Calling all AMD-65 Owners

An AMD-65 Users from Afganistan

Zoltan is old friend of ours who runs He reached out to me asking if I can help him with a project he is working on. He wrote …

The main designer is Zala Karoly (Karoly Zala). He is nearing 80 years old. I want to show him that there are fans and users of the weapon all over the world.

 What I need from owner of an AMD-65 is a picture from the AMD, and a state/country, maybe a nickname. If you would like to be in the photo holding your gun that is even better, but not required.

I think it would be a nice act to make an old man happy and also for owners to celebrate their rifles.

Please send your photo to

Come on TFB, lets help Zoltan out.

Steve Johnson

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  • DW

    AMD-65 is perhaps the most simplistic AK variant out there.

  • Ezra Bristow

    I don’t have one but I love the swept-forward grip and wire stock… thumbs up Zala!

    • Michael Lubrecht

      Swept forward grip is simply a rear pistol grip mounted backwards on the handguard. I thought it looked cool too, but it isn’t very ergonomic. It actually puts an odd kink in your wrist – at least mine does.

      • Edeco

        Nyet, same part backwards is fine. Wrist ergonomics is bourgeois excess.*

        *yeah, I know Hungarian =/= Russian.

      • BrandonAKsALot

        Think of it more like an afg and it’s way more comfortable.

  • BillC

    Nice try, NSA.

  • DataMatters

    Yes, if you include those built from parts kits I have one. It’s the com bloc M4, way ahead of its time. No pic, though, sorry.

    • iksnilol

      But it’s like even smaller.

      A regular M4 is about the size of a regular AKM.

  • Vhyrus

    I was seriously considering one at one time. Right now all you can get are poorly done reproductions.

  • smartacus

    How did that Afghani guy in the picture get a Hungarian AMD-65?

  • Wolfgar

    I have one of the semi rifles. It is one of the most accurate AK rifles I own. Very well made and has accompanied me on many miles of Montana wilderness excursions. It has also put a lot of venison on my table.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    I absolutely love Hungarian AKs. My favorite lineage next to Russian. The craftsmanship is superb and while they didn’t stay far from the original design, they have their own unique elegance.

  • BorgWarrior

    Hungarian government gave Iraq, and the Afghani government over 60k pieces of “surplus” AMDs. And it trickled to the wrong sides too. Syrians have them for the same reason

    • Zoltán Szőrös

      Syrians can have older AMD-65s. Decades ago, under the socialist regime Hungary give nobody knows how much but a lot of AMD-65 and a few AMP-69 to Libanon. From there, these rifles appeared in many fronts of the region. After that was that 60 k pieces shipment of AMD-65s to Afghanistan, and some pieces by private import by contractors from USA and other romantic sources of AMD-65s. From Afghanistan those weapons spread off in the region, to Syria as well, because these are small but 7,62mm Kalashnikov versions. Ideal to carry them concealed, or in a car. The muzzle break is also optimal, because not just compensate, but spread the noise to both side, so if you did not seen the flash directly, it is much harder to identify the source of the noise. Anyway, it is smaller problem, they have a lot of AMD, then have a lot of AMP-69 and grenades. What they get long time ago: they are used and out of grenades. But AMP-69 would be ideal in the cities: it could be a DMR rifle as well as a grenade launcher, agains technicals, jeeps and trucks. An AMP-69 in every fifth men who trained to it well could matter.

      • BorgWarrior

        Zoli, helyettem is kifejtetted, köszi. .)


  • gunsandrockets

    250 doesn’t sound like that many;-)

    • If there’s only 250 AMD-65s in Afghanistan, i’ve personally seen all of them then. In 2010 it had to be one of the main rifles that the ANCOP and other police in the South carried.

      • gunsandrockets

        Dude! Metric ton? divided by 4? =250? Winky?

        Get it? It’s a joke son!

  • Jason Roberts

    Funny I came across this article. I have an FEG AMD-65 with the original barrel and all. It was one of those TGI imports that was built in Hungary. Anyway, last night, I get an email from the ATF… My E-Filed Form 1 was approved!!! Hello SBR AMD-65…! Applied on 25 Dec 2015, approved 7 March 2016.

  • Jeff Smith

    The only thing I can focus on in this article is how perfect that guy’s hair is. It’s magnificent.

    • Cal S.

      One could even dare to say… it’s FHAAA-BUUULOUSSS!


  • Docduracoat

    The Afghan National Police was issued the AMD 65
    The U.S. bought 45,000 AMD 65’s at a cost to the taxpayer of 13.7 million dollars.
    C.J. Chivers at the At War blog reports that the police hate them and pawn them off onto the female police officers.
    There is a great picture on reddit from 2010 of an Afghan Police commander with an Eotech and magnifier on his camo painted and railed AMD 65

  • BillC

    It’s called humor. I have met a couple Hungarians before, they seemed to possess it. (Unless this really is the NSA, then good try, again) 😉

    • Zoltán Szőrös

      Bill, no problem. Trust me, in Hungary there is a much worse gun right situation than USA. If we should have only NSA like officers, that would be a heaven for us. 🙂

      • steveindajeep

        btw excellent website Sir. thank you for your work

  • Pete Sheppard

    By all accounts they work great, BUT…to me, the AMD-65 is *deadly* ugly. 😀

  • Muri

    It’s nice to see that even the Afghan guy in the picture uses Gio’s cheek riser from AMD65tech…

  • Istvan80

    I was issued the AMD in the military. Despite the fact that the hungarian gun industry had mastered the manufacturing of AK-pattern weapons over time, the AMDs were really bad quality guns. Fitting of the parts were bad (cover, gas piston tube, muzzle brake just to name a few..), the bolt carrier didn’t engage the automatic sear many times and not always due to the wearing…as far as I know these guns have been phased out and the military remained at the AK-63D which is much better.

  • Seryozhka

    I’ve not used them personally much, but Mr. Karoly, I’ve put them out to Mexican autodefensas and with them fought against drug cartels. You have done good work.