Radical Firearms New 6.8 SPC ARs

Radical Firearms out of Stafford, Texas has been making a name for themselves over the past few years with their affordable line of AR-15s and gun parts. Last year they debuted their integral 10/22 suppressor systems and their budget priced adjustable AR-15 gas blocks. Just the other day they showed off their new low price suppressor line.

Well now they have something new in the works yet again, they just announced their new line of AR uppers chambered in the 6.8 SPC cartridge. Their new flat top Mil-Spec uppers include both a charging handle and bolt carrier group and features a 16″ melonite 4150V chromoly barrel with a 1 in 11″ twist rate and a Mil-Spec A2 flash hider.Their new direct gas impingement upper has M4 feed ramps, a low profile micro gas block and 15″ free float Radical Firearms rail that includes both Keymod and Picatinny attachment points. The new Radical Firearms 6.8 SPC upper will retail at just $459.99. They also have a complete rifle (minus sights) at just $799.99. I actually have one of Radical Firearms AR-15 pistols that I picked up a few years back at a screaming deal and I’ve been really happy with them so far.

Check out RadicalFirearms.com for more info on their new 6.8 SPC upper and complete rifles.

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  • Budogunner

    Is 6.8spc still a thing? I thought the civilian shooting community had moved on to other calibers for precision shooting in the AR world.

    • Jwedel1231

      My thoughts exactly. 6.8spc might still be around for some hunters who bought in early, but the rest of the community has basically moved on.

    • Nicks87

      Yep, 300BLK is the new 6.8 SPC. It’s waaaayyyy more effective than those little .223 pop guns and waaayyyy more tactical too cuz #suppressors.

      • Paul White

        If the suppressors ever got off the NFA, *that* is whenI’ll buy a .300 blackout. otherwise eh. It doesn’t seem any better than even 7.62×39 (at leat not enough to matter)

        • uisconfruzed

          Pay the additional $400 and be happy 🙂

    • John Doe

      Still a thing? I’ve had a 6.8 for 25 years! Pushes a 130gr SST about 3,000 fps.

    • Lee

      The shooting community is unfortunately mostly made up of people that do most shooting at a gun range. So i would expect the shooting community to quickly move on from 6.8 spc.

      If you own land and use your guns to actually kill stuff on a regular basis, 6.8 is the way to go though. Hunters, ranchers, landowners love the 6.8 spc. Its my go to caliber depending on what blind im sitting in.

      300 blk is nice because it was designed for a sbr configuration. Its even nicer with a supressor. But thats really about it. If you are willing to go nfa, 300 blk is nice.

      If you cant do nfa, theres no advantage to having a full size 300 blk rifle over a regular 6.8 rifle. As far as subsonic rounds go, its nice but not effective for hunting.

      • iksnilol

        Yeah, but 6.8 has no real advantage over 6.5 (which has better range to boot).

        • Lee

          Every guy i know with a 6.5 really enjoys the caliber and they recommend the 6.5 to everyone.

          The only reason i never got in the 6.5 game is i tend to take all shots at under 300 yards.

          Now one area where i do like 300 blk alot is if i have to climb into a tree stand and hunt a close feeder (the range a typical bowhunter would take an animal at) or i have to drive around on an atv all day. The compact size is very nice.

          • uisconfruzed

            You might try hunting with a .44
            I got tired of hauling and dinging a nice bolt gun while hunting in the woods.

          • Lee

            I like that idea. I will have to give it a try.

        • Josh

          6.8 does have some advantages over the 6.5 but it is in terms of equipment rather than ballistics. At close range the ballistics of both are close enough that you are arguing 308 to 270 to 30-06. At long range 6.5 fanboys will tell you that it is still supersonic when 308 has dropped to subsonic. What they fail to mention is that they are shooting a 20 in barrel with their lapua rounds to get that performance and they are comparing it to m80 ball ammunition. Want a fair comparison, look at ammunition that was designed for long range like Buffalo Bore Sniper 308. 6.5 has no advantage over 308, minus weight, and all of the disadvantages of the 6.5. This is also where the 6.8 has some advantages over the 6.5. Parts can be more prone to breakage, thin bolt face which is usually considered a weakness when putting 7.62.39 and 6.8 as well in AR rifles and the 6.5 has the thinnest one. Shape of the cartridge itself doesn’t lend itself to reliable feeding. Can be more prone to jamming. The 6.8 literally looks like a scaled up 556 or scaled down 308 and 6.8 works well out of a short barrel. Hell i read recently someone is playing around with a round that puts a 6.5 bullet into the 6.8’s case and that it is getting the grendel’s performance but out of a shorter barrel. Basically if you just want to do long range target shooting, go ahead and use a grendel, but if you want to do anything serious, lots of better options. And its not that 6.5 fanboys recommend the grendel to everyone, they are flat out obnoxious pushing it.

          • iksnilol

            Eh, you lost me at “all the disadvantages of the 6.5”. The 0.5mm difference is a disadvantage?

            Getting short barrel performance is easy:

            Get a short barrel, load with fast powder (if short enough barrel you could even use pistol powder) and heavy bullet and you’re done.

            Besides, you’re silly complainging about 6.5 grendel case shape (in regards to feeding) yet staying silent on 5.56 and 7.62×51. They are all cases with very little taper.

          • ostiariusalpha

            Yeah, that was mostly BS. 6.8 SPC has slightly more energy and velocity than the Grendel at short range, and you get more slightly more magazine capacity. And that’s it.

          • Vitor Roma

            It is kinda lame to brag about short range performance. If the 6.5 can do well at 800 meters, guess what? It will do even better at 200.

          • Josh

            Wasn’t bragging about short range performance, just that at close range the two perform about the same.

            As for the shape of the cartridge the point was that it is easier for debris to get into the mag and cause jams. Yes the 556 and 308 are essentially straight walled which is not as conducive for feeding as a taper like the 7.62 x39.

            Look I’m not saying it’s not a good round it is. But whatever I won’t argue it anymore, it’s just that no one can ever talk about the 6.8 without the 6.5 fanboys saying their round is the best thing to happen to firearms since smokeless gunpowder

      • Louis Tarado

        I want a 6.8 for a light deer rifle potentially out to 800 yards. Thing is, they often are only 16″ barrels, hardto find longer, kind of kills the potential, dob’t you think?

        • Lee

          Palmetto state armory makes great 18″ 6.8spc uppers. Unfortunately, the 6.8 will not have enough gas to ethically take a deer at 800. I wouldnt even consider using a 6.8 past 400 yards.

          At the 800 range you might want to look at a 300 win mag or 6.5 creedmore. Maybe a 308 or a 30-06.

          • Louis Tarado

            Ok, I was thinking 20″ but would settle for 18, with a heavier grain I thought I’ve seen available (160 gn?). Thanks though, a little needed excuse to go AR10 size rifle I guess.

  • Rick5555

    Last X-mas (2015), I purchase one of Radical Firearms 10.5″ (AR) Upper, from Primary Arms. It cost $200, without a BCG or Charging Handle. However, I have plenty of extra Charging Handles and NiB, BCG’s. I was pleasantly surprised in the fit and finish, which was excellent. The 1×7 tr barrel, was quite accurate. And the steel is 4150 CMV. with a Nitride treatment in the bore and exterior. All I did was replace the flash hider, with a flash/sound can (from KAK). And my SBR shoots great. I was also surprised in how well the Flash Can from KAK performed too. Also, my upper came with a 10″ Hand Guard with a rail on the top only. And the outside diameter of the hand guard is 1.75″. I would’ve preferred a 1.50″ outside diameter. However, I’ve grown use to the rail, in which it won’t be necessary to swap it out per se. Wait for some sales, and Radical has some excellent deals. Their uppers are as good as the top tier ones going for $500 or more. Next big sale will be 4th of July. And I bet Primary Arms will have Radical Uppers, going for $200. These always sell out real fast. So, don’t ponder if you should buy it or not. Or else, it will be too late.

    • Treyh007

      I too have the Radical 10.5″ upper, it’s very nice for the money. Put it on a Aero Lower added a Spartan 3 can pin and welded and now it’s a 1 stamp monster. I highly recommend RF Products! ????

      • Louis Tarado

        Not clear…so supressor stamped, but not sbr…seen products on 10/22s like that, but just an outer shroud the can will fit in, but you can make it yourself, huh?

        • Treyh007

          It’s a 10.5 barrel with a 6″ can which makes it an overall length of a lil over 16″. If you pin and weld the can on it makes it “technically” the barrel. So instead of buying a stamp for a SBR and a can you just need one for the can. Only downfall going this route is you can’t take off your can and put it on other rifles, it’s welded on.

  • CavScout

    Radical and others cut too many QC corners for my taste, and their lack of QC has shown plenty. That can only be even worse with the market being low.