bullet.

I’ve used Sellier & Bellot handgun ammunition in the past and always had good luck with it. It has run very reliably for me.


Magtech introduced a pair of 300 BLK rounds. The first uses a 123 grain bullet that is loaded to 2,230 fps at the muzzle. The second is a subsonic round that uses a 200 grain FMJ bullet. It is rated at 1,060 fps.

I’ve had significant reliability issues with Magtech pistol and rifle ammunition in the past, and the company has not been helpful in responding to my concerns. Hopefully, the company has improved its quality control and is making these new loads to be as reliable as other brands.

Richard Johnson

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    I have been using the S&B 300BLK 124gr Supersonic ammo. It is $9.99 for a box of 20 and it is great range ammo! Much cheaper than anything else out there in Supersonic 300BLK. It hits to virtually the same POI as my defensive load, the Barnes 110gr Vortex, and the Remington UMC 120gr. I shout a few hundred rounds of the S&B 300BLK 124gr this weekend, and was very happy!

    I am very excited to hear they are coming out with 5.7×28 ammo. That will be a welcomed addition to the paltry selection that is currently available for this caliber. I am a big fan of this cartridge and I am always looking for reasonably priced ammo to practice with. Just wish they were coming out with a 27gr loading. I don’t carry the 40gr stuff and I am tired of paying $25 for a box of range ammo (FN SS195).

    • Nick

      Check out Palmetto State’s website. They usually have SS197 for $15-$20. Shipping is slow, but for the price…

    • Unfortunately the 27gr projectile is patented and manufactured exclusively by FN. I pray one day it will be available for reloading, but they barely produce enough of it to keep up with demand as is.

      For range ammo I use the SS197, which can be found for $0.35 vs the $0.50 for SS195.

  • Space Captain

    I had a Selleir & Bellot 45 ACP blow up a new Kimber pistol in my hand. Never gave it another chance. I know it more than likely could happen with other brands, but hey, I go with quality or nothing now!

  • kregano

    I really don’t get why the S&B and Magtech ammo lines have subsonic rounds that appear to be identical. Is the Magtech one NOT supposed to work with suppressors?

    • Not all stores carry each brand? Also do they have different production facilities?

    • iksnilol

      Different facilities, not everyone carries each brand and of course: the illusion of choice (just like there’s one or two companies that produce most of the stuff in your store).

  • Slvrwrx

    I wonder if they’d send me some for evaluation? đŸ™‚ It’s nice to see other players in the game, but hopefully the two rounds they’re coming out with, aren’t slow, but seeing how they mention 55gr, I won’t get my hopes up.

    • Evil_Bonsai


      • Slvrwrx

        The 28gr load is still sold. But it’s straight from FN, so it has to be imported.

  • Sam Chen

    Did CBC mention when these new rounds would be available?

  • nova3930

    Wonder what that 10mm load is going to run…

  • Jeremy Star

    Just so you guys know, that Tank article above this links to which takes me to a blank page. This is the 3rd article I’ve found that I can’t click on it to read because it does that same thing.

    • Evil_Bonsai

      There is something going on with your computer/connection. Might need to flush DNS (search internet for instructions; not difficult). I have no issues reading the article you mentioned.

      • Mike

        I had the same trouble pulling up the article. Wish I could have tank in my man cave.

      • Sledgecrowbar

        This has been happening for over a week for several visitors. Pretty sure it’s TFB’s site.

      • Jeremy Star

        I am a former IT employee. I get this same error from multiple browsers, PCs, and connections/locations. It’s not me.

  • Vitor Roma

    The 147gr seems the way to go. Much better BC and 20% more mass and sacrifices only 90fps

  • Mike

    More 5.7×28 ammo choices, Great.
    Cheaper 300 Blackout, Great

  • Very excited for the new 5.7X28 loadings. I wonder if the 55gr will be a Subsonic like the FN SS193, or whether they will go supersonic. 55gr capable of reaching 1500fps out of the Five Seven.

  • Town22

    I knew that Magtech was Brazilian, and that Sellier & Bellot was from the Czech republic. The later a bit more pricy. I have shot both at the bowling Pins and Steel matches. I prefer some U.S. brands that have better qualities and decent prices.

  • Miguel Raton

    When did CBC acquire Sellier & Bellot? Is this a recent change, I’d never heard anything about it before?

  • CavScout

    I’ve never had issues with Magtech, but have’t used it super extensively. Same with S&B, on both points. If 300BO comes down to a reasonable cost to make it worth adding, then probably. Otherwise, still not for me.