Anschütz 1771 D Rifle in .222 Rem


J.G. Anschütz GmbH & Co. KG announced a new version of the 1771 rifle. This new gun, a 1771 D, is chambered in .222 Remington and has an action that was specifically designed for cartridges using the .222 Rem parent case. As a result, the guns have a shorter action – similar to the Mini Action being marketed by Howa.

The guns use a German stock made of walnut with an oiled finish and capped with a rubber butt plate to soften recoil. The stock has a Schnabel forend tip and sling swivel studs. The pistol grip is checkered for decreased hand slippage.

The bolt and barrel are both made of steel and blued. The bolt has a 60˚ throw and has six locking lugs. Barrels are a little longer than 21.6″. According to Anschütz, shooters can expect target groups to be less than 0.5″ at 100 yards with quality ammunition.

Anschütz uses detachable, box style magazines in the 1771 D. The magazines hold four rounds each. No sights ship on the gun, but the receiver is drilled and tapped for the addition of a scope.

The 1771 D uses a single stage trigger. As it ships, the trigger pull weight is roughly 2.6 pounds. The weight is adjustable from about 2.2 to 4.4 pounds.

In addition to the new .222 Remington model, the 1771 D also comes in .223 Remington.

Anschütz Website

MSRP: $2495.00

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  • Rolumo

    My lifetime best shooting was many years ago with a second-hand Savage 110 in .222 Remington topped with an old Japanese scope. From a rest at 100 yards I fired a six shot, one hole group which could be covered with a dime. I sold it to a persistent friend and have long regretted caving

  • Cameron Bissell

    I own a 700 in .222 and my buddy has an anschutz 1532 in .222 the anschutz beats my remmy any day.

    • iksnilol

      Breaking news: cloudless sky is blue.