Gun Review: Lipsey’s Larry Vickers Glock 19 Limited Edition

Lipsey’s makes some very nice limited edition guns and this particular Glock 19 with Larry vickers parts is no exception. I have to say up front this is the best Glock I’ve ever handled, carried and shot.

Shown with the Safariland security holster which fits approx 30 different pistols.

Shown with the Safariland security holster which fits approx 30 different pistols.

This particular Glock has the RTF2 frame in gray. It is a Gen3 pistol. The RTF2 frame provides the shooter with the best factory grip of any Glock.The grip feels good and while having an aggressive finish it isn’t uncomfortable. The parts that come with the pistol are the Vickers extended slide release, extended magazine release and baseplates for the two magazines that come with the pistol. These parts are not installed but come with the package so the new owner can choose what they want to install. None of the parts are difficult to install even for a new shooter. A disassembly tool is also included and fits in the grip.

Vickers extended mag release and slide release.

Vickers extended mag release and slide release.

The sights are the Vickers Wilson Combat VT variety with a u-notch rear sight and a fiber optic front sight. The sights are installed by Glock at the Glock factory.


I’ve carried this Glock for many weeks and honestly enjoyed carrying it and taking many trips to the range. Accuracy with most defensive ammo I used was good. The best results were with the SIG 9mm. I even spent some time back at 100 yards shooting steel plates and it really wasn’t that difficult.

Now as most of you know I’m a 1911 guy so for me to praise a Glock is a bit unusual but that’s what I’m doing here! I am open minded and not locked into the one pistol is the be all end all that everyone should carry. If you can find one of these they are very much worth looking at.

One thing I did do is install a McNally trigger after Nathaniel S reviewed one for a gen 4. McNally has several triggers to choose from including the gen 3. McNally article After installing the McNally trigger and adjusting it I spent some time on the range and watched my groups shrink. With adjustments for takeup and reset you really can set this trigger up to accommodate your preference in trigger pull.

With the RTF2 gen3 frame, Vickers parts and adding the McNally trigger it makes this Glock a winner in my mind and one I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

The MSRP for this limited edition is $729.00. Street cost will most likely be in the $650 range. For more information and ordering visit the Lipsey’s website.

McNally triggers
McNally Trigger Assembly 9mm Gen 1, 2, 3 G-17,17L,19,26,34
With Glock OEM 3.5 Connector

MSRP: $159.99


Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Anonymous

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the RTF2 is an amazing grip… So long as it is a rang gun or bedside gun. My duty pistol is an RTF2 and I have plenty of shirts/jackets to prove it. The thing is like a cheese grater on clothes. I ended up putting a talon grip over mine. The RTF2 is just not real world practical if you ask me. Other than that it’s a cool looking gun, I like the grey more than I thought I would. Mine has the curved slide serrations which make it stand out from other glocks.

    • I haven’t noticed it messing up my clothes yet. It might if I carry it for a few months.

      • Anonymous

        Could be the type of clothes I wear… a polo, especially nylon, will be torn up in no time. Smoother clothes that don’t “catch” as much don’t seem to be as much an issue. It’s a shame, I really do like the grip you can get on the rtf2. I’m not the only one though, pretty much every officer in my dept has a rubber grip sleeve of some sort.

        • Nylon shorts get ripped up by darn near everything. They just don’t seem to hold up well. Heaven forbid you cook out wearing one. Talk about little holes everywhere!

    • Rustle Wiltson

      I have the gen 3 RTF2 GLOCK 17 with the fishy gills. I was lucky to get it at the time. It had been discontinued two years prior to my finding one and it was the very same complaint – “ooh my soft hands hurt after firing the pistol. Wah. It tears up my pretty white shirt.” Not trying to chastise you, but its a sad argument for a no holes barred , get me home alive defensive pistol.

      Ever had wet/muddy/bloody hands while shooting?
      The rtf2 was a godsend. No real need to make the glock even uglier with sub-par stipple jobs. One step closer to unattainable “perfection.”

      The grip isn’t even aggressive enough although I won’t alter mine because its somewhat rare. Too many softies ruined the best factory grip of any pistol that any manufacturer offers. Vickers saw the light and thank goodness for that. At first I was chagrined that they omitted the fish gills, but it makes mine all the more unique.

      Id rather have ripped up shirts, a scratched up abdomen and calluses on my and mitts than a slippery gun. Ymmv, but extra aggressive grips should be standard. Softies can tap into the aftermarket from here on, we want purchase!

      • Anonymous

        As stated, I love the Rtf2, and I plan on purchasing mine if my dept goes to new weapons. And it has never “hurt” my hand, it feels good to me. I simply feel that I’m not giving much up by going to the talon grips as far as purchase goes and get to save money on clothes in the process (they don’t pay me much…). And no, I have never had to shoot with bloody hands(thank God) and pray I never will. I’m confident I can get home with the current grip just as well as without it, but maybe I’m wrong, maybe I am one of your softies after all. Though in my line of work, if my going home at night comes down to the difference between the sticky talon grip and the rough rtf2 grip then I or someone else screwed up big time somewhere else is the process.

        • Anonymous

          On second thought, I change my mind. If my going home at night swings on the difference between talon grips and rtf2 then I need to pack up and head to the house, I don’t belong out on the streets.

      • Rick5555

        If you ever want to simulate what blood feels like. Use pancake syrup. Heat in the microwave to roughly 100 F. You will get as close to what real blood is like in consistency, thickness, slickness, etc. It’s what we used in medical school. And the aforementioned method is still used to this day. When training new physicians. Though it’s messy…it’s a cheap and realistic manner to use for training. Hope this helps some of you shooters out there. When the syrup cools to about 73F, is when things become sticky. However, real blood does that too.

        • Rustle Wiltson

          Great advice, thank you.

      • Michael P.

        Amen to that!!

  • USMC03Vet

    Has there ever been an OD green Glock?

    • No not that I know of. At least not from the factory

    • KestrelBike

      Yes but it looked like baby diarrhea. Really godawful and not OD nor green in any shade.

    • Xeno Da Morph

      I had a Gen3 33 that was a green frame.

      • Xeno Da Morph

        I still have the box. Its probably worth $$$ now. Got it from Buds when they were unwanted.

  • iksnilol

    Sweet Buttery Jesus, they went ahead and made the factory sights even worse. I mean, I like the U-notch, but it just looks so dirty/burred.

    Hat is off to you good sir.

    • Thanks:-)

      • iksnilol

        You did that to the sights!?

        I think this is the part where somebody calls the police, but then again you were police so I doubt that would help much ๐Ÿ˜›

        • It’s just a bit dirty after going to the range. I wanted you guys to know I didn’t baby it:-) It’s not hurt just a quick spray down will fix it right up. I didn’t do the scalloped out part that just keeps the glare down. No law on dirty guns—LOL!

          • iksnilol


            I don’t mind U-notch sights, just wanted to knock on Glock to be honest.

            Those sights actually look better than the factory ones to me.

          • They sure work better than the factory sights.

          • Rick5555

            You might be surprised with U notch sights. When I got my FNS, which came with a U notch (metal too) sight. I was surprised how I was able to pick up and align the sights faster. I will take a U notch over the squared type every time.

          • iksnilol

            I agree completely.

            U notch works well enough for me. Prefer diopters though.

          • I’m changing all of mine to the U notch rear. They just work very well.

          • Edeco

            I like the U-notch because it matches a peace-sign slide plate: both are an approx. 2mm white line. Priorities.

          • iksnilol

            My AK has U-notch sights (AKA I filed the stock sights ๐Ÿ˜› ).

            So I am almost obligated to like them ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Jim

    Why is the rear of the slide covered in pubes?

    • Golden retriever hair:-) Didn’t see that until after the pic was taken.

      • DrewN

        Ah, Golden Retrievers. A vacuum cleaners worst nightmare.

    • Xeno Da Morph

      That made me laugh! Hahaha.

      • Scott Hodin

        Great review, but the pics are horribly executed. Flip camera phone? All that lint and dog hair and gunk make the gun look like a piece of crap. In real life, the Vickers Tactical 17 + 19 are gorgeous guns. I own the 17 in the pic below. It’s my bedside gun and I love it. Fav firearm in my small collection.

  • Larry vickers is really overrated

    • Rick5555

      If it wasn’t for Daniel Defense throwing a bone to Larry Vickers. You would’ve never heard of or known who Vickers was.

      • Wingbert

        He sells Crisco on youtube right?

        • Glock Guy

          Lola? Saw that video too. Wonder how much he got paid to endorse cooking oil.

    • Bigbigpoopi


    • Old Gringo

      Caesar: I dont disagree that Vickers may be overrated… but think about it, there are thousands of us retired from the military and served in special units and have lots of relevant experience. But we have not marketed ourselves as a guru. He has made people believe in him and made money from it……sounds like Obama huh?

  • SpartacusKhan

    “The best glock”? Isn’t that like saying “the fastest Yugo”?

    • iksnilol

      Hey now, Yugos are actually pretty decent cars.

      • SpartacusKhan

        point taken…

        • iksnilol

          I mean, they use fuel like crazy. But work.

          Glocks just cause me to schedule an appointment to fix my hand (that stupid hump in the grip always gets me).

      • Markbo

        Uhhhh… no they’re not. Cardboard inerior panels, < 100hp. They were simply disposable cars.

        • iksnilol

          I don’t know what you’re talking about. Cardboard interior?

          I digress.

          I’ve never had issues with them, sure, they aren’t luxury cars but then again aren’t priced like luxury cars either.

          Horsepowers? Yeah, in most cases you don’t need 100+ horses.

  • Still don’t know how Glock 19’s (Standard ones) MSRP for more than $400-$450.

    • Michael P.

      Right on!! When I bought my first Glock, a new G23 in ’94 @ Bob’s Gun Shop in Norfolk Va, I paid $450 out the door. Today’s prices are pretty damned ridiculous imo.

      • DwnRange

        You think that’s a fair price ($450), my first Glock, a 1986 original G17 NIB was $279, including tax at the local gun show, and a cop-turn in G22 a few years ago, w/ box and 2 hi-cap mags was only $300 – those are fair prices IMHO.

        • When the PD bought our gen 1 Glock 17s they paid $279 each with three mags. That was 1988.

          • Gunner4guy

            I have 2 of the first G19’s sold in my part of our state(1985), have tried most of the newer factory grips styles/finishes but still like the ‘grenade’ style. One is now a housegun while other, which was my late wife’s carry, is now one of my alternate carry. Agency I retired from early last year uses Gen3 G17’s with NO mods allowed….all depends on the department policy. BTW, paid $295 each, with tax. As a GS-6 at the time, that was a sizeable chunk of moola.

      • I kinda remember where that is/was! Lived in VB from 92-2004.

  • Don Ward

    Am I too late to make a FireCLEAN joke?

    *Hurriedly scans the comments section*

  • Gregory

    I agree and he is so damn irritating to watch and hear. I cannot listen to him for more than a minute without getting irritated to the point where I shut off his videos.

  • Sean

    Is lubed with Crisco?

  • Space Captain

    I picked up a 19 Gen 4 in the same color last week but not a Vickers. Well please with out of the box performance. Like the oldies song used to say…”If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, you got to “buy” a butt ugly gun”…..LOL

  • Michael Bane

    100% agreeโ€ฆeasily the best Glock out-of-the-box I’ve ever shot. Gonna shoot it in the IDPA “Glock 19”, or whatever they call it, class.

    • It was a shocker for me when I took it out of the box. My first range trip just convinced me that much more. Great little pistol!
      Ken Hackathorn said the same thing about it at SHOT.

  • I used a small amount of lube when it first came in but nothing more. I’ve shot almost 435 rounds through it so far. No problems.

  • Giolli Joker

    It has the multi-functional butt plug.
    (Check Phuc Long interview of LAV on youtube)

  • stephen

    So you pay for the glock then Vickers parts that you have to put on. Apparently its priced to help pay for the slow motion camera Larry uses over and over and over again.


    I don’t see why the Vickers name causes a jump in price – in the end its still a glock (btw I have number of glocks among other firearms).

    • AJ187

      Hard to believe all the shilling going on for something stock, that includes part YOU install that would never affect shootability. Maybe if glock fluff n buffed it, but not seeing any claims of extra gunsmithing.

      • Just my adding the trigger.

        • maodeedee

          But without that, I don’t see what’s so great about it. Three things I do with every Glock I own is 1) stainless steel guide rod 2.) Glock – extended slide stop lever 3.) Trigger job.

    • Lipsey’s set the price I’m sure.

  • NoNamesOnTheNet

    I just want the disassembly tool…

  • Garmanarnar

    A Larry Vickers edition Glock should be a double stack 45 with a full size frame and long slide.

    Fat joke

  • Sledgecrowbar

    Larry recommends Lucas Oil for this gun, but only if you promise not to do any spectral analysis on it.

  • Silverado

    Is that the “it only comes out at night” version? I hope it shoots better than it looks…

  • Matt

    Same mushy Glock trigger

    • maodeedee

      The article said he installed a $150 dollar McNally trigger though apparently that didn’t come with the gun because it said, “The parts that come with the pistol are the Vickers extended slide release, extended magazine release and baseplates for the two magazines that come with the pistol. These parts are not installed but come with the package so the new owner can choose what they want to install”.

      I have a Glock 19, a 40 cal. G23 and 10mm G 0. The 19 was my first Glock and prior to that I was of the Jeff Cooper school of thought which is that only a `1911
      has a proper trigger and the worst possible trigger system is SA/DA but that a DA-only pistol at least with practice one could be proficient with them.
      I tried a Glock years ago and it wasn’t my idea of a proper DA-only trigger and while I liked the idea of a 10mm Hi-cap, I figured that because of that “mushy” trigger that I’d never own one.

      Then a local gunsmith let me shoot his Glock 20 that he had done a trigger job on and the next day I happened to see a Gen 2 Glock 19 for sale for a really good price so I got it and took it to the gunsmith and he only charged me $50 bucks to do the trigger and it’s like magic. Then the next thing I did was to buy a new Glock 20 and had the guy do the trigger on that.

      My point? The trigger on a factory Glock can be greatly improved and I agree that this limited edition Glock would have to have that particular option for it to be “the best Glock Iโ€™ve (the reviewer) ever handled, carried and shot.
      I also hate two-tone guns so that would be a deal-breaker for me right there.

      • Yea I like 1911 two tone pistols and the color of this Glock I like also. There are some guns a two tone just doesn’t look right on.
        No the McNally wasn’t part of the package. I’m not enamoured with the standard Glock trigger. I can use it without any problem I just prefer a better feel.

  • Matt

    Much better sights than the factory ones

  • Will I’m very aware of what changes to a carry gun will get you in court. Those problems started in a 1982 court case. This Glock is not my normal daily carry pistol I was simply evaluating it for the article. I’m very familiar with Missouri law and really this applies to just about any state especially in a civil action. Changing the connector could be considered an alteration as well. The McNally comes with a 3.5 or any of your choice.
    As far as semantics on slide lock/release I guess it depends on how you use it. For those that use them it’s a release for myself it would be a lock since I normally don’t use them but work the slide.
    Having the tool in there doesn’t concern me. I clean my gun after just about every use.
    Recoil from a 9mm isn’t of concern to me.

  • Old Gringo

    Yes Vickers mayy be overrated…but after 23 years miltary and 4 law enforcement agencies later….I did learn one valuable tip from him…that is you always run an AR wet…..he did a show in which he dipped and AR in motor oil and then shot it sending spray everywhere…..I have since taught lots of younger guys to keep those ARs hosed down with any lubricant and regardless of how hot you get it or whether you run that laquered or polymer steel cheap ammo thru it, it will keep going…learned that from Vickers.

  • Old Gringo

    Larry Vickers thinks I am overrated.

  • parabellum

    Does all the hair, lint and dust come with this G19, or does that cost extra?

  • Richard Lutz

    Love the Glock 19. The best general purpose defensive/offensive handgun ever made. The Gen4 version has a slightly narrower grip that accepts backstrap extensions, has a more aggressive gripping surface, a double recoil spring to reduce recoil, and a magazine release that can be reversed, but is not ideal for militia/military use IMO. The 9mm round does not need a double recoil spring, while the Gen4 pistols do not have full parts interchangeably with the earlier variants (incompatible recoil spring, slide and magazine release), and cannot use magazines made for the earlier pistols unless the magazine release is configured for right handed users (this configuration is useable by left handed users), while the backstrap extensions are of little practical benefit. Service pistols that will be used by different people should all have the same grip shape with the magazine release in the same position.