9mm SBR PDW Stolen At GAO Show

Precision Firearms had a booth at the Great American Outdoor (GAO) Show. They had a 9mm SBR PDW stolen. According to the report it was a one of a kind prototype build that they showcased at the show. The reporter calls it a “sub machine gun” but I do not think it was select fire.

Pennsylvania Captiol Police are asking for help in catching these thieves.

Capitol Police believe the trio was working together. Police released surveillance photos of the suspects in the hopes that someone will recognize them.

The first suspect was described as a white heavyset, tall man wearing a black baseball hat, green t-shirt, black sweatshirt and black sneakers.

The second suspect was described as a white man of average height with a medium build wearing a black and white ball cap, dark colored jacket, blue jeans, brown boots and carrying a black and yellow bag and black backpack.

The female suspect was described as white, with a medium to heavy build, average height, with short blond hair wearing a grey sweatshirt, dark colored pants, brown boots and carrying a dark colored backpack.

The model number of the stolen rifle is PF15F and the serial number is F150153.

Anyone with information regarding the identity of the suspects is asked to contact the Pennsylvania Capitol Police at 717-787-3816.

Nicholas C

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  • Sianmink

    How are you just posting this now? It happened 2 weeks ago.
    Wait, am I a time traveler?

    • BryanS

      I think footage just came out.

      • WojtekimbieR

        The video was published a week ago

    • Jwedel1231

      You are a time traveler, traveling slowly forward.

  • Giolli Joker

    The thief will be caught when he’ll apply for NFA stamp.
    Otherwise he wouldn’t be allowed to own it.
    It’s logical.

    • Cal S.

      I know, right? I’m so glad these laws work so well!

    • nova3930

      Hold on! I thought the stamp was supposed let you through the magic barrier protecting NFA weapons? How did these people even touch it without having one?

      • Gjert Klakeg Mulen

        Next he is probably going to say people can be killed by other things than evil firearms.

    • USMC03Vet

      To avoid ATF detection, simply be a violent felon and publicly posts your illegal firearms on Facebook.

      • Nicholas C

        Or be a Californian Senator by the name Leland Yee.

        • Giolli Joker

          Argh!?! Politics!!!

        • Paul White

          Not forever 😀

    • Vitor Roma

      By the way, are people really afraid of being arrested for shouldering an armbrace or they just pretend to be?

      • Jwedel1231

        You’d have to ask them when there aren’t any cameras around, or when they aren’t on the internet, having their response recorded by the NSA for later use.

      • uisconfruzed

        This gun has a collapsible stock, not the ‘arm brace’.

        • iksnilol

          Why does everybody put “arm brace” in quotes? It has a legitimate purpose, y’know?

          • uisconfruzed

            I found them important, each time I broke my arms.

    • DW

      4 months later when ATF finally comes to the application form

  • guest

    Possibly my own fault, but I do not understand what a PDW is and what exactly separates it from a submachine gun, seing how all “PDW”s are essentially submachine guns.

    My gut feeling tells me is that it’s one of those american abbreviation cluserf***s that replace commonly accepted terms with overly complicated abbreviation substitutes. For example the widely known “JDAM” translates to “Joint Direct Attack Munition”. Well, firstly it’s a bomb. That it’s “joint” implies multi-platform and international (specifically NATO) use, which could just as well be applied to 5.56 ammo without changing either its use or meaning. “direct attack munition”… well… yeah, kinda, although one could just call it a “smart bomb” or a guided bomb (no matter the actual guidance system), and end up with the abbreviation “GB” which makes sense and does not twist the tongue as much. Just my 0.02$

    • Bill

      I took a homeland security course last year and within the first 3 days had filled 5 pages with acronyms and their definitions. Then I found that they had their own dictionary/thesaurus.

      Isn’t your brain a “personal defense weapon?” Shouldn’t a defensive weapon be referred to as a counterweapon, or maybe a counterweapon weapon?

      • RICH

        The feds are all about ‘alphabet’ names ! : )

      • Core


    • Sadler

      Technically, this isn’t a PDW because it’s in 9mm. The concept is basically a replacement for 9mm sub machine guns that can penetrate body armor. The FN P90 and HK MP7 were are the most popular examples, and were created in direct response to NATO’s call for a replacement of SMG’s.

      • iksnilol

        Eh, it can be an PDW in 9mm.

        Given appropriate ammo is used.

        • Kivaari

          We in the USA are not allowed to have the ammunition that makes it a PDW. Like the Russkie stuff in 9mm that has an old phonograph needle embedded in it. I’d like some, even though I have no desire to punch holes in any body armor. Especially my own.

    • nova3930

      Word is they’re about to implement MARP. The Military Acronym Reduction Program

    • milesfortis

      You forgot the High Explosive Guided Bomb, termed the HEBE-GB.

      Acronyms require an sub-directorate in the Pentagon staffed by, at least, 20-30 personnel, both military and civil service. The senior officer must be a O-6 (Full Colonel) with attendant military staff and the civil servant a GS-13, also with attendant civilian staff.
      Their budget would be conservatively estimated at several million $$ per year, but since they also deal in classified matters, it’s concealed within the ‘black’ budgeting process.

      Oh, I almost forgot, /sarc
      But, from all indications, you’d think it might actually be this way

      • Mike Lashewitz

        MARINE is another acronym

        Muscles Are Required Intelligence Not Essential….

    • NDS

      PDW allegedly means a compact defensive weapon that fires a bottleneck rifle cartridge. An SMG is the same thing that fires a pistol caliber cartridge.

      Personally I think that’s stupid and they are interchangeable.

      • Mike Lashewitz

        SMG Sarah Michelle Gellar!

    • uisconfruzed

      Then that would make it British.

    • raz-0

      PDW is personal defense weapon. I suspect it came about because what the big manufacturers that sell to militaries were trying to make weren’t really subguns. At least if you take sub gun to mean pistol caliber short barreled, collapsible stock, fully automatic gun.

      It came about with all the soft body armor piercing rounds that were like scaled down rifle cartridges. Then once that kind of died, the smaller makers of things AR started trying to make really small ARs, and I guess since their primary buyers were going to be civilian individuals, they went with PDW, becuase they were supposed to be handy and small for home defense and they weren’t going to be full auto, so…

    • Sam P

      Technically, JDAM is a guidance kit (which makes the acronym even less apropos) which converts certain unguided bombs into GPS guided bombs. It’s “joint” because its used by more than one branch of the US military (navy, air force, marines) rather than multiple platforms (though that’s usually a result, since the air force and navy have few common platforms) and no international use implied or required.

  • SirOliverHumperdink

    They’ll be caught. She’ll cry that he made her do it.

  • iksnilol

    Considering how many 9mm PCCs wind up being vaporware (or produced so little they might as well be) I can sorta understand it.

    • DW

      You know, pistol bracing a 9mm AR “pistol” is still a thing. No I am not telling more.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    “Prototype”… Means a cut down rail, a generic 9mm AR kit, an old optic, and a purchased PDW stock.

    Of all things at that show to steal… They pick that?

    • Kirk Newsted

      Probably some level of assumption that the company might want the prototype back, so steal it and ransom it back.

    • Badwolf

      I absolutely agree. They should have taken the palm pistols, right?

    • Mike Lashewitz

      Yeah I build these for fun… Not like it is special or anything… It is all about cheap ammo and plinking.

  • gunsandrockets

    Wow. Dumbest crime ever. When they are caught they will get hammered for NFA crimes, and for what, just an overgrown 9mm!

    • Kivaari

      Likely no charges will flow from it as the feds rarely file weapons charges because they are so many it clogs the system.

  • bdig33@hotmail.com

    Just a little family outing.Fat thief and wife

  • bdig33@hotmail.com

    Also the guy with the blk and white hat.The main guy picks it up his cohorts circle in front of him the women turns around.Its dropped off. Three people at least.

  • STW

    Now if they’d just left a wee bit of the bore in the middle unbored….

  • Kirk Newsted

    Its not a submachinegun. Geez.

    • Mike Lashewitz

      More like a machine pistol? Oh wait aren’t all pistols “machines”?

      Kind of like having a pen and abusing it. . . . (Obama reference)

      • Kirk Newsted

        Its an SBR. Stop it.

        • Core

          It’s obviously a SBPDW..

  • Kivaari

    Maybe they can use an uncompleted lower without the guts the next time. Then the thieves only get a working upper. Or use a barrel without a hole in it atop, the unfinished lower. It only has to look good in the pictures.

  • Jeremy Eisenhut

    Typical gun show loophole transaction…no background check whatsoever!!!

    • Mike Lashewitz


  • John

    You take a length of rope, secure one end around the stock, take the other end and secure it around the rack. Voila. Now your customers can handle your goods without you worrying about them walking off.

    • Mike Lashewitz

      See! Proof not all education is wasted!

  • Jeremy Eisenhut

    Wait til Obama hears about this…not only was it a gunshow loophole transaction but they also used the five finger discount ta boot!

  • uisconfruzed

    Nice slight of hand… for retards.
    All THREE of them chose to face 10+ years and tens of thousands of dollars for a gun they could have made for close to $1k, INCLUDING the NFA stamp.

    • Bill

      Criminals aren’t renowned for good judgement and prudent decision making. These are the kind of knuckleheads who’ll get caught because they bragged about it at a bar.

  • Rick DeWitt

    SBR PDW MIA @ GAO! Someone is SOL.

  • Steve Gwilt

    They’ll catch him when he has to register his firearm, right?

  • Sid

    I wouldn’t be surprise I see parts of this SBR being sold on the net..

  • Core

    They’re probably just coming to the gun show to pickup free submachine guns with no background checks as promised by mainstream media.