Mercedes Attacks its Own Maybach Armored Car

In a combined marketing ploy and to prove the capabilities of their Maybach “Guard” edition cars, Mercedes took their own gloves off and assaulted the vehicle with a rifle. At the end of the magazine, a $513,000 (yes, five hundred and thirteen thousand dollar) luxury vehicle was left riddled with bullet impacts.

With no penetration, presumably.


The “Guard” line of Maybach vehicles are custom configured with armor plating around the entire cabin of the vehicle (but they do leave the trunk and engine compartment relatively unprotected). According to JDNews, Mercedes states that Maybach Guard “is the first civilian vehicle to be certified with VR-10 ballistic protection.” (“VR” refers to an armor rating standard set in Germany.) One can learn more at VPAM’s website, which is only available in German.


The VR-10 rating is impressive, as it denotes a certification for the first time a civilian oriented vehicle has been rated to take hardened steel-core bullets (armor penetrating rounds). Typically, vehicles are manufactured to VR-9 (for .308 and below, non armor penetrating).


Putting on all this armor makes a vehicle heavy, which requires special drive-lines and suspension to handle the mass. For those interested, and with the means to purchase them, the Guard line is available across most of Mercedes’ line including the S-Class, GLE-Class, and G-Class vehicles.

Nathan S

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  • Video or it didn’t happen

  • Iggy

    While the armored cab is all well a good, I’m now picturing some exasperated dignitary sitting in a car with a smoking punctured engine block while machine gun fire bounces harmlessly off the window.

    • Iggy

      As shown in this highly technical illustration…

    • Greg Kelemen

      All the assault team has to do is use their PKM and direct a stream of fire onto one point on the window glass of this easily disabled 500K paperweight. 5-6 shots close together and that cabin becomes a beat box!

      • micmac80

        Google or you tube-> Attack on Shevardnadze.August 1998,this is how real life ambush looks like and that Benz took not just PKM but an RPG in the engine bay and still managed to get out of the kill zone.

        Mercedes-Benz Guard has a great track record for their Armored cars

        • M.M.D.C.

          This one?

          • micmac80


        • Greg Kelemen

          A very lucky incident doth not a track record make, maybe several verifiable saves of a similar nature, but still just like some car wrecks everyone walks away with scraps and bruises and some others.. Well it’s not often that heads of state are actually killed by real terrorists anyway.

          • micmac80

            Which ever way you want to spin it thereare other cases use some googlefoo, but in general there are in house armoring solutions and then there are plenty ‘chop shops’ that tear apart and rework vehicles from showroom flor ,who would you trust more.
            *there are plenty enough attempts onto heads of state and unlike armed carjacking , attackers often bring many times the firepower.

          • disqus_f62emCdwDh

            I think McKinley and T.R., as well as Archduke Ferdinand of Austria were all shot or killed by then-called “Anarchists,” perhaps terrorist isn’t the useful adjective here?
            While true that this one successful episode does not guarantee that heads of state can survive all of them, the alternative is, as others suggest, trusting one’s life to companies who cannot or will not guarantee the destructive testing is carried out to vet the vehicle’s preparation?
            Or, worse yet, riding into danger in a conventional, non-prepared vehicle.

  • Flight Er Doc

    Less than impressed – an engine disable would leave the passengers up the creek

    • Miguel Raton

      So get the hybrid. Yeah, there’s no luggage space in the boot ’cause of the battery pack, but the sorts who ride around in these leave their golf bag at their private golf course, so who cares? ;-D

  • DIR911911 .

    number one rule when a vehicle is attacked is . . . KEEP MOVING

    • Nicks87

      I thought you were supposed to make a half-assed attempt to put the E-brake on, sh*t yourself and then go run and hide in a ditch.

      • USMC03Vet

        Ha! I get this reference.

        • cs

          Please explain?

          • Billy Jack

            Yeagermeister – It’s a dig a the host of Tactical Response.

  • Billy Jack

    A cost of $500k and no penetration? Sounds like my wife.

    • Husbrand

      I just choked on my tasty beverage!!

    • DB

      Just ruined my last clean pair of shorts!! I’ll be in the laundry room now…..thanks! (But worth it!!)

    • smartacus

      sounds like MOST wives!

    • Jim

      Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are!

    • Darby

      LOL.. that is pretty good.

  • iksnilol

    So… what if we just shoot the engine?

    • Jacob

      Nearly all “up-armored” vehicles have no engine protection. HMMWVs have fiberglass engine covering as does every MRAP and MATV I have ever crewed. An engine disable is always the surest way to stop any vehicle. I suppose all the shock over this fact must come from a lack of knowing better.

      • iksnilol

        But why is all I can think. I mean, you can’t bulletproof anything, so if the engine gets shot up it’s only a matter of time til they get the guys in the cabin as well.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    I missed the video, Oh and I am not a Sheik or a drug lord soo . . .

  • Hyok Kim

    For billionaires only