The Grok Test: AR-15 vs. AK-47

We’ve all heard the line about how the AK-47 is so simple a child could use it (usually followed by a nod and a wink and a dark joke about child soldiers), but how does it really shake out as a simple-to-use weapon of poorly educated peasants? William of The Wound Channel explores that idea with a recent video, where he takes Amber, a volunteer who had never shot a rifle before, and after a brief safety instruction hands her both an AR-15 and an AK rifle and records how long it takes her to figure each rifle out:

William’s test is not scientific by any means, but it still raises the subject of rifle simplicity and ease-of-use. Science fiction author Robert Heinlein invented the word “grok” in his book Stranger in a Strange Land about a man born on Mars; while the word originally refers to a quality of understanding tied to empathy, it seems applicable enough to the subject at hand.

Is the ease of use of different weapons a subject that interests TFB’s readership? Should TFB conduct our own scientific “grok test” on a group of unsuspecting victims volunteers? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • Vizzini

    I don’t want to watch a 17-minute video. Pardon my laziness. What’s the bottom line? I would predict that it would be quicker to figure out the second rifle, no matter which she was handed first.

    • AK was undone by the subtle safety.

      • Will and I both agree that it was really just his WASR’s extremely stiff safety. He plans to do more testing.

        • wetcorps

          Yeah she actually found the safety at some point but gave up because it wouldn’t budge. So maybe a smoother AK would have been ok.

        • Tassiebush

          Reminds me of thar IMI pistol that your girlfriend observed had a trigger that you could be forgiven for thinking wasn’t a moving part if you didn’t know what it was.

          • Or like my P-64. Great pistol in many respects (it’s actually very accurate in SA), but I had to use a fish scale to measure the DA pull – 26 freaking pounds! (This was *intentional*, BTW, as a doctrinal choice to solve a training issue with bad design…)

          • jcitizen

            Sounds as bad as the HK VP70

        • jcitizen

          Every AK variant I’ve used had a very stuff safety.

      • gunsandrockets

        And the AR was greatly aided by simple english markings for the safety.

        • ccpotter

          Which points to a weakness in the test. The AR safety would be a complete mystery to somebody who can’t read the same language as the manufacturer. The AK safety is obvious because you can see it blocking you from pulling the bolt back. She tried to move the safety but didn’t give it enough force.

          • MichaelZWilliamson

            At the same time, the AR safety is more obviously a switch.

  • Riot

    I call bullshit – no one can see what is obviously a lever and proceed to paw the whole rifle -except – for that lever.

    • She got to the lever several times, but it was really stiff, a quirk of his WASR.

      • iksnilol

        That’s what she said 😉

    • The Wound Channel

      Nathan is right she did try to move that lever twice but it was stiff so she looked else where. She also commented that it looked nothing like what she imagined a safety should.

  • Phil TW Liar

    Phil the liar TW. If you don’t agree with what he says, you get banned and he types out some made up story. A typical liberal modus operandi.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      An yes the liberal gun media. … You clearly have an ax to grind, but fwiw, I’d be more careful about throwing “liberal” around. Plenty of liberal gun owners that might otherwise agree with you are suddenly excluded for no reason. Don’t make guns a partisan issue, that’s an anti’s game.

    • Well, that sure was incoherent!

      • Bill

        Reminded me of a guy who huffed gasoline while smoking – once.

    • Who are you talking about—it’s not very clear???

  • Julius No

    AR vs AK argument descends into utter obscurity and irrelevancy.

    Seriously, this parameter is as useful as “which gun makes a better doorstop in the event of doorknob breakage” or “which rifle is superior as a toilet plunger” or “in the event of time travel, which rifle is more likely to be worshiped by ancients as a god?”

    Not worth 17 minutes of watching someone paw at a rifle like a raccoon trying to get into a chicken coop.

    • The Wound Channel

      The idea was “something bad happens and a non gun enthusiast needs to use a gun”. Which falls in line with “ma’am just get yourself a shotgun for home dee-fense”. It’s interesting to some people to see how iPhone using millennials take to weapons designed for a different person in a different time.

      I plan to do more with this comparison with more people. And then try things like 1911 vs Glock or Shotgun vs AR for HD.

      It’s not a concept that’s going to be interesting to everyone, that’s true about everything.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        I think what he’s getting at, is that these devices have no intrinsic intuitiveness except that everyone is framiliar with their use from movies and tv.

        I get what you’re going for, but I also get that it’s means nothing that eventually someone figures out how to use an AK before an AR doesn’t “mean” much.

        Everyone knows what an impact wrench looks (or sounds) like… I’ve seen people clown around with them too, too often. Doesn’t mean a snapon 3/4 drive is the best out there because it’s features are labeled clearly.

        Kinda doesn’t “mean” anything. But I get the entertainment value of watching people struggle with things.

        • The Wound Channel

          Or it could help you teach people by knowing what they have a problem with. Some of that is obvious some of it not so much.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            I don’t follow. It could help me teach people by knowing what they have a problem with? She has no experience with the gun, I would default that she has a problem with everything because no one is born with this knowledge. With 1 minute of instruction she could be at a 15 minute head start.

            Are you suggesting this as a teaching method where you give a new shooter a gun and watch them make mistakes in order to show them what they are doing wrong?

            Is the goal that you want to make videos of newbies figuring it out so that non-newbies more framiliar with guns self-identify with mistakes they could be also making?

            Because at the face value of “ha ha watch this person figure this out” I kinda get it. At some deeper meaning of an instructional tool, I don’t.

          • The Wound Channel

            You’re not following at all. I don’t mean for every person you instruct, I mean you can get an idea of what the type of person you are going to instruct would have problems with. But that wasn’t the main point. The main point was to showcase that picking up a gun and shooting someone with it is quite a challenge for someone who’s never touched one. In this (albeit individual) case she never even got a round in the AK. The only reason you got to see her hold it wrong and miss the target is because I told her how to load it.

            Adding in the stress of an attacker would be a lot worse than the stress of a camera.

            If you can’t see the value in it you can always laugh at someone fumbling with a gun lol.

          • Bill

            The nanosecond I see someone “fumbling with a gun” I’m either helping them to unfumble it, or leaving the area at high speed.

          • 2hotel9

            Dude?!? Keep up the good work. Teaching somebody something when you speak the same language is bad enough. Do this video again with someone you can’t talk to. That is when sh*t gets interesting!

          • Edeco

            Intuition. I basically run on pure intuition at all times, myself.

        • 2hotel9

          No. Pick up either and figure it out. Mainly comes down to what language the safety has printed around it, loading a mag is rather intuitive, AR/FNFAL etc etc are rather easy to figure out. AK? Got to hook that front notch and rock back.

          • Cymond

            “loading a mag is rather intuitive”
            Intuitive to us, but not to everyone.
            In all seriousness, I saw a guy at the range load ammo backwards in a Browning Buckmark mag. When I pointed it out, he insisted he knew what he was doing. He only understood his error when he couldn’t get the mag in.

          • 2hotel9

            I mean mag into rifle/pistol. As for loading a mag, got to fall back on the wisdom of the old First Shirt, Top, NCOIC,”some people are simply too stupid to live, thats why their mommas got to swab the spit out they throats so as they don’t drown”. There are far too many “people”(and I use that term loosely) who just can’t figure things out. Most of them have college educations and the majority work for government in one or the other of its multifarious and stupidity engorged forms. No matter the amount of instruction they just don’t get it, you have to take their pasty, pudgy fingers and force them through the motions, repeatedly, and as soon as you walk away they fall back into “I don’t get it” mode. And yes! I had to deal with a couple of these “people” today. Both employees of the Commonwealth of Pennsyltucky, so I am currently, painfully, aware of the type.

          • 2hotel9

            Oh, and as for the young lady in this video, I think that given a bit of time to study the pieces involved she could figure it out. I have worked with people who were utterly uneducated by modern standards and across a complete language divide who did it with a minimum of physical demonstration. In the same vein, I have worked with college educated “people” who could not be taught a f**king thing. Its a crap shoot, in the final measure.

        • Mike Guthrie

          Sometimes I wonder if you really get anything a clearly marked 3/4 drive regardless of brand lets me know what the tool is used on much like a clearly marked safety lets me know it’s safe/fire position. To put apples to apples try using a set of unmarked sockets and see how many you fumble through before you get the 3/4 someone asked you for.

          • 2hotel9

            Good analogy. A point I have made in past, markings in a language you can understand help the inexperienced to handle all manner of devices/equipment/weapons. You can figure out things with unfamiliar markings or language, it just takes longer and you will make mistakes.

          • Mike Guthrie

            Yea clearly marked in a language you can understand is very helpful. At work the company that builds our motor drives is German so all the drive settings in the computer are German. At first it’s like wtf I don’t know German. Took me a bit of fumbling to figure out how to change it to English. Much easier to change the settings after that.

      • Don Ward

        The obvious follow up video is whether a raccoon can intrinsically learn to fire an AK or an AR?

        • Jonathan Ferguson

          Pretty sure I saw that in a documentary hosted by Chris Pratt…

          • iksnilol

            There was also a thoughtprovoking segment in that documentary about whether plants are sentient.

      • Ryfyle

        But I’m a millennial that uses a Nokia phone, And I picked up an old S&W .38 special with hot loaded rounds for home defense. Perhaps I had an idea that 00 buck was not the pest tool for the job.

        • JK

          If you use a Nokia, your self defense needs are handled. Just lob the phone at the threat, they won’t be getting up.

          • Ryfyle

            It’s one of those frangible Nokia’s.

          • Tritro29

            Better. The Nokia will create worse wound fragment than m43.

      • Bill

        Next: How to start an IV with no training in case you have to. Anyone want to volunteer a vein?

        • phuzz

          If we take up Don Ward’s suggestion about seeing how long it takes a raccoon to learn to use a gun, I think you’ll soon have plenty of subjects to test on!

      • WFDT

        Kind of like “What happens when a non-driver needs to use a car? Which is easier, a Cadillac or a Yugo?”

      • BabyWookie

        1.) Use modern 5.45 mm AK like an SGL31 or SLR-104, if you want to fairly compare the recoil and overall report.

        2.) Both of those will also have the selector notches labeled “S” and “F”.

        3.) Your safety is needlessly stiff and it’s an easy as hell fix … don’t even have to really take it out – just pull it up to 11 o’clock or so, and bend it out a a little.

        • The Wound Channel

          I don’t know anyone who owns a 5.45 AK around here, in fact I’ve only seen a few in person in my life. I chose the 7.62×39 because it’s more common and I have one.

          This WASR was marked F and S, she just didn’t see it (apparently).

          I have bent the safety out twice, one of them was right before this video. I have felt some easier, and I have felt some stiffer. AK safeties in general are not that great.

          • BabyWookie

            Yeah, the selector is probably the most quaint and unergonomic of AK features. I run the original Krebs Safety on all of my tacticool “builds”. Once tuned, it allows you to fairly smoothly and quietly disengage using your trigger finger, without changing your grip. This style is very popular with Russian special forces right now too. Its BHO notch does leave the receiver more open to debris though. Circle 10 AK sells a Russian version without the BHO notch.

            I find that with AKs, once you show people how the selector works, they have no problems figuring out the rest, though many people do have problems properly locking in the mag. I was really surprised how fast the homegirl here got it. Generally, the AK is an easy weapon to learn, but a difficult one to master, as far learning how to operate it quickly and efficiently, overcoming the ergonomic deficiencies – requires quite a bit of muscle memory training.

    • USMC03Vet

      Speak for yourself. Many lulz were had here. Much more entertaining than the typical gun video.

    • Don Ward

      The pawing at a rifle “like a raccoon trying to get into a chicken coop” comment made my… erm… past half hour.

    • Will and I were discussing the merits and demerits of the AK and AR-15 a while back, before he filmed this video. One of the points I brought up is that the AK is a conceptually simple and easy to understand rifle, which no doubt was deliberate given the large number of languages spoken in the former Soviet Union. One can imagine a premium being placed on equipment that is easy to understand when you have a conscript army full of people who don’t speak each other’s languages.

      • Tritro29

        Simplicity is not Intuition. Simplicity is more than Lock and load. SImplicity encompasses the three phases. Here we see, at best, two.

        Come the third phase, greenhorn is going to curse the day the Stoner & Sullivan spawned the dang thing. The fun thing is that this video shows exactly what Americans tend to deny. A weapon is the product of mindset with its rules. Both weapons were MILITARY items. Which will encompass a schooling/formation and thorough drills. Its the trickle down effects from .mil to .civ that tries to deny that these things aren’t to be accessible to everyone 2nd amendment be damned.

        Oh yeah, LBL, imagine a stoppage…

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      So, if you didn’t watch the video, your opinion of it isn’t relevant.

  • Sulaco

    1911 vs. Glock next?

  • Max Roberts

    As someone who tries to educate new shooters whenever I can, I see real value in this video and hope you do more. By knowing what can trip up a newbie, I can plan for it better. When I taught my ex wife to shoot an AR, her only experience was through the movies and she was surprised by some of the things that we as experienced shooters take for granted like loading a magazine and operating the charging handle. Those are things rarely shown in the movies so new shooters have no frame of reference. Good job!

    • Thanks, I’ll send that to Will.

    • Mmmtacos

      “Those are things rarely shown in the movies so new shooters have no frame of reference.”

      Rarely, indeed, unless you watch Michael Mann movies, as he (seemingly) is a firearms enthusiast. Depictions of firearms usage and operation are typically very accurately portrayed, and he hires experts to train his cast and consult on his films.

  • gunsandrockets

    It’s just two data points, but…

    When I instructed two novice young ladies, a bit to my surprise they both preferred my frankengun retro-AR to an M1 carbine.

  • iksnilol

    Personal experience with teaching newbies:

    -Diopter sights are about as confusing as calculus. Really simple when you understand it tho.
    -It is baffling how people screw up loading mags. I’ve seen people try to load the rounds the wrong end and seeing people load the magazine into the rifle with the bullets pointed towards themselves.
    -We just don’t bother with the mechanical safety due to people struggling with something as simple as the sights and magazine. + I want to avoid that awkward moment when the safety is in the correct position for you to take the bolt out and then watch the bolt slide out when they turn to talk to you.
    -You just have to let people “shoot it out”, let them burn through a 100-150 rounds of .22 LR to somewhat get a hang of it (find what’s comfy, get used to it, etc).
    -Nobody is hopeless. Well, except for the super macho people who think they know it all. Best people to teach are the timid or quiet people who actually listen to your instruction.

    • UCSPanther

      In my experience, having mechanical aptitude and the humility to ask/read the manual for help really helps when learning to use firearms (Like with any other mechanical device).

    • Bill

      “Best people to teach are the timid or quiet people who actually listen to your instruction.”

      Preach it – there’s no one harder to train than a person who thinks they know what they are doing, and no one more dangerous than a person whose done it long enough to become complacent. I FAR prefer training people who’ve never touched a gun over those who’ve hunted deer for 10 years and think that makes them a gunfighter, or worst, cops who are being forced to go to an inservice training they don’t want, even if it might save their lives.

      • iksnilol

        I mean, those people wind up better shooters than the knowitalls.

        My experience:

        -Mall ninja, wannabe krav-maga professional (hey, he watched a couple of videos on Youtube): shoots about 170 of 250 possible points his first time.
        -Quiet girl with some confidence issues and has never even touched a firearm before in her life: shoots about 220 of 250 the first. Girl’s a talent, couldn’t be prouder.

    • Out of the Blue

      You mean like H&K?

  • Drew Coleman

    I found this very interesting. I’ve had a few friendly arguments with my gun friends about which one is easier to pick up and use, and this puts a point in my favor. It also went about as expected.

  • Bill

    Is there a point? What’s next, giving a girl a milling machine and seeing how long it takes her to make something? Rubik’s Cube fails? Throwing someone in a Piper Cub and seeing how long they take to crash? Conning a motor lifeboat?

    Really, why not run a test to see how efficiently we can teach someone the rudimentary basics so that they can use the rifle safely and effectively. Otherwise it reminds me of the time I was told to move a firetruck and was confronted by a dashboard the size of a HDTV, airbrakes and a 60 speed transmission. It moved, eventually, and they wont tell me to do THAT again.

    They could have chosen a guy with no experience, but seeing how they chose a female, let’s run a test to see how long it takes a guy to figure out a tampon applicator.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      You just push the “GO FORWARD” button then “STOP”.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      reminds me of the time I was told to move a firetruck

      Haha! I had to move someone’s MAC semi last year, they were nowhere to be found and it had to happen. Stupid airbrake release (pull and twist). Had me locked up for a bit. Took a little longer to figure out than I’d like to admit. So, right there with ya.

      Agreed that I learned no actual lesson in semi truck driving that day!

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Should have used a PS90 and an M-249.
    Video would have been 12 hrs long.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      Throw in a Calico and UTAS-12 for fun.

    • NA3006

      How about a Garand?

      • Paul White

        Ouch NO. Garand thumb is painful

        • USMC03Vet

          Still better than garand penis!

          • Paul White

            I..uh…man. I’mma let you do the compare/contrast on that. Ow

          • NA3006

            I think your loading it wrong.

          • UCSPanther

            Ljungmann AG42b or Hakim penis? THE PAIN!!!!!!!!

          • 1911a145acp

            You wouldn’t have to worry- I think a Hakim would take it right off!

          • USMC03Vet

            More like Hakim sex change…

          • Don Ward

            Another marine who got the “This is my Rifle, This is my Gun!” lesson wrong.

          • Tassiebush

            I’ll go with the term gun as long as no one calls mine a pinfire, snubnose or derringer

          • Sianmink

            Instructions unclear

          • USMC03Vet

            Oldies but goodies!

          • Tassiebush

            That would make an awesome nickname for someone!

          • smartacus

            insert Jacques “Le Coq” Garandé joke here

          • Tassiebush

            Haha i had to look that one up!

          • DW

            Please do not insert small debris into Garand action. Rifle don’t like it.

            ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

          • USMC03Vet

            ATF has ruled it as a destructive device, wanna see my license?

            ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Bill

      GAU 8 – it’s says “utility” right in the name, how hard could it be?

  • guest

    She looks hot, in a sweet kind of way.

  • Basil Sever Moulds

    Lol oh the comment wars….

  • Frank Jaeger

    You should never give someone a gun that barely knows witch end to point with. 4 rules is one thing basic instruction on how to even use ether gun is just as important safety wise. No one should ever be given a gun to figure out how to use it.

    • The Wound Channel

      If one follows the four rules there is no danger.

      • Frank Jaeger

        Fumbling around looking for the safety, or how to operate a gun. Not paying attention to whats down range most definitely is a danger.

    • ccpotter

      I disagree. They were in a controlled area and he is knowledgeable enough about firearms that he would make sure she didn’t do anything unsafe. (I hope he wouldn’t have let her start taking down the AK if she had managed to chamber a round….)

      Have you ever done a blind malfunction drill? Basically the same thing, i.e. there’s something wrong with your gun and you have to figure it out.

      • Frank Jaeger

        Don’t think so! Blind malfunction drill aren’t done by people that don’t know witch end is up, and you’re not trying to figure out how to operate the weapon. You’re trying to clear the weapon.

  • Rob

    I vote interesting, do more “testing” before proclaiming one easier than the other. Also, maybe use an AK with the receiver marked like a “real” one would be.

    Would also be fun to watch bolt actions, lever guns, etc.

    (using long guns may be a bit safer than hand guns for this kind of thing)

  • BrandonAKsALot

    I have always felt the AK to be more that someone can use it with the briefest of instruction. Not necessarily that anyone can pick it up and just know how to use it. Field stripping is very simple IF someone shows you. Otherwise, you’ll be dicking around with the bolt and trying to get it back into the carrier and confused how to put the dust cover back on.

    The AR controls are more friendly and less traumatic to sensitive hands or flinchy types. The mag loading is easier, but I could see the charging handle and bho to be confusing as hell. I know it was for it at first.

  • gusto

    I bet that someone younger (and perhaps a boy) would get it right away due to seeing it being done in call of duty and so on, most of them really go thru the motions on screen

    • Yeah, now show me CoD or Battlefield installment where they work the safety. Even when that happens, it’s an extremely truncated “finger flick”, to preserve the flow of the game.

      Now, of course, if your safety is marked in large letters in German, a German would have no problems understanding how to disengage it =) Or a Russian could (possibly, after a minute’s brain-wracking) understand what the ОД and АВ mean.

  • HH

    The lady was very nice to participate in this “test”. Seriously. Kudos to her. We take it for granted that we “know” guns and general operation/safety.

    I think there is value in this style video. No, it’s not the end all , grand poobah of new training technique. Of course not. But it is interesting to witness a true no-experience side by side test which basically eval’s a single concept…the intuitiveness of that weapon. It’s not as a replacement for xyz in training, etc,etc. But this vid was a good demo. of which is more intuitive to a non-gun person.

    And again Kudos to the young lady for being a great sport.

  • 2hotel9

    Having instructed people, who did not speak my language, in the handling and operation of M16s and AKs and several other weapons, yes, you have to give some basic instruction. Even if that basic instruction is all pointing and demonstration.

  • Green Hell

    Yeah, i know it’s not very 2016 of me to say that, but this video would have been A LOT shorter if the person was familiaiar with at least a little bit of bacic technical logic. Or saw at least a couple of action movies.

    • M

      Well, to be honest, that’s guy logic, to figure out how things work before throwing their hands up in defeat.

      Women tend to call for help much earlier or even try to understand how things work. I remember my gf called a mechanic to change her wheel. She thought it was this super complicated procedure. When i showed her it was literally unscrewing 6 bolts, and swapping the wheel, she said she felt so stupid.

    • She actually did everything right with the AK inside of 2 minutes of slow, careful inspection, and on the first try each time. If she wasn’t on camera and actually needed this, she’d figure out that the safety is just very stiff – she repeatedly tried to budge it. If the gun wasn’t so new, drag marks on the receiver would be a good hint.

  • 2hotel9

    OK, I have to caveat my comments on this subject. I was taught from a very young age to handle a wide variety of firearms, civilian and military, and I am a fair to good instructor, even with people I can not talk to. So I do have a bit of bias on this subject. Just sayin’.

  • Matt Shermer

    I love the use of Grok, I loved Stranger in a Strange Land and it seems infinitely apt in this case (Jubal Harshaw for President).

    This should be a weekly thing, next give a novice an MP5…

  • Kyle

    I’m impressed she got the AK mag in there so quickly. I really assumed that was gonna take a while due to the rocking to lock it in. Fun little video, I liked it and I hope they do more of them.

    • You can definitely insert an AK mag incorrectly, but it’s usually really obvious that it’s not in there tightly.

  • Tormund Giantsbane

    I hate to be that guy but that girl wants his D. Just saying.

    • Uniform223


    • The Wound Channel


    • Amber J. Lawson

      yes you do, you love being that guy???

      • 2hotel9

        Hey! I am that guy, the tab on the front of my hat says so. Seriously, though, if you are the young lady in the video good on ya, you did well. No toes or fingerthings missing and whatnot. I hope William gave you a quick period of instruction and let you get some serious trigger time after that. And dinner! At a nice place, you certainly earned that much, at least.

        • Amber J. Lawson

          LOL I am, and thank you. We did get to blow up some soda cans after.

          • 2hotel9

            Nice. Blasting inanimate objects is good therapy.

  • derpmaster

    I can’t read the damn article or watch the video because your website is still broken and redirecting to localhost on roughly 30% of the articles. It’s been doing this for months but it’s recently gotten way worse.

    • John

      The funny thing is I noticed the MOST interesting posts such as this are redirects. ‘Meh’ articles announcing that company X is coming out with a new muzzle brake work fine

      • derpmaster

        I’ve noticed the same. Interesting, eh?

  • I really enjoyed this video. I hope he will do more, maybe bring on someone who only shot guns in video games.

    • The Wound Channel

      That’s exactly my plan! I’m going to scour game stop and put their video game stats on the screen vs their real life stats. #boomheadshot

  • Jeffrey

    Slightly off topic. This same thing has saved Police Officers lives. A bad guy gets the officers gun and not knowing or understanding the operation of the weapons safety cant fire it. They end up ejecting the magazine or at least gives the officer time to reengage before being shot. Revolvers do not give that same opportunity.

  • TC

    This is a pointless and dangerous video. No one should be given a firearm without basic operating and safety instructions.

    • The Wound Channel

      You skipped the beginning huh?

      • TC

        “Basic Operating Instructions” It’s important to know the difference between a trigger, a safety, and a magazine release.

        • The Wound Channel

          It’s important to follow the four rules.

    • 2hotel9

      Awwww, do guns scare you? Its OK, women like her will defend you whilst you scurry off to your “safe space”.

      • TC

        talk about a non sequiter……..yes, being near someone with a loaded firearm that doesn’t know how to use it scares the heck out of me. Any rangemaster would stop that behavior immediately.

        • 2hotel9

          Don’t sweat it, brah! Everyone knows when shtf only people who can present certification of prior proper training are allowed to save themselves, everyone else just sits down in the mud and quietly accepts death. Sprout a sense of humor, right after you get over yourself.

          Oh, and actually watch the video.

    • Laura

      I, respectfully, disagree. As a girl who’s never shot either of those guns, I found the video really interesting & helpful. In my experience, Men tend to go overboard when trying to teach girl’s most stuff. They talk way too much, give too much information too quickly, they hover, etc.

      So, for me, it was nice to see these two Men give her some time & space to get used to & explore the guns while still providing enough direction and supervision to keep her and the environment around her safe. Lastly, I just thought it was a really cool “experiment”. I look forward to seeing more like it from The Wound Channel!

      PS I thought she did a great job!

  • Sean

    Let’s see her try to strip and clean them now.

    But I found it interesting. A good example of what might happen if you HAD to give someone a rifle to use in an emergency.
    For the record, I have taught some women how to shoot. Pistols and rifles. And every woman seems to really like AR’s. For the reasons this woman said. Better sights, light weight, and easy recoil.
    Except one. She liked my Mini 14. And it’s big brothers, the M1A, and the Garand. On the Garand “this is like the guns in all those old movies my grandpa watches!”.

  • Harrison Jones

    I’d love to see TFBTV grok tests!

  • I have no idea what he’s even talking about—clear as mud:-)

  • durabo

    The narrator/instructor should learn the proper sequence of Col. Jeff Cooper’s Rules of Firearms Safety. In addition, he should use proper terminology: One puts CARTRIDGES (or rounds) in a magazine, not “bullets.” The cartridge is composed of a primer, a casing (or brass) propellant and – tadah! – a bullet. I recommend he have his next video edited by a competent gunny before embarrassing the rest of us in the gun-owner community.

    • The Wound Channel

      The rules are all equally important, the sequence they are taught to a novice shooter is arbitrary.

      The terminology used was to suit the girl who never shot a rifle before. She couldn’t find the safety, you think she knows what a cartridge or a round is? But when I said bullets – tadah! – she knew exactly what I meant!

      Thanks for your contribution to the gun-owner community, I’m sure you’re propelling us ahead with rocket-like force much more than I am by introducing someone new to shooting, making sure she has fun, and sharing it with the world to show they can do the same.

      (go ahead tell us about how many people you teach and how you’re so much better at it, we are ready)

      • durabo

        I’m sorry if I ruffled your prissy feathers! After all, REX NON POTEST PECCARE. Proper terminology should always be used from the very beginning, to avoid supporting the myths propagated by the LameStream EneMedia (for example, AR-15 “assault” rifle, “clips,” “automatic” Glock pistol [except G-18] etc.) My business is small, so I train between 400 and 500 students per year, and spend 20 hours per month as a volunteer range safety officer. And, no, after 15 years, I don’t patrol anymore. I am not better than you, but I strive to steer students away from self-defeating terminology fro the very beginning. The media are always on the alert for “ammunition,” if you will, to use against our gun rights.

      • Bill

        I’ve never had my appendix removed, but I’d hope the doctor would use the correct terminology in naming it while explaining his diagnosis and surgery, other than “little glob of useless goo.”

        And I’m only a 22 year trainer and don’t even try to keep track of the number of cadets and inservice people I’ve trained.

        I’d also contend that the sequence is pretty darned important – there’s a reason “All guns are always loaded” is first.

  • jfsoren

    Would love to see some video game geeks getting their first real world experience with a real firearm. But why limit to just rifles… How about a pistol Vs a revolver… Maybe a 1911 against a Smith & Wesson .38.

  • Guido FL

    The Third World pheasants are given basic instructions which this gal should have been given.

  • BSpsychMD

    Great video concept, very entertaining and much appreciated. it was, also, a pleasure to see “nice” people involved in such gun video productions. Kudos!

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Thank you very much for the video. I appreciate the young ladies efforts and see nothing that would give me pause or reason to scold or find humor in her actions. I am very impressed.
    However the video gives an unfair impression regarding the AK versus the AR. Simply because it does not cover disassembly and cleaning. In that there is no comparison. The AK is extremely simple and virtually soldier proof. My Grandson at the age of 13 learned to do disassemble and reassemble blindfolded. Cleaning too, is just as simple. Whereas the AR requires a greater understanding of knowledge to disassemble and clean,
    Yes the AK has a harder recoil but the we are also talking a great deal more power and armor piercing rounds. Both weapons as provided were close range designed. 300 yards maximum even when scoped.
    One needs to get into longer and larger calibers for longer ranges.
    The AR is somewhat more versatile yet even more prone to malfunction. I remember well when the M16 was introduced and we were constantly having problems with jams in Viet Nam. More of us died because of that crap than succeeded. I shucked the M16 for the M14 because it was a larger heavier and sturdier weapon that had less malfunctions and increased the functional range. The further away the target the safer you are when the target is shooting back. I came home while many of my brothers did not.
    Thank you for reminding me of a time when every weapon was “new” to me and what I some times had to learn on my own without training. I provide training to my entire family, they are all competent and experienced. I also leave an open invitation to our neighbors and their families for weapons safety training, range time and multiple platform training free of charge. The only requirement I have is they must learn disassembly first and cleaning afterwards. Because one day we will all have to rely on each other and I do not need to be providing lessons on short notice when TSHTF. I need to be standing watch.

    • Laura

      Thank You for your service, Mr. Lashewitz! I’m glad you made it home.

  • Aimon Bustardo

    I love this video. That is a very brave woman to put herself out there on YouTube. Kudos to you girl!

  • Squirreltakular

    This was actually a great video. It’s interesting to see what a (nearly) completely untrained shooter will default to when they pick up a weapon.

  • Tony

    Yes. Do a comparison test. It would be informative and enlightening.

  • James B.

    The reason they issue AK-47s to third-world soldiers isn’t the shooting–which is pretty easy–but the maintenance. AR-15s don’t require crazy maintenance, but you actually have to do it. AKs, on the other hand, may not require any maintenance in the entire life of the conscript soldier/rebel fighter/bandit they are issued to.

  • BabyWookie


  • MichaelZWilliamson

    I think she did well. Methodical, and obeyed safety.

  • Mikial

    She actually did very well. I give her full credit for hanging in there and emptying the mags on both of them.

  • John Corder

    I would like to see that test. TFB should do that video or series of videos!