Caldwell Long Range Target Camera

Caldwell Shooting Supplies has come out with a long range target camera system, labeled as the Ballistic Precision LR. Essentially it is a camera system that you set up, facing your target downrange, and is connected to a receiver that you set up at your shooting position. It broadcasts the footage via Wi Fi to the receiver, that is then broadcasted to an app on your smart phone or tablet. It allows real time footage of the target, recording, in addition to being able to save images, or send the footage/pictures to someone else. The distances it can be set up are up to a mile in length, and it runs for 6 hours, and is waterproof. The entire system is going for $499.99.

At that price point, I don’t imagine it being very useful for casual shooters at 300 meters and in, a spotting scope should do just fine. However, for extremely long range shooting, past 600 meters, where it becomes increasingly hard to spot the impact of the round, I could see this system being a very beneficial tool. Especially if it can be used to view a standard thousand style target, where the dimensions of the target are around 6 feet by 6 feet. The ranges that these targets are used on usually require pit crews to hoist the target up and down, and record the shots. By using this target system, a long range shooter could simply drive down to the target, set up the camera, and go on about an entire days worth of shooting. What I think is missing from the system is the ability to track the number of shots, so you could literally shoot up a target, and still know which shot was most recently fired. I would also make sure the camera stand is sandbagged in, so it doesn’t blow over in the wind.

However, using this idea, I’m sure some of you have the know how to set something like this up with your own cameras, and using wifi to view the image back at the bench.


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  • Bill

    Those stands look identical to cheap light stands I’ve used, and indeed they will blow over in a breeze, thought they aren’t holding humongous soft boxes. That’s also a relatively huge camera, in this age of chip-mounted cameras.

    Interesting, but there will be improvements.

    • Bill

      Looks like it comes with big stakes as well, to stake the WiFi stands down.The camera size doesn’t bother me considering that it has night vision built in.

  • hking

    I don’t trust other shooters enough to put something $500 downrange. I have seen multiple people on various forums making home brew versions of something like this and EVERY time they were shot up by some other dumbass. If im shooting alone it would be neat, but never on a public range or with other shooters.

    • Will

      Yep, the old adage of “Anything down range WILL eventually become a target.” Is absolutely true.

    • Are you telling me you don’t appreciate people that pattern their shotguns at 50 yards?

    • No doubt the camera will get hit and it’s just a question of time. I take a steel target and place it in front of mine to deflect any stray rounds.

    • Mike Price

      The bullseye system is warranted for damage even if it gets hit by a bullet for $30 for two years.

  • Lee Attiny

    You can buy wireless uniden security cameras with a wireless monitor for $100 on amazon that would work just as good as this. Only thing you’d have to figure out is how to power the camera. Car battery and inverter?

    • Bill

      That would not work further than 100 yards..

      • Joe


        A UHF wireless camera with no obstructions (like a range) can transmit farther than 100 yards.

        Cheap ones can be had for as little as $30. Add the other equipment needed and you’re still under $200. I’m not saying cadwell is ripping people off because there’s value in out of the box functionality.

    • derpmaster

      IP cameras are cheap. It wouldn’t be hard to rig up a PoE injector system off of a car battery and use a Ubiquiti wifi range extender to get a thousand yards or so of range. You could probably build an entire system for under $250.

    • Brian Flate

      Where you going to get the SW from?

  • Nicks87

    Stuff like this just seems lazy to me. I enjoy walking down range and looking at targets.

    • GSC

      LOL – some of us don’t have all day to hang at the range… Ironically, I would love for a day to be lazy enough for me to walk to and from my 600 yard targets. 🙂

  • Bill

    Just go full Yeager and put a cameraman down there off to the side.

  • David P.

    I have a bullseye camera system and I fail to see the benefit of this system over bullseye, except for maybe the mounting of the wifi on a pole. But bullseye software is what makes their system.

    I do disagree with the usfullness of setting something like this up at >300 meters. My camera system came with software as well as the apps that “shows” me where the last shot was. This is very beneficial when you get 30+ rounds on a piece of paper. The software I received also allows me to mark each shot with color and number which allows multiple shooters to use the same target and not get rounds confused. It also allows me to put ammo info in to make ladder tests a breeze. I also paid $30 more 2 years of warranty that covers and fliers. But I have also but some AR 500 to limit the problem.

    As far as being lazy I do somewhat agree if I was on level ground but as I have to walk down a steep incline and through a creek to get back up to the target so it has made life easier on a colds winter day. If this product looks good to anyone I would suggest comparing it to Bullseye, as you can find their system new from people on eBay for around the same price.

    • Brian Flate

      IIRC Bullseye previous system was more bulky and expensive. Their updated systems seems pretty nice and the $349 entry is tempting.

      Do they ever go on sale under $300?

  • Mike Price

    I have the bullseye system and it works great for less money. Each shot is blinking and you can have up to eight shooters shooting at one target. I love it. Went through 3 spotting scopes and still couldn’t see where I hit at 400 yards. You will spend about $800 or more
    to get a scope to see this rang and it won’t colorize the bullet holes or “blink” on each hit.

  • wildbillb

    $30 for an IP camera and an android app (that detects the bullet and records the image) is already available and in use. not dummy proof, but easier to get $30 off the guy in the next lane than $500…

  • I can vouch for the system. We reviewed the first model which is still going strong.