Cyclops CYC-300WP

Cyclops CYC-300WP

GSM Outdoors recently announced a new hand held light it is offering under the Cyclops brand. The new CYC-300WP is configured in a spotlight form factor and offers a combination of durability and long run time with an affordable price.

The CYC-300WP is rated at 300 lumens, which may seem small in light of recent announcements from other flashlight companies. However, a light’s usefulness is more than a single statistic. Although no measurements for candela or beam distance were provided by the company, I expect that the beam is a tight spot due to the shape of the reflector.

This light is powered by a 2200 mAh lithium rechargeable battery that is said to have a runtime of three hours when the CYC-300WP is run on the high setting. Unfortunately, I could not find any documentation on the light that showed the output curve, nor was I able to determine if the light was tested according to the ANSI FL-1 standard.

The suggested retail price on this light is $44.99. Previously, Dan M. reviewed the Cyclops Orbis on this site. The Orbis is a 140 lumen light that also used a rechargeable battery. In that review, Dan stated the Orbis was a good value. Dan also looked at the Sirius 500 hand held light that is similar in configuration to the CYC-300WP.

Dan will also be reviewing the Cyclops.

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  • raz-0

    With those stats it better be one heck of a thrower.

    • flashlightsolutions

      from their website:
      “Super Bright CREE XPG II RS 3 Watt LED”
      OK, it is among the few options for a thrower, but if you are to do this the right way, at least drive the LED to its full potential.
      for that reason, i smell BAD heatsinking (price to pay for a plastic body)

      • Tom

        That seems to be the big “con” with all these super cheap high power lamps, they only run at full pelt for a few minutes before burning out or switching down and often their “definition” of lumen seems to be somewhat less than standard.

        Personally I keep going back to my Inova T4 sure its only 100 Lumens but its consistent, reliable and built like a tank. The nice white light is a bonus too. For most users we are not working search and rescue or storming a building so we really don’t need a super light, just something that works and is cheap to run.

  • neroMANIAC

    Knocked off pos from china.
    I have multiples of that same light all with different names.
    Crap leds and batteries garnage.
    Crazy to see this garbage reviewed.

  • Dan M

    I’d hoped to write the review today – probably going to have to be next weekend. Decent light, but concerns over how long it will last are reasonable. I’ll try to offer a few more alternatives when I publish the review. I can think of better ways to spend $40 on a light.