SPAR – Straight-Pull AR-15 from Italian BCM Europearms

The Italian company BCM Europearms recently showed an AR-15 type rifle named SPAR (Straight-Pull AR) in .223 Remington, with 9 mm and .308 Winchester versions to follow.

Why straight-pull when semi-auto is so much more fun, you may ask?

In some countries you simply have no other choice than a straight-pull, and the gun laws within the European Union are under heavy debate at the moment. Where it all ends no one knows, but perhaps this is the future and not a very distant one?

Both the upper and the lower is manufactured in Italy, CNC machined from aluminium.

Actually the upper looks a lot like the Italian ADC (Armi Dallera Custom), and it would surprise me if it’s not the same CAD. The lower is obviously modified, but some of the design is still there. If you know more please tell us in the comments section below.


ADC’s version in Ferrari-red below. This version is semi-auto and shoots very nice. In fact the multiple-winner of the European Championships in IPSC Rifle, Raine Peltakoski, shoots ADC so it’s not a bad rifle at all.


Picture from another test of ADC AR-15

The BCM lower is compatible to any semi-automatic upper, but the upper receiver is designed so that it cannot be used in any semi-auto functions: there is no gas system.

Furniture like pistol grips, stocks etc. is bought in from other suppliers.

There is no record of where the barrels are made, but they are available in lengths from 10″ to 22″. I would guess that Lothar Walther is the barrel supplier, as with ADC.

The compensator is their own design and built in-house. I am unsure of the handguard.


Left hand charge. I guess they forgot to mount the normal charging handle on the pictures.


With normal charging handle and bipod mounted.


Not sure what I think of this design and opening of the mag well, but it’s different.


Strange design to remove a large hole in the magazine well. I’d rather keep the weight and not have to worry about dirt and dust getting another access into my rifle.

It looks like it is possible to mount a right hand charge as well, or both.


Top view – left hand charge. I guess this piece has to be unmounted to remove the bolt carrier.


Detailed picture of the BCM compensator.





Other suppliers of straight-pull, or similar loading, I know of are Troy (pumps), HERA Arms (special order) and Lantac U.K.

If you know of more suppliers please write in the comments below. I’m thinking about getting one now…


Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Tom UK

    Southern Gun Company (UK)

    • ThatOneChap

      There are a fair few straight pull AR-15 makers in the UK, although most are very small operations, few men in a shed level and so on.

  • Charlie Taylor

    i’m guessing the purpose of the cuts in the magwell is to aid in removing shorter magazines when those are required due to law

  • CR

    Dlask Arms in Vancouver, BC, were making pump action ARs a few years ago.

    • Wetcoaster

      I don’t believe those ever left the prototype stage. They would be restricted anyway as the lower is considered the firearm in Canada as in the US, and those were stock AR, regardless of the upper’s method of operation.

      And since the lowers would have been stock AR, I suspect there wouldn’t have been much traction on getting the RCMP to approve 30 round magazines designed custom for the pump.

      I’d love to know what legal arguments were used to get them to okay the 10-round XCR and AR pistol mags. I imagine a legal trail showing that those particular magazines were specifically designed for the market in US states with 10 round magazine restrictions for pistols might have been decisive.

  • ItalianAmerican

    Fugly to say the least.

  • Phil Hsueh

    If the upper is designed to be straight pull only and not capable of semi-auto at all then why bother with a cut out for a normal AR charging handle then? Why not just close it up, it would certainly look cleaner that way. Alternately, modify it a little to act as a holder for a small cleaning kit or something or for holding batteries, or even a chamber indicator, something instead of just leaving it open or putting a redundant charging handle there.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      I was wondering the same thing.
      Why not just seal it, save a little weight? And since theres no gas key I guess they just added another piece of metal on the BCG too. What a waste of time.

  • phauxtoe

    Other Countries?
    How about this Country, The USA!

    Here in NY you can not have Any AR features if you have a semi auto with a detachable magazine. (the rest of you guys may be next if you don’t get out the Vote!)

    This is what an AR looks like in NY…

    • Capybara

      Although not required in California, that same Thordsen stock (Thordsen is a California company) can be used to create a “featureless” rifle here in California, allowing you to legally use your grandfathered standard capacity magazines. It becomes “featureless” because the rifle cannot have any “evil AW features” like a pistol grip, flash hider, adjustable shoulder stock. Going featureless also allows us to dump the Bullet Button. But there are several proposed laws that will do away with the Bullet Button, featureless, etc. and all center fire, magazine fed rifles will be considered assault weapons, much like NYs SAFE Act. None of these ill conceived,feel good laws will do anything to prevent mass shootings, they are simply the most efficient way for our evil overlords to disarm us.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      My god, im so sorry.

    • jerry young

      it sounds as if you have 3 choices do nothing and accept what NY does to you, vote out all the anti gun idiots and get some real American patriots to run NY or just move to a more gun friendly state! I won’t say sorry for your luck cause NY residents let this happen! this is what an AR looks like in Ohio and we can have 30 round mags

    • Christopher Armour

      I’d take an Ares SCR over that.

      • Marcus D.

        The SCR qualifies as a “featureless” rifle, but if the Legislature gets its way, as noted above, there will be no semiautomatic rifles sold in the state unless they have fixed (i.e., internally or top loading) magazines. For example, Garand in, M1 Carbine out. The earliest mag lock device, I believe it is a Prince device, has a special mag release button that, by tightening a screw in the middle of the button (and gluing it in place according to the instructions), it is impossible to release the magazine from the well. All new rifles will be so equipped. What happens to existing rifles? Well, one could install a Prince device and comply with the new law, or one has to register one’s rifles as “assault weapons.”

  • Maxpwr

    Coming soon to a West Coast or East Coast state near you….until they ban them, too.

    • Vizzini

      Let’s ban the east and west coast states….

  • To be more specific, the SPAR is conceived for Countries such as UK and Australia (in Italy we *DO* have military-style centerfire semi-automatic rifles), the lower receiver is fully compatible with semi-automatic upper receivers and with STANAG 4179 magazines, and the final version being showcased in these days at the IWA expo in Nuremberg comes with an ambidextrous cocking handle.

    And YES, the concept is the same that led Troy Industries develop the PAR “Pump-action rifle” for the State of New York.

    • Porty1119

      I was going to say something to that effect. AFAIK, ARs are legally considered hunting rifles in Italy and aren’t really restricted.
      I hope this sort of thing drives home the reality of how idiotic UK and AUS laws are. I think there’s still hope for loosening laws in Australia, at least. This is why we must never, ever let up stateside.

    • Heebrew Hammer

      You have a greater chance of winning lotto then getting that imported into Australia, There is one pump action AR in Australia, imported about 10 years ago.. And the court costs alone came to around $30,000 so he could keep it. And he cant take it out of his state.

  • Robert Griffith

    I would rather have a contraption like this than no gun at all but make no mistake, a contraption is what it is.

  • jerry young

    this looks just like an AR knock off, the upper and lower look to be AR style but machined to different specs, as far as semi auto it looks as if you could modify the upper for a gas tube and port the barrel for a gas block all AR parts might work the only hard part would be modifying the bolt and the upper receiver may have to be machined for the gas key to ride but I haven’t seen the inside so it’s hard to tell

    • Marcus D.

      The charging handle would likely reciprocate, as it appears to screw into the bolt.

  • dan

    we have the warwick WFA1 in australia

  • Alex Agius

    Well they can own semi autos in italy so idk how big the market is, but for basterised ar15s the brits have done pretty well with their “lever release” and “MARS” rifles, basically semi autos with interrupter mechanisms that make them legal (and faster than any manual action), so with those on the table these better be cheap (as that’s the only real downside of the two i mentioned).

  • johnny

    Well, Muslims refugees, they warned you…

  • Rocketman

    if Hell-ary becomes the next president then I’m giving serious consideration to moving out of the country to Chile where they don’t allow any semi-auto military style weapons like the AR-15 but this gun would be permitted to be owned by a civilian. I think that this would be an acceptable compromise if the “thief in chief” starts rounding up semi-auto firearms.

    • Joshua Jury

      There is no acceptable compromise, it’s either the Constitution or Revolution.