So I am not the only one dressing up their guns like 1980’s era toy nostalgia. Black Sheep Arms custom coated a Glock 41 and laser engraved the “NINTENDO Zapper” logo into the slide. Gave it some red accents, added a muzzle brake and a red dot. I am just upset that I didn’t think of doing this myself. Oh and in case anyone is curious, the extended magazine is for the KRISS Vector. It is a +12 rd extension for the factory 13rd Glock 21 magazine to give 25+ rounds in .45acp. The original mag extensions were 17 rd extensions making them long magazine hold 30rds of 45acp. However due to a mag spring change it reduced ammo capacity for the sake of reliability.

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  • ostiariusalpha

    Well, at least now he can shoot that sumbitch dog.

    • Major Tom

      I know right! Just seeing this thing already makes me hear his 8-bit sniggering.

    • Uniform223

  • Martin törefeldt

    Just hoppes Nintendo will take it cool.
    And not file a trademark infrigment complaint.

    • Nicholas C

      I don’t know. It is a one off. It would be like trying to sue a tattoo artist for tattooing NINTENDO logo on someone.

      • mzungu

        Well, it don’t help if you use it to advertise you firearm company. Even if it is for personal use.. .it is a IP violation, period. Really depends on if the lawyer on retainer is busy that day or not… just wait. 😀

        • lucusloc

          Continuing from above: even the “advertising” angle is pretty clear fair use, since you are not advertising a service in the same market space as Nintendo, and are just using the logo to show your skill at a craft. I’m sure if you start plastering the gun all over paid advertising Nintendo would have a strong case, as that would imply to the consumer that Nintendo was officially involved. But since this is just a post on a social media site Nintendo would have a much higher burden to prove that this could cause consumer confusion. Not impossible with the right judge, but pretty damn risky on their part, considering the sanctions that are on the table.

    • JohnnyBGood

      As long as they don’t try to sell it they are legally clear*

      * I am not, nor do i ever want to be, a lawyer. Before attempting this yourself please consult a lawyer.

      • mzungu

        Doesn’t matter if you want to sell it or not, even if it is for personal use.. .it is a IP violation.

        • lucusloc

          As long as you are not trying to sell it it is clearly fair use. Nintendo could sue, but with the new rulings from the supreme court they could very likely find themselves paying attorney fees and fines. I hesitate to say that IP abuse is being taken seriously now, but it is significantly improved over what it used to be even a few years ago.

        • zippiest

          Not really, unless it shoots lasers…

    • zippiest

      Only if you try to sell it. They can make all they want, just as long as they don’t try to make money off of it, no harm no foul.
      They could gift then to top performers, sales, execs and customers and Nintendo can’t do a thing about it.

    • MR

      Is Nintendo even still around? There was that wii thing a while back, then…

  • GSC

    I appreciate the humor, but I must be getting old as I can see a huge downside in making a real firearm look like a toy…

    • lucusloc

      Keep it secret, keep it safe. . .

      On the other hand, what is the downside? That thing is so tarted up it is nothing more than a race gun or range toy. I fail to see how the colors make it dangerous.

    • Nicholas C

      How is this an issue? The person who owns this is not going to use this as a toy and pretend it is a toy. How is this any different than people making their guns Star Wars themed?

      Same with my Megatron Walther P38, this is a non issue. It is for my enjoyment and possibly for the enjoyment of my friends who appreciate responsible firearm ownership and usage.

      • Badwolf

        i can see the downside as well. of course it wont be deliberate. accidents happen. maybe the owner is in a rush or maybe isnt feeling well that day, gets confused, puts the toy gun in the safe and leaves the real one out by the console.

        • lucusloc

          except for the weight difference. . .

          • Badwolf

            You & I would know, the owner would know, others might not.

          • lucusloc

            AIDdLarge just mentioned the cord, which I totally forgot about, and makes it virtually impossible for anyone who owns a zapper to confuse the two. So yeah, no danger of that in the real world, just in pictures.

          • Badwolf

            It would be a mistake to assume everyone has handled a zapper, or real gun.

          • lucusloc

            Yeah, I’m just not seeing it. Unless you are a child (in which case leaving them unsupervised with even “normal” firearms is not recommended) I find it hard to imagine this being an issue except in very contrived situations.

            If we are gong to pull the “drunk buddy who thinks its a video game controller and shoots the TV” we might as well pull the “drunk buddy who thinks the normal colored gun is AirSoft and shoots the cat” at the same time.

            It is pretty darn trivial to find out if what you have just been handed is real or not, despite the colors. Use your head and the colors wont matter.

          • Badwolf

            Look dude, I’m not trying to convince you. If you think it’s fine to disguise your guns then good for you.

            It’s only my opinion, and in my opinion it’s not a good idea for the reasons I already mentioned (see my reply to mr justice).

          • AlDeLarge

            and the cord.

          • lucusloc

            Wow, I have been wireless so long I completely forgot about that, but yeah, that would be a dead giveaway.

        • Justice

          Yes accidents happen, but it’s really the gun owner’s fault (not the gun itself) whether it’s a toy gun or real firearm. As a responsible gun owner , each person needs to be aware of their guns and practice the 4 basic safety rules at all times.

          Accidents already happen with both real guns and toy guns. Dressing up a gun should be a non-issue.

          • Badwolf

            I never said it’s the gun’s fault. Guns and toys are inanimate. No question you need to be aware and are expected to be aware of guns. But there is no such expectation when it comes to toys, toys are meant to be toyed with. Same goes with guns disguised as cellphones or other objects. If you blur the lines, then you are giving yourself less room for error, and to me at least it’s not a good idea. But hey it’s a free country, if you want disguise your guns then more power to you.

            Imagine your kid going to visit his friend and his friend’s house is full of these things. “Son, remember the 4 basic rules of gun safety I taught you? Well now you gota be on edge and safety check everything too, the game console, remote control, refrigerator, door handles, etc. Remember that your safety is your responsibility. Have fun!!!”

        • nubzyy

          You’ve got to be pretty stupid to mistake a light plastic toy gun with a cord connected to it for a real firearm. If you make that mistake you deserve to kill yourself.

          • Badwolf

            I agree with you completely. If i was the owner, I would & should know the difference. And if I make a mistake then I deserve it.

            But it’s not just about the owner. As I keep saying (please back read all the comments), it would be a mistake to assume that everyone knows the difference between a zapper and a real gun. I know people who have never touched either or both.

            I never said owning a gun that looks like a toy will lead to an accident for sure. What I said is you are leaving yourself less room for error, and to me it’s not a good idea. But if you think it’s fine then by all means go ahead, no one is stopping you.

      • zippiest

        No but the person who steals it from the LAO will. Hell, they already do dress up real guns as fakes and fake guns as real.

      • Leigh Rich

        Bloomberg ban colored guns and big cups of soda….a better world?

    • tazman66gt

      “do it for the children”, maybe if you taught firearms safety to your children they would know the difference between a gun and a toy.

    • BrianZ

      I’m with you (& yeah I’m old) Gun are not toys and as such should not be made to look like one. Hell kids are getting shot because their toy guns look like the real thing, even with the orange barrel tip. IMO.

    • Nicks87

      That’s not really what this is. They haven’t made Nintendo light guns for years so for a kid to confuse this weapon for a toy is kind of a stretch. Im sure many people would like to own this pistol but how many of those people still have a Nintendo light gun? Probably not many. Also saying this is a bad idea kind of falls into the same category as blaming inanimate objects for the actions of their owners/operators.

      • GSC

        Eh. It’s a judgment call, one that every gun owner makes with every gun he or she owns. It’s fun and cool, but it is precisely because of the way I treat my (many) firearms – and teach my kids and their friends to respect them – that I personally would not do something like this. Call me a stick in the mud – again, I 100% own the fact that I am getting older!

    • patrickkell

      I agree with seeing shotguns disguised as super soakers and such this give liberals more cause to try and end our rights. Remember the other side we are dealing with is not reasonable nor logical so we have be beyond reproach in order not to fan the flames.

    • Mark

      In 2016 the police will shoot you 60 times if you reach for an actual Nintendo zapper. I don’t see how having an actual gun makes a difference.

      • Bill

        Never having seen a “Nintendo Zapper” before, if I was on a gun call and the light was bad and you pointed it at me and ignored verbal commands to drop it, it could happen.

        • Mark

          Don’t take it personal Bill, you aren’t in the news because you’re obviously aren’t one of the increasingly numerous bad apples. If they were all like you…

  • iksnilol

    8 + 13 = 25??

    • Nicholas C

      LOL Whoops. Ignore that. I can do math. I swear. haha

      • FightFireJay

        13 + 13 = 30??

        • Nicholas C

          LOL I meant 17 rd extension. 17+13 = 30.

      • iksnilol



  • Paul Joly


  • Mazryonh

    Best use of this rig? Going duck hunting!

  • AD

    Cool, but to be honest, that’s starting to look a little too much like a toy for my comfort.

  • Chris

    This is terribly irresponsible. Shame on TFB for posting this. Star Wars, Transformers, and now this. Firearms and toys NEVER mix. Nostalgic or not, this is just plain STUPID! Firearms need to be taken seriously and this is just tragic.

    • Nicks87

      Not really but thanks for the fear mongering.

      • iksnilol

        I kinda agree, the P38 was tragic.

        The logo was overlapping with the previous logo.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Thats awesome, good job.

  • n.

    i mean, whats really the big deal here? why must one think negative when one has no clue of why this gun was customized? c’mon now, who would in thier right mind leave a real gun next to a toy gun just out in the open? im pretty sure who ever customized this gun is smart enough to know better then to leave a real gun out in the open unsupervised period! customized or not. If you do, you obviously do not need to own one! who ever customized this gun was maybe walking around at the flee market or swap meet & seen this gun & said to himself…”wow! i remember playing with that gun as a child! it would be pretty cool to make a real gun look like this toy gun!” & boom! an idea was thought out to customize a real gun & thats what was done. im pretty sure this is going to go on some type of display somewhere. this is art, appreciate. obviosuly some of yall lack in that area.

  • Pranqster

    LOL, Brings back memories of Blasting pixelated ducks!