Mathew writes ….

Thought I would share something that I thought might make a fun Photo-of-the-Day…since you posted the HK P7 Field Strip video.

As an Industrial Designer I thought it would be fun to design a modern P7 concept. So I designed this a while back. Had originally posted it on HK Pro and M4Carbine. Great response.

The P9 M8, a mix of the classic P7m8 and the modern VP9. No squeeze cocker for simplicity and cost. Not to be confused with the P9 of the 1960s/70s. Could be an interesting product with HKs return to striker fire and the renewed popularity of single stacks now.

Compact P7-like size, single stack, slim, easy to conceal and optional back straps. I figure any future VP9 models in Compact and SubCompact will cover the front slide serration, rail, charging handle, higher cap mag user needs. Not a big fan of the Spiderman grip aesthetic, so i kept the P9 grip design closer to the P7 in shape and texture. Simple and classic.

Very cool, thanks Mathew.


  • Anomanom

    Cool, and absent the grip cocking… thing on the P7, which is pretty much the only part that sucked.

    • maodeedee

      That’s what made it good. Because that’s what allowed it to have a good trigger. A good trigger makes any gun more accurate.

  • Martin Grønsdal

    is it me, or did the P7 have a really hard recoil?

    • Garmanarnar

      Just you

      • Martin Grønsdal

        I don’t do airsoft; it kicked hard. Even compared to many .45

        • Garmanarnar

          I didn’t say anything about airsoft.

          • Martin Grønsdal

            I could smell airsoft. Joking 🙂

          • Kristoff

            H&K fan boys seem to think that the P7 is kind of wonder gun that can do no wrong and has no faults. They say BS like: “It’s the shooter not the gun.” Or my favorite: “The P7 has a sharp and quick recoil.” Because a 9mm with “sharp” recoil is somehow a good design, right?

          • Myron Klemz

            My P7M8 is a very soft shooting and incredibly accurate gun. The only drawback I find is that even with the plastic heat shield in the top of the trigger area, it gets too damned hot after a few mags of ammo. I wish they kept developing and improving the design for a .45 ACP version.

    • 1911a145acp

      The recoil impulse on the HK P7 is perhaps better described as sharp and quick. The bore axis is very low and the slide mass relatively light so there is noticeable recoil but very little muzzle rise. Gas pressure is keeping the action closed and when the action opens the slide velocity is high compared to recoil operated designs.Interestingly the gas pressure and fluted chamber are the primary mechanism for extraction. The extractor is really there to extract a LIVE round, the P7 will function perfectly well without the extractor installed. The gas port is on the bottom under the barrel and the area inside the front upper portion of the trigger guard has an aluminum heat shield.It gets quite hot during rapid fire and can take a while to cool down.

    • Budogunner

      I’d wonder about your recoil spring of you thought the P7 had hard recoil. The action is gas retarded after all.

  • Gambler X

    I broke off my abusive relationship with Glock for the love of a VP9…soooo

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Not saying you specifically… But I wonder how many people with “abusive relationships with their Glocks” or “hate the grip angle” are really just have poor trigger control.

      I’ll be the first to admit that Glocks require a lot more effort to pull the trigger straight back than other designs. But it’s USUALLY the indian and not the arrow.

      • Gambler X

        I see what you are saying. I always shot a glock better than I shot anything else but I never really liked it. I shoot the VP equally well and I actually like it….aside from the $60 H&K magazines.

        • Haunted Puppeteer

          If you paid $60 for a P30/VP9 mag, you got hosed.

          • Gambler X

            Midway is at $44, thats not cheap either

          • Haunted Puppeteer

            Not saying they’re cheap. They aren’t. And availability coming in spurts probably doesn’t help the prices.
            Midway has had them as low as $33 in the past. If they’ll ever be that low again is unknown to me.

      • Billy

        Nah, the trigger is fine. It’s the long squared off grip, and the infamous Glock hump. It’s like a parody of an arched mainspring housing.

      • danny

        Question: with my XDM I’m always pretty accurate. With a Glock, unless I’m slow, concentrated and deliberate, I suck. Still trigger issue would you say? I don’t know how their triggers compare.

      • Sam

        I think he’s jokingly saying he likes Glocks a little too much.

        And the Glock grip angle does suck. But how does that relate to the trigger, though.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Again with the paddle mag release… Ze Gemans are just so stubborn. I’ll get interested in HK handguns when they drop that.

    (Yea yea, I know, you bought a VP9 like everyone else that month and you love it! Great, but it shares no commonality with other designs. If you can use your thumb its OK but might as well be a button. If you can use your trigger finger, fine. If you have to use you middle finger, it’s downright stupid)

    • Some Guy

      But you can use your trigger finger (unless you have really crap distal flexibility)

    • Evan

      So *you’re* one of those guys who ruined Walther pistols in the US market… joking, joking.

      I do really like the trigger mag release on HKs and Walthers, though.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        🙂 I sold two M1s, and bought two M2s. I’ve since sold one, and will sell the other here soon because Walther refuses to support the gun.

        • Jay Lee

          How much you want for it? Im looking for an PPQ M2 9mm.

    • Haunted Puppeteer

      On the other hand, most people tend to have to change their grip to work a button mag release. Using your trigger finger on a paddle negates this need. Also, paddle magazine releases are symmetrical in their operation, whereas button magazine releases require a different technique when changing hands.

      That said, it’s probably just easier for people who trained extensively with button magazine releases to just stick with them. I started with paddles, and I have every intention to stay with them, as well. If it isn’t broken..

      • Squirreltakular

        They managed to make an ambi button with the XD. Not sure why no one else is running with that idea. Personally, I like the paddles. I don’t have to shift my grip at all in order to hit it with my thumb.

        • Sam

          FNH pistols have ambi mag releases. I’m sure there are others.

    • iksnilol

      I like the paddle releases, they’re actually ambidextrous as in I can use them from either hand without modifying the gun. Wish CZ would make something with a paddle release. A P07 with paddle release would be awesome.

  • Dan Atwater

    My eyes went to the picture before the headline and I just about crapped my pants.

  • Giolli Joker

    Cool, but it looks like it would have a shorter barrel than the P7…

  • KEL3

    I like the thought but you just cant replace the P7. Designed in late seventies and set the standard(s) that no other pistol manufacturer has lived up to yet IMO. Sure a few have incorporated some of the P7 features but not the whole package. The number of innovations, attention to detail and execution is something to appreciate.

  • Somehow this looks very uninteresting. Pass.

  • randomswede

    Soooo, I’m the only one who actually likes the squeeze cocker?
    Never fired any p7 so my opinion is worth very little but, to me it makes perfect sense in a carried-lots/fired-little pistol and that’s without the added bonus of it being the slide release.

    • ostiariusalpha

      You’re not the only one. Ideally, it wouldn’t be as loud when decocking as it tends to be, but that’s just a quibble to me; if I were to decock the pistol, it’s either already been fired or the situation didn’t end up requiring any stealth.

      • Budogunner

        I used to have a P7M8 for EDC. I never should have sold that gun…

        Anyway, yes the cocking and decocking processes are too quiet to notice. If you have a chance to shoot one, do. They are like lasers and smooth recoiling.

        • ostiariusalpha

          I have fired one, they all make a very audible “CLICK!” when decocking.

  • santi

    AWW, no squeeze cocker design??????? I’ll still buy it anyway if it does come out. WOOOOO! My dreams has partially come true!


    NO, Dave, this old man wants his squeeze cocker back! I don’t care what it costs.

  • Axel

    I’d pay a lot for this gun.

  • Xeno Da Morph

    Wow that’s a great job on that! I would be very interested in owning a modern P7.

  • Larueminati

    I’m in! I too fell for the picture before I read the caption, almost sh*t myself.

  • tony

    If there is no squeeze cock action, then this is not a P9

  • Matthew Groom

    While probably not the original, the Pistole Parabellum (“Luger”) was striker fired. That’s old hat.

  • valorius

    I’ve owned several P7’s, i would love this!

  • maodeedee

    I’d much rather find a used P7M8 in good condition and have a 4 pound trigger with the squeeze cocker instead of this obomination, which probably has a mushy trigger like a Glock.

    Also this thing has the funky “paddle” mag releases and the P7 M8 had NORMAL mag release buttons.

    If something isn’t broke, whatever you do, don’t fix it

    • ostiariusalpha

      You might want to check again, the P7M8 used a short paddle mag release, not a button.

  • michael_jackson

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  • michael_jackson

    I am a Chinese, I am eager to get a pistol. Because I was avid firearms enthusiast. Who can help me? Thank you

  • jackson

    I am a Chinese, I am eager to get a pistol. Because I was avid firearms enthusiast. Who can help me? Thank you