Gatling gun AR15, compliments of Jerry Miculek!

Miculek is at it again with his Youtube shenanigans! This time he has enlisted the help of a Gat Crank, from a company called Two Z Precision. The gizmo is only $30, and consists of a series of cranks, bars, and activators that presses an AR15 trigger three times within one rotation. Miculek essentially reviews the piece on his private range with his S&W AR15 in his typical style of candor and humor, but he is very safety conscious, and serves as an excellent role model for this. He shoots several magazines, and a drum magazine with this contraption, both with a suppressor on, and then off. Then he just plays along with “helping the planet” by buying as many sugar filled drinks as possible and blowing them all to bits on his range. The ending of the movie is especially interesting as the camera captures the action of the crank in slow motion footage so you literally see each firing sequence as the crank is turned on the AR.

However, I will say something looks a bit off during the firing portions of the Gat Crank. As if the footage was speed up just a wee bit to make it appear like fully automatic fire. If anyone can confirm or deny this in the comments section, that’d be an interesting answer.


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  • Jim B

    Jerry is very entertaining. However, the only thing attractive regarding this device is the price. It appears to be very awkward to use as a fun switch. I’d rather spend $400 for a binary trigger system.

  • anonymouse

    Interesting to see that frequently he was turning the crank too quickly on the slomo, sometimes only one round was fired per rotation of the handle.

  • thedonn007

    Not sure if this was supposed to be an endorsement video, or a DO NOT buy video.
    Also, I wished he would have compared the ROF of the crank to the ROF of his trigger finger.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    That looks pretty worthless.

  • Southpaw89

    Funny concept, may be more viable if firing from a rest, would be funny to stick one on an AR pistols with and arm brace (used as advertised) and a laser sight, and see if you could hit anything with it. Over all it seems pretty goofy, but at least its cheap enough that experimenting wouldn’t brake the bank, unless your counting the cost of ammo.

  • Bill

    And the “Dear ATF” letters start in 3, 2, 1…..

  • datimes

    Amusing novelty without a practical use.

  • Laionidas

    Can someone please explain that scope to me? XD

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Wait! he said those were “sugar filled” and at the end he said “Cheap diet sodas!”
    Jerry you are a crack up!

    Not a bad price if you wanted to give the “enemy” the impression you have a full auto. But then full auto is stupid. One shot one kill.

  • ihatelibs

    Id Rather get a Bump Stock ???

  • Gunner4guy

    It’s not all that well-known but YouTube has a problem sync’ing the audio and video in uploaded slow-motion video. I noticed it when I saw the close-ups towards the last when the camera was focussed on his hand. It can be fixed but requires professional equipment to fix and it is kind of pricey….and doesn’t always work. I’ll stick to semi-auto(mostly) and a buddy’s select-fire ‘toys'(where HE provides the ammo..LOL!).