Wheeler’s AR Armorer Ultra Kit


Wheeler Engineering recently introduced a gunsmithing and armorer’s kit for AR pattern rifles. Called the AR Armor’s Ultra Kit, this tool set helps with more than 50 different maintenance and building operations.

At the heart of the kit is an AR armorer’s vise. This vise allows you to more easily operate on the rifle while performing a variety of operations. Additional kit components include:

  • bench block
  • upper vise block clamp with gas tube alignment tool
  • AR-15 combination tool
  • torque wrench
  • delta ring tool
  • AR front sight tool
  • pivot pin, roll pin installation tools
  • strap wrench
  • brushes: .22 caliber bore brush, bolt carrier brush, chamber brush, magazine/upper receiver brush, double ended general cleaning brush and brush handle
  • bore guide
  • cleaning picks
  • maintenance mat
  • custom fitted carrying case

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $329.99. These kits are in stock and available for order immediately. Sites like MidwayUSA and Brownells may have the kits for less money.

Wheeler also introduced other gunsmithing tools this year including a sight tool and trigger weight gauge. The company also makes a leveling kit that can be very helpful for setting up your scope. Wheeler Engineering is part of the Battenfeld Technologies, Inc brand. Battenfeld Technologies was recently purchased by the Smith & Wesson company.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I need a vise.
    I figure ill just cut a 2×4 down to fit the magwell and clamp it.

    • Mark

      One word: Wilton

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        The thing is I can BUILD a rifle but Ive never done much gunsmithing other than replacing extractors, adding furniture etc.
        I usually haul my rifle to work and use the bench there when I need to do something.
        No room in my apartment for gun bench.

    • DB

      Paint it yeller and call it high end!! Bet it works the same!

  • Matthew

    I use the magpul bev block and I can’t imagine using a plastic vise in a world where the geissele reaction rod (and clones) as well as the aforementioned bev block exist.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Cheap people buying cheap things. Nothing new. A good vice is a must have unless you like monkeying around all the time. Some people just don’t understand why good tools are important

      Man, I do love the geissele rod!

      • tts

        Eh unless you’re constantly modifying your AR15 I can understand people not wanting to spend $150-ish for a single tool even if it is very good.

        That being said I don’t think the kit in the article is worth the price either. The vise in particular looks too flimsy.

      • DB

        Yeah, still need a few “good” tools! For example, no matter who’s bolt carrier you buy, not all, but for the most part, have you noticed the staking of bolts on gas keys on AR’s ain’t quite up to snuff lately? BROWNELLS fixes that but the tools reasonable if you’re going to mess with more than the occasional AR! Ya get what you pay for!

    • Cymond

      I don’t understand the BEV Block and Reaction Rod.

      When torquing the nut onto the upper, why hold it by the barrel? That transfers all the torque through the upper, onto the barrel. Isn’t that a lot of load to put in the barrel indexing pin?

      In theory, if you clamp onto the upper, then all of the torque is isolated to the upper.

  • jerry young

    I have the basic Wheelers armorer kit, for the most part I like it but there are somethings that could be changed, for one the torque wrench isn’t very good and the roll pin installation tools are short and a little hard to use they could be a little longer to make it easier to hold while using a mallet to drive the pins in, it came with a set of AR receiver links used to hold the upper and lower open, they’re a waste of time, the mag well vice block works but I find it unnecessary for most parts of building AR’s as for cleaning I prefer to separate the upper from the lower that’s just my preference, while mine is just the basic kit it is well made for the most part and the cost was about $70 spending over $300 on a kit just to get a cleaning mat, cleaning supplies and a few extra tools isn’t worth it