Clear It. Check It. Lock It. Evolve USA PSA

Evolve USA is an advocacy group for better gun safety. They use comedy to address the problem of irresonsible gun ownership and negligent discharges. They hired actor Josh Lucas to make this PSA video.


Their website has a common theme. That you should not shoot something you do not intend to destroy or let toddlers have access to guns. Their mantra is “Clear it, check it, lock it.”

They have some rather humorous posters for free download to reinforce gun safety. Here are some of them.


Dumbass 1 Dumbass 2 Dumbass 3 img-poster-whyWereHere

With the recent shooting of a pro gun mother by her 4 year old, Evolve USA’s message is more poignant.  Here is the story.

I think we can all agree that irresponsible gun ownership hurts us all. We should all strive to be better gun owners and not just our marksmanship but safe gun owners.

Nicholas C

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  • Just walk into any gun store and watch the number of idiots in there with guns in their hands. My buddy’s gun shop has signs about where to point guns and they still get the random idiot that will muzzle sweep the entire shop before they get kicked out.

    A good friend of mine commented on the fact that every time a gun was handed to me that I visually checked the chamber even though it was checked in my view right before being handed to me. I told him that my safety was my responsibility and I don’t rely on some one else for me to be safe. I drove this point home with him, and got him to be more careful overall, when I was handling a gun that he wanted to see. I knew in advance that he would want to check the gun out so I as always before handing it to anyone, I retracted the slide looked to make sure it was clear while he could see me do this. Unbeknownst to him, I slipped a sized primed empty brass round into the chamber before handing it to him. I watched while he handled the gun to make sure he was safe and he then asked if he could try the trigger. I said sure and he popped the primer scaring the crap out of him. If at any time he pointed that primed gun at an unsafe direction I would have stopped his lesson but he was at least safe in that regard. It was a “come to Jesus” moment for him and now he checks all guns as I do.

    • Nicholas C

      You evil bastard. I love it. LOL

    • AD

      Genius! You should have had a camera ready to get a shot of his face when the primer went off…

    • uisconfruzed

      I did that to my son with a 44mag in the house.

    • William Elliott

      damn, I have to try that next time…time to get out the cases and primers…mwahahahaha

    • SemperFlyBoy

      You are lucky that he was not a moron who might have muzzled your eyeball as he pulled the trigger on that “blank”. But then you might look really cool in that eye patch.

      • I suggest you reread my post.

  • droog

    excellent job, I’m sure this will be more effective than the last few decades of crappy law.

  • Joe Schmo

    This is valuable. But the people who need to see this are not going to see this. They are not willing to go out of their way to learn about firearms or firearms safety. Unless this is made as a DVD labeled “Watch This and Call the Number at the End of the Video for a Free Gun!” and placed inside the box of every gun sold from now on, not one irresponsible person is going to watch this and learn. So while I don’t need this PSA, I find it somewhat insulting to my intelligence even though I know that it is not meant for me. Its just my natural reaction to such basic rules being told to me for the one millionth time, when I follow them every day.

    Bottom line is…
    You can’t fix stupid.

  • Nocternus

    When seconds count it only takes minutes to get your firearms out of the safe. If you can teach a little one that a stove is hot or knives are dangerous you can teach them to respect firearms too.

    • ostiariusalpha

      It’s hard enough teaching 3 year olds not to crap their britches, trying to teach them gun safety is ludicrous. If you need to use it, then keep it on your body or within your immediate reach; out of sight guns should be secured.

      • Nocternus

        Not everyone’s children are stupid. They understand that the stove is hot. That electrical outlets are dangerous. It is simply a matter of training. If you are unwilling or incapable so be it. I grew up with firearms easily accesible and no one ever got shot. No negligent discharges. I have plenty of friends that grew up the same way all managed to survive childhood. But in todays society helicopter parenting and the nanny state are reinforced.

        • ostiariusalpha

          No, but all children are ignorant, that’s why they’re not allowed to drive cars and vote; they have an insatiable curiosity that “No-No” doesn’t cure either. My daughter just turned two this weekend, and I regularly have her use a Nerf gun to practice safely clearing and storing it in her “gun safe” (it’s a toybox) when she is done playing. I’m sure as hell not going to hang my hat on that and leave my Knowledge of Good & Evil lying around where she can pick it up. She is also too damn clever to be allowed to wander around the kitchen unattended, which is why we have a gate. And our electric sockets are secured also. I’m sure you are that guy that is never going to get into an accident even while texting while driving, so good for you. *slow clap*

          • Paul White

            exactly. I’m starting to work with my 3 year old on “Guns aren’t toys. If you see a gun, come get mommy or daddy right away”. Doesn’t mean I’m leaving a hot 1911 in my dresser right now though.

        • Tassiebush

          It doesn’t have to be your kid. It could be their friend or some other visiting kid. You can have confidence in your own kids whether rightly or mistakenly but the world is full of unknown variables and children are one of those.

        • William Elliott

          two tales of how to get your kid up on the “guns are not toys”. First is not actually gun related. My son was playing around in the engine compartment of my dad’s truck, with a wrench, near the battery. I told him to stop and then showed him why. I took a length of copper wire [insulated] and shorted the battery, making some impressive sparks and then asked “what if that had been the wrench you were holding?” Visual demonstrations work.
          Jump to a while later when I was actually teaching him gun safety. I took him out to the range, set up a water bottle, and proceeded to obliterate it with a gun shot. Then asked “Now, put the dog, or someone else you care about in place of that bottle. That is what will happen. This is why guns are not toys. NEVER point it at something you do not wish to destroy.” He got the point.
          This was when he was 5. I have never had an issue [as far as guns are concerned] with him since and he’s 13 now.

          TEACH your children, and others children, don’t depend on someone else to do it for you.

  • gunsandrockets

    I apologize for bringing up politics, but this story about “evolveusa” makes it unavoidable.

    I went and checked out their website. Something didn’t smell right. EvolveUSA? What a suspicious name for a group trying to prevent gun accidents.

    My conclusions are that the Bonds are a couple of typical anti-gunners who have glommed onto the accident problem as their pet issue. Just read their earliest editorial they first posted after the Newtown massacre in USA Today. Or how the anti-gun attitude bleeds through their snarky page they labeled “tales of dumbassery” on the evolveusa website.

    It is also possible that as the Bonds pursued their pet issue that contact with the gun-culture has moderated their personal beliefs and goals. Maybe. I hope so.

    I’ll just say I wish all anti-gunners could find productive avenues of channelling their anger as the Bonds did, instead of advancing oppression.

    • Tom Currie

      Unfortunately you are almost certainly right, but it is exactly the DUMBASS gun owners of the country that are among our worst enemies. And there are a lot more dumbasses than mass murderers or open carry fanatic freaks.

      • Tassiebush

        I live in Australia and I’ve had three different people talk about the incident in Florida of the mum shot by her toddler. The reputational damage is severe and far reaching. It certainly helps to marginalize gun owners everywhere.

        • Christopher Armour

          That’s exactly what the media wants too.

          • Tassiebush

            Media has totally loved it

          • Rodney Steward

            So has the UN, the pusher for world gun control!

          • Tassiebush

            Yes we all have to be careful of the sorts of agendas organizations such as the UN have. Such organizations inevitably are inclined towards state power and centralized power.

        • Rock or Something

          I wonder if those people that talked about it used it as a lesson that negligence in any situation is a very bad thing, or as a gleeful agenda that Australia is “better” off without the right to bear arms.

          • Tassiebush

            I’d say a bit of both but more of the latter unfortunately.

        • Dave C


          Or another one?

          • Tassiebush

            Huh? Sorry I didn’t understand?

        • Edeco

          Yep, it’s a tragedy, if I could undo it I would. But on the bright side, at least it makes us look crazy, like we can’t be reasoned with.

          • Tassiebush

            Haha Well I guess if you’re coming from a position of a constitutional right to bear arms that might look like a strong position. In my case it’s more like having a piano wire noose around my nads at one end and a skittish horse on the other… Kinda at the different end of the strength position continuum…

  • Ranger Rick

    Informative and funny at the same time about a serious topic. Why can’t more PSA’s be like that. Should be shown at every range /gun store.

  • MrEllis

    Can’t argue the truth of it.

  • Bill

    These people are not friends of gun owners no matter how important you think safety is.

  • Aaron E

    We can all agree gun safety is immensely important. ANY negligent discharge is very bad, and we should do everything possible to avoid them. However, firearm accidents are at a historic low. The numbers often cited, shamelessly mix in “suicides” (an overt act) with true accidents, and sometimes actual assaults or homicides using firearms. No firearm accident is acceptable, but we should recognize the message by pro-gun groups has been sent, and the masses have overwhelmingly heard and acted upon that message.

    However …. look at my next post to understand the truth behind this ruse!

  • Aaron E

    This “PSA” and the “advocacy group” behind it, are dangerously deceptive, though it’s tongue-in-cheek approach is humorous (intended to draw in and dupe the ignorant). Just look at their own words:

    We like the same stuff you do: ice cream, freedom, people not accidentally killing each other with guns, good music. You know, normal stuff.”

    Nowhere did they say the leadership of EvolveUSA own, buy, possess, carry, or shoot firearms. Their omission should not go overlooked!

    Here’s another quote that should raise the hairs on our collective necks:

    We work with gun owners and people who have never touched a gun. We have firearms instructors, NRA members, cops and soldiers, moms with guns and moms who really don’t like guns. Everyone drops their political agenda when they enter the Evolve space. Because everyone here stands for personal responsibility and gun safety.”

    They NEVER say they are gun owners or shooters! Instead, they very slickly imply it by saying “we work with gun owners,” and “we have firearms instructors, NRA members, cops and soldiers”. However, later in the statement they say everyone “drops their political agenda when they enter the Evolve space.” That is unequivocally NOT a strong statement of pro-gun ownership and use by the leaders for EvolveUSA.

    If you or I “entered” their space to dialogue, they could then say – “see, we have pro-gun people here.” Yet, we are only visitors or commentators, and NOT the ones running this sight.

    Checking firearms should be a must. Clearing firearms when cleaning, maintaining, storing, or transporting in cases should be a must. But the real reason for this group is to “Lock” your guns. This is a key platform at the bottom rungs of the gun control lobby to prevent lawful gun owners from actually using their firearms in self-defense.

    We, lawful gun owners, have an obligation to keep our firearms secured – but that does not mean “locked”. Taking the time to unlock your firearm, ensure that it is loaded, and use it in self-defense while the intruder or attacker is already making their move is asinine. Protect and secure your firearms, but if you want a remote chance of surviving a violent attack or home invasion, you had better have your firearm close and at the ready!

  • Rodney Steward

    I would love to see crowds of Sanders and Clinton people know as Millennials, all with loaded guns! It would be a blast to watch, talk about idiots!!