This photo has been going around Social Media. At first glance it seems like quite the weapons cache. But upon closer inspection not all of these are weapons. The pistols are laying next to airsoft magazines. The Playboy is clearly not dangerous. At the bottom right corner is a toy prop from a popular live action show called Kamen Rider Faiz. I could not find an actual article about this weapons seizure to find the context of the image above. If anyone can read Japanese, what does the sign say at the top of the image? The briefcase of, what appears to look like drugs, is covering up part of the sign.


  • Basil Sever Moulds

    The carrier on that AR looks funky lol airsoft?

  • Darkpr0

    What’s the magazine capacity of that Playboy? Doesn’t look California-legal to me!

    • USMC03Vet

      I’m gonna need to personal inspect it to be sure…

      • Griz

        It wasn’t over my head, but I don’t see Thor’s hammer in the photo.

  • USMC03Vet

    At the top left is that a cartoon style TNT bomb in the case? This picture is definitely weird enough for Japan. I am not disappointed one bit.

  • A.WChuck

    tineye found zero results when I had it search for that image. Where else has it been seen?

  • KK

    Malicious by bad conduct populations in Tochigi Prefecture

    Yokohama police investigation headquarters

    Is what I got from Google translate.

  • Gunnar Kristian JørÃ¥ndstad Løv

    Looks like all the guns might be airsoft. Both Uzi’s are. The AR and the two pistols are too. The large frame revolver looks like it has a gas filler valve on the bottom of the grip.the rest is hard to say but when so much already has proven to be replika, most likely the rest is altso (even the drugs) perhaps this is props for a show or LARP?

  • bull

    shotgun is also airsoft. its probably from some kind of scenario game 🙂

  • Septic Skeptic

    I think this is a staged scene of some sort.
    Look at the briefcase with the timer and what would at first glance appear to be explosives in the upper left-hand corner of the photo.

    This all looks too “hollywood” for me.

    • Evan

      That cash isn’t the right color either. It’s clearly meant to be US dollars and not Yen, and US dollars aren’t kinda blue like that.

  • Atticus Bryant

    Courtesy of my personal foreign national.

    “Anti social behavior by a group of people who are leading criminal activity.”

    “Yokohama Police Department”.

    Was stationed there for four and a half years. I’m sure this is a shock to everyone.

  • Just Say’in

    “How did that Playboy make it into the picture??”

    “The boss said to put all the weapons and magazines on the table!”

    • Nick Aschenbecker

      Pornography which displays genetalia is illegal in Japan.

      • Griz

        I thought genitalia was ok but not pubic hair? Oh well, it doesn’t mater in the US as long as it’s not children.

        • perv

          I have done extensive research and can stipulate that pubic hair is not only legal but required profusely,

          I don’t know what is wrong with their genetalia but they look very blurry

        • Anonymoose

          “Real” children, anyway. Drawn children are a-ok under Japanese, American, and most other countries laws (except Canada, and China, which has a complete moratorium on all porn that is not considered “art”). Pubes obscure things so they don’t have to censor as heavily, however, and it’s an old custom in Japan that women who shave down there are “whorish” because prostitutes used to shave their crotches to get rid of lice.

          • wetcorps

            I’m always amazed by the knowledge of japanese porn displayed by the readers of this blog 🙂

          • Edeco

            Gun Culture 2.0 😀

          • Anonymoose
          • Edeco

            Well, let us not lose sight of what’s [i]important[/i] sub-culturally speaking: not being a brony.

          • avconsumer2

            “Drawn children are a-ok under Japanese, American, and most other countries laws (except Canada, and China, which has a complete moratorium on all porn that is not considered “art”).”

            Just fyi… pretty sure you’re mistaken on (at least) the American law there. I’m no lawyer, but 18 U.S. Code § 1466A – “Obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children” seems fairly clear.

          • Anonymoose

            There was a Supreme Court case that determined that that only applied to real kids and not imaginary ones.

          • DaveGinOly

            Not so. Drawings of children can and will get you in trouble with the law in many jurisdictions.

      • Anonymoose

        That’s no longer the case in the last couple decades, but most studios still blur things out because of convention.

        • Ezra Bristow

          You mean…being blurred isn’t a natural thing down there? I may need to see a doctor…

        • perv

          I feel cheated now

      • Uniform223

        that makes… NO SENSE.

      • gregge

        The Japanese Constitution, which the USA “helped” draft upon ending occupation after WW2, forbids censorship. Soon as home rule was returned to Japan, one of the first things their government did was to re-enact most of the censorship and ‘blue laws’ they had before the war.

    • M.M.D.C.

      They outta be against the law.

  • Andrew Zajicek

    “Tochigi prefecture PD confiscated weapons from gang members” according to my japanese mom. Also AR and AMD look off also.

    • Marco Antonio Gonzalez

      “Malicious Yokohama police investigation headquarters due to bad conduct populations in Tochigi prefecture” Says Google Translate app in cell phone.
      My vote to your mom more than to Google

  • Josh

    What about the bomb in upper left corner?!

  • Blake

    Do they make airsoft RPG-7s? Looks like Google says they do:×800.jpg

    & why would Japanese criminals have a briefcase full of $US?

    Looks like the contents of a teenager’s basement to me…

  • Indiana Finney

    Tokarev, Makarov, and both UZIs are all airsoft. The nipple on the top of the mag is what feeds the BBs.

  • What a lot of people don’t realize is that criminals often use toy guns to commit robberies and assaults. From

    Between January 1, 1985 and September 1, 1989,458 police departments (65.5% of the study population) reported 5,654 robberies known to be committed with an imitation gun. Robbery investigators interviewed estimated that, on an average, 15% of all robberies were committed with imitation guns.

    • In the same time period, police departments reported 8,128 known assaults with imitation guns.

    Police Involvement With Toy Guns … /ix

    • Police departments reported 31,650 imitation guns were seized between January 1, 1985 and September 1, 1989 as being involved in some type of crime or incident. (This number does not include recovered stolen imitation guns.)

    • One hundred eighty-six police departments reported 1,128 incidents where an officer warned or threatened to use force and 252 cases where actual force had been used based on the belief that an imitation gun was real. Pneumatic guns and realistically shaped toy guns pose the greatest threat to mistakes in the use of force by the police.

    • marathag

      When Toys are outlawed, only Outlaws will have Toys

  • Charlie Taylor

    M16 is airsoft as well, you can see the hop-up adjustment dial

  • Lance

    Proof again that gun control works as well as prohibition did.

  • Gizmo

    LOL, Attack on Titan 3D gear sword. Bombs have Network cards as their circuit boards.

  • Elling Moen

    Most of these are clearly airsoft, so I’m assuming the rest of them are too.
    Could it be a staged photo, maybe from some kind og airsoft/LARP game?

    • Nope stuff seized from Japanese criminals. In the US airsoft are seized from criminals since airsoft guns are used in robberies and assaults.

  • John

    So if “airsoft is for delinquents”, what are the bokken doing there?

    • Tinkerer

      If they are in fact “bokken”, remember: those hurt like hell. My wife, 4th Dan kendoka, uses them for kata practice. You should NEVER use them for combat, you might seriously hurt someone. Damn things are really hard and heavy.

      But maybe those weren’t bokken, but either “Shirasaya” -plain wood scabbard for storing a true sword blade- or “Shikomizue” -a sword blade hidden in a staff. Either way, swords are regulated by the same law that regulates firearms.

      • Mystick

        I thought one of the big vectors for “combat” was, in fact, to hurt people – sometimes seriously – until they stop trying to hurt you, or others.

        • Tinkerer

          When was the last time you saw that on a competitive fencing match?

          • Mystick

            Fencing is not combat, it is a sport. They frown upon you kicking your opponent in the giblets, then pouncing him on the ground and slicing his throat – actions that would be acceptable in combat.

          • Tinkerer

            Then you really don’t know what is kendo, and what use is given to bokken on it.

          • Mystick

            Yeah. To simulate a sword. For when you are in combat. The bokken is a training tool. Going to a dojo and receiving instruction, competing in events IS NOT COMBAT.

      • Cesare Renzi

        The brown one is a shirasaya, you can see a faint black line where it opens.

        What astonishes me is that a japanese criminal actually uses one of those things. I thought that would be a major faux pas…

        “Shiro, what the hell is that?”
        “Boss, you said to grab a weapon and my little brother’s sword was just there…”
        “Boy, drop that thing before somebody sees you!”

  • noob

    I don’t know how today’s japanese teen would react, but if I saw a sign that said “Airsoft is Gangsta” as a teen I’d think “damn, maybe airsoft IS gangsta”.

  • Suppressed

    To continue with the fake theme, the IV drug kit with the stamp bags has a 3cc x 3″ 22g needle, waaayyy too large gauge, too long, and too many cc’s for IV drug use. Movies often make the same mistake.

  • WTF

    so police seized airsoft guns? but WHY the toy sword? and are these condoms?

  • wtf

    Why does they show razors(next to toy sword)? this looks so bullshit

  • LCON

    Wait Wait Kamen Rider weapons are now illegal in Japan? Did Shocker finally take over?

  • 松井

    ” The pernicious ???(I think “act exposing Incident “) in Tochigi prefecture by bad behavior group.
    Yokohama police unit Investigation headquarters”
    I did my best.But I’m sorry if my English sentences are incorrect.
    Because I’m Japanese high school student.

  • someone

    I’m pretty sure that AR is an airsoftgun. The bolt doesn’t look right.

  • Michigunner

    Some obviously are airsoft guns; the magazines on the Tokarev, Makarov and pair of Uzis are dead giveaways. The bolts on the AR is wrong (no gas vents) and the shotgun to the left would have a visible extractor as well. It really makes me think they all are airsoft. What is that in the lower right hand corner? Is that a wand from a power washer?

  • yoh

    Hi. This photo was taken at my airsoft event. This is joke. Everything is fake or toy here and there. Mean of sign→”Vicious act disclosure case by the bad group in Tochigi /City of Yokohama police Headquarters” *city of yokohama police is a fictional organization. THX.

    • Ben Loong

      As is typical, the post that genuinely explains what we’re looking at is at the bottom of the comments.

      We need upvote this or something…

    • Jien

      I know this OP is one of the ringleaders who staged the scene.
      The fact is there…

    • Anonymoose

      I envy the guy who owns that AMD-65. That is really cool!

    • Mazryonh

      What’s the thing at the end of the shotgun’s tube magazine at the left of the picture supposed to be?

      • yoh

        UZI mag.

      • CountryBoy

        Extended tube to hold more shells for the shotgun, but it appears next to the Uzi mag, making it appear more unique than it is.

        • Mazryonh

          Thanks, it looked like a cane handle the way the shotgun’s tube magazine extension was touching the Uzi mag.

    • Laionidas

      What is it with (fake) Japanese gangster culture, that if you’re bringing a sword, you have it mounted in shirasaya rather than in a proper combat or even gaudy parade/display mount? Especially if it’s an antique blade, you do not want to actually be using it in shirasaya right?

    • Their Lawyer

      That’s NOT what the sign reads, it’s:

      “Two Americans caught trying to smuggle Catholic bath towels. DO NOT TOUCH–BOOM!”

  • Skokie

    Looks like about enough for a good weekend in Vegas.

  • Vizzini

    I’m pretty sure nobody’s ever tried to fire that pump shotgun with the magazine extension longer than the barrel.

    • Cottersay

      That is actually quite common in 3 Gun shooting competitions.

      • Vizzini

        Learn something every day! 🙂

      • Mazryonh

        So to even things out, maybe you should attach a suppressor to the shotgun? Would a flashlight in the foreend still work? Or even attaching a bayonet to the magazine extension? 🙂

        • Cottersay

          A shotgun suppressor is far too large of a diameter to fit such a modified weapon. You could attach a flashlight, but I like your bayonet idea more. But the problem with a bayonet, even though feasible, is that the first time you reached an enemy trench and ran one of those damn Huns through-and-through, any side to side or downward leverage transferred to the bayonet lug could very easily bend the extension and make it non-functional. Those accursed Huns!

          • Mazryonh

            Doesn’t the Mossberg 590A1 have the ability to mount a bayonet overtop a tube magazine extension? It was supposed to be a model for the military, so it should be able to take a good amount of abuse, whether sticking Huns or Hogs.

          • Cottersay

            Very true Mazryonh, there are many shotguns that can mount a bayonet, such as the 590A1.

            However, to mount a bayonet on the end of a greatly extended tube competition shotgun would mean mounting it directly on the end of that loooong magazine, and not to the barrel itself (as the uber-strong 590A1 does).

            Therefore, as you were running some ISIS scum through-and-through on the battlefield with your nice new bayonet — during which, of course, you are twisting and turning the bayonet hither and yon in his yellow guts for maximal damage — it may result in a bent magazine tube, which could create a feed tube stoppage. As well, your bayonet may now be mounted so crookedly on the mounting lug that you can’t waste his best friend with it. But all is not lost; a REAL American would just tear that terrorist SOB’s arm clean off and beat him to death with it.

            Anyway, that is my two cents on the subject.

          • Mazryonh

            Now that’s what you call an intimidating weapon.

            Given that toothed muzzle extensions for breaching purposes have been made for shotguns, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone made a tube magazine extension with reinforced attachments and a toothed endcap for more authority on impact. “Tacticoolness” knows few bounds.

            Still, given that shotguns are often used for room-to-room CQB, I can’t see why more military models don’t have bayonet lugs, like the Benelli M1014. Bayonet lugs are low-tech and useful to have when you’re at arms’ length from an opponent, but can’t fire for any reason.

            Of course, you could always take a note from one of the strangest, but effective, Englishman in WWII, “Mad” Jack Churchill, who actually carried and used a Scottish Broadsword in that conflict. Why tear off an enemy’s arm when it’s so much easier to just chop it off when you have to go hand-to-hand?

          • Cottersay

            I agree 100% with your reasoning. And on another fascinating note, Mad Jack held another incredible distinction too; he was the last man in history to use an English Longbow to kill an enemy soldier in battle! (A very surprised, I am sure, German NCO in 1940).

  • Mazryonh

    What’s that strange thing sticking out of the tube magazine of the shotgun with the pistol grip at the left of the picture?

    The copy of playboy in this picture makes me think that whoever had this collection must have gotten the idea from the Metal Gear Solid game series.

  • MrEllis

    This looks like the beginning to a rally good ’80s movie. And by good I mean bad, but awesome.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    What is that ? Dynamite on the left and cocaine on the right? Airsoft on the bottom and Anime on the right?

    I wonder what the original caption was?

    “37 year old gamer convicted of staging fake drug operations.” ” His parents were glad to get him out of the house for the weekend. . .”

    I chose the age of 37 because that is how old my son is. Somebody please come and get him….

  • ihatelibs

    THIS is a Gun Free Country . Oh wait ….

  • CountryBoy


    Hey, watch your language (I think)!

  • 5Cats

    This is terrific! I saw it at Ace Of Spades and shared it at I-Am-Bored.

    Thanks to the commenters who sorted it out, especially Atticus Bryant for the link to the Japanese source!

  • Will

    Playboy magazine is a weapon??

    • maodeedee

      Nope, it’s just a spare magazine for one of the pistols

  • Gunner4guy

    I could sure use the RPG the next time that little SOB from a mile down the road comes flying by with all his windows open and the ???music??? blasting out comes by my house. Pretty sure there’d be NO charges, instead I’d get a medal for performing a public service.

  • LazyReader

    That playboy has damaged more wrists than any recoil

  • Cottersay

    Interesting article on the use of swords and bayonets in modern combat!