BREAKING NEWS: ATF Approve ATI MP40 9mm Pistol (Pistol Version of German WWII MP40 Submachine Gun)

Every couple of weeks I get an email from a reader asking me if I know when the ATI GSG MP40 9mm pistol will go on sale. Well I can finally announce that yesterday (23 Feb) the ATF finally approved the pistol for import and sale in the USA. The gun will go on sale as soon as American Tactical Imports can bring a shipment of them over from Germany.

The ATI GSG MP40 is a faithful reproduction of the German WWII MP40 submachine gun (which itself was based on the MP38). The pistol variant ATI is importing forgoes the folding stock so it can be imported as a pistol (The BATFE does not allow the importation of so called “non-sporting” rifles). Like the original the GSG MP40 will be chambered in 9mm.


Pistol version (top), SBR carbine version (below)


I have shot an original MP40. They are a lot of fun to shoot full auto. The recoil is very manageable in part because of the slow 500 rounds per minute rate of fire combined with the lesser recoil of the 9mm Luger cartridge.  It is easy to dump a magazine while keeping the gun on target.

It is also worth mentioning that ATI will also be importing a .22 version of the MP40. Alex and Miles reviewed it in the video below …

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  • iksnilol


    • UCSPanther

      I wouldn’t mind a semi-auto only version of the MP 18 Bergmann either…

      • Evil_Bonsai

        I want, much like the pistol above, a semi-auto Sterling smg, with original length barrel and no stock (or folded, pinned/welded) that coule sbr’d. I have neither time, space, nor the money to buy the tools and learn to weld (properly) a Sterling from a blank tube and parts kit.

  • lee1001


  • Hopefully this means cheap magazines.

    • Sgt. Stedenko

      Yeah, hopefully better than the $36 ATI 22LR mags.
      One of the reasons I bought a SIG 522 was for the cheaper mags.

      • I mean hopefully better than original $100+ MP40 mags.

        • Xanderbach

          Aren’t STEN magazines a direct copy of them? Those are $5 these days.

          • Nope.

          • JK

            I figure this’d be a range toy, so I’d probably only need a couple extra mags anyway. $35-$40 wouldn’t be a terrible price for niche market magazines, as long as they function well.

          • JK

            But I just reread the article, and it looks like these mags won’t work in original MP40s? That’s how I read it, anyway. Not really a concern for me, other than the “cool factor”.

  • Sgt. Stedenko

    When is TFB going to fix the connection error message you get when opening a story?
    I can view less than half the content on this site.

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      That may be on your end: I don’t have any issues on this site, regardless of what device I am using or what internet connection I am on.

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        I get a “starting download” message every time I scroll passed the Larry Vickers grey Glock article. Unusual, in my opinion.

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      When using Chrome or IE I have the same issue. Funny thing is, on my end it redirects me to software I use at work. It’s like TFB wants me to get back to work.

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        Usually I don’t have a problem with Chrome unless I put Script Safe on board, and then I find out many sites just flood you with scripts so you will turn them off. It can be exasperating. I have the same problem using No Script on Firefox – I can see withholding content until a few scripts are enabled, but web site administrators need to realize we need these blockers to protect our personal computing – some of us bank and shop online with these devices, and we can’t risk catching an advanced persistent threat from a web site we should have been trusting!

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      Happens to me too. I think their servers can’t handle the traffic. I get a redirect to localhost on about 1/3 articles here.

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      I’m glad you mentioned this. I get the error on nearly half the stuff I click on lately.

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      I thought it was just me!
      Some articles load OK, but some don’t. I must have tried that ‘grok’ article a dozen times and I never get through.
      http://www.thefirearmblog com/blog/2016/02/24/grok-test-ar-15-vs-ak-47/

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        Same for me on that article, until today. Now it loads fine.

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          Same exact thing here – I may revisit it now that I did a reset.

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      I have the same thing using Internet Explorer, I’d say 75% of the storys from the past couple of weeks won’t open for me.

    • That has been a Royal pain since it started. We were told it was fixed but we have sent it back to the IT guys.

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      I was having the same issue today, with all four browsers – I did a network reset and VOILA! Problems solved. Don’t ask me why, but I’m guessing it was low connectivity that blocks many of the page features from loading.

  • aweds1

    Will you be able to SBR it with a Form 1 and add the folding stock?

    • Otm Shooter

      I would assume so, as long as you can make it 922r compliant.

      • Christopher Ati-importmanager

        We will be attempting to design a stock as an accessory for people who want to SBR it. This is classified as a pistol so 922r is not applicable, nor is it applicable for NFA items, so no worry on finding US made parts.

        • PK

          922(r) applies to SBRs – it applies to all rifles and shotguns, title 1 and title 2 alike. The tech branch has made this exceptionally clear. Finding compliant/US made parts will absolutely be an issue, much as it is with the CZ Evo 3.

        • J.T.

          The ATF told CZ-USA that turning Scorpions into SBRs on a form 1 (either them doing it and selling as a complete SBR or the end user doing it) would be assembling a semi-automatic rifle and it would be subject to 922r requirements, which is why CZ released a compliance kit for the Scorpion with US made parts.

          • Christopher Ati-importmanager

            Sounds like the way to go, once we have the gun physically back in hand from ATF (about 3 weeks) our R&D guy is going to look at its internal design and see what would be most cost effective to change to design a similar style kit. We definitely want to do it and do it right so anyone who wants to SBR it can.

          • Otm Shooter

            I would start with a muzzle device, pistol grip, charging handle, and stock made in the US. As those offhand seem like the easiest to source from the get-go. Just my thought, I could be way off.

          • Christopher Ati-importmanager

            We’ll know more once we get our hands on the sample ATF needs to return (immediately, so we can shoot it) and get inside of it. Trigger control group might be a way too. Whatever we need to do to make it SBRable, we’re going to do it!

  • Kovacs Jeno

    The GSG semiauto gun do not have any technical (internal) resemblence with the WW2 MP40 smg.
    It is just looks like one.

    The gun is closed bolt, hammer fired, and the frame is made of zinc. The magazines are not interchangeable with the original MP40 (which magazines are very UNreliable).

    This GSG gun is just an inexpensive fun plinker with special style.

    • Sledgecrowbar

      That was what I was worried about when I read it was an ATI. I could deal with a lower build quality than what a real WW2 German SMG would set an unrealistically high standard for, but I just don’t want to pay for a zinc casting. I certainly don’t want to pay AR prices for a zinc casting, no matter what it’s modeled after.

      • Christopher Ati-importmanager

        Yep, the receiver is Zamak 5

        • Martin M

          Well, that’s the deal breaker for me. Too bad. Paying that much money for something that only mimics the original.

          • Kelly Jackson

            The MP40 was open bolt, and the ATF says that open bolt semi autos are defacto machine guns. So you can pay $600 bucks and enjoy this reasonable clone or you can head over to gun broker and buy the real thing for $19,900.

          • Martin M

            I’m not referring to the bolt, but the zinc casting. Is the art of bending metal in a die press a lost art these days?

          • JK

            If you’re trying to meet a price point, yeah. The casting allows mounting points, etc. to be molded in, rather than formed separately and welded or riveted on, amongst other economic and production advantages.

        • Brian Flate

          Bummer, that ends the discussion for me. I’d rather just put these dollars into the forthcoming H&M stg44.

  • Harrison Jones

    Does anyone know the MSRP? Unless they are of exceptional quality I can’t see paying more than $600 personally. Knowing ATI’s GSG 22’s quality I can’t see justifying more than $450.

    • Christopher Ati-importmanager

      MSRP is $649.95

      • Southpaw89

        That’s surprisingly competitive. Would’ve expected more in the $800 range.

        • JK

          Yeah, this just got added to the list. Have to see what the actual price is when it hits the street.

      • Harrison Jones

        The street price should be enticing then.

  • Trey

    Of all the “rules” that CGA ’34 made the SBR and SBS are the dumbest I think. If any candidate that claimed to support the second amendment came out to remove them it would burnish there standing with many in the gun community . I know its not a political blog so if this is out of bounds please remove the comment.

    • Nah, I think we’re (mostly) in agreement.

    • Southpaw89

      Agree, a short barrel does nothing to make a rifle any more dangerous, if anything it reduces stopping power, if only slightly. If concealability is the issue then maybe push to have them regulated as handguns, that could also get around some of the import restrictions, although it may prevent those living in the more restrictive states from enjoying them, but I’m not sure if those states allow NFA devices anyways.

      • Trey

        of course the reason for it was that the FDR admin wanted to ban all hand guns but when the congress realized they would all be looking for jobs come next election the hand gun removal was deleted but sbr/sbs was left in to make the gun grabbers feel like they got something.

    • jcitizen

      They need to completely get rid of the 1986 law the NRA let sneak past congress! The price of NFA weapons is absolutely ridiculous!

  • Christopher Ati-importmanager

    Also, the SBR pictured above from Shot Show is a 9mm blank firing gun only, another thing GSG is working on. I imported them for their booth for Shot Show.

    • JK

      Now, a full-auto blank firing device, I could get interested in. (I hesitate to call it a gun).

      • Kovacs Jeno

        The blank firer 9 mm PAK GSG MP40 is semiauto only, as German laws do not allow any full auto guns. Even their airsofts are Semi-AEGs. No joke…

        • Christopher Ati-importmanager

          Correct, it was one of the first things we asked GSG about as well. ATF is making us send them one so they can make sure it cannot be converted, which means another 8 month wait to boot.

  • Mister Thomas

    Can you hold the magazine with your other hand while firing – or would you have “redesigned” the pistol if you did?

    • Christopher Ati-importmanager

      That was actually one of the first things we cleared with ATF. The examiner who has approved pretty much every GSG firearm was at Shot Show in 2014 when I had a sample of the 22 version in the US on a temporary import. I grabbed him when he came to our booth and asked that very question. He told us that FTB does not consider a magazine outside of the pistol grip to be a forward grip. He explained that because it is designed and manufactured from scratch to be a magazine well and not designed to be a forward grip on a pistol it does not meet the requirement for an AOW. Because we were matching the design of the original MP-40 the magazine well is considered the magazine well and should you hold the pistol there while shooting you are not making an AOW. If there was any chance that FTB would consider it an AOW because of that, then it would not be approved. The gun with no stock in the image above is exactly what was approved by ATF.

      • Mister Thomas

        That is very good to hear, thank you Chris.

        • JK

          Please don’t go posting youtube videos on it, though. Subject to change at any junior agent’s whim.

      • Blake

        Thanks for the update.

        Any chance we’ll see a 16″ carbine version any time soon?

  • El Duderino

    How many dorks are going to call their local gun shop to order a MP40 and end up with a S&W handgun?

  • Lance

    I like GSG,they make good firearm. The GSG-5 is a awesome plinker. Wish they make a cheap 9mm version.

  • Some Rabbit

    Having had the opportunity to fire the original in full auto, I agree, it’s sweet, as smg’s go. But as a semi-auto, I don’t see much practical appeal except for re-enactors and someone looking for a cool looking plinker. But if you got the money and desire, why not? As for the frame, the original as I recall was bakelite, why use zinc when polymer is both cheaper and more authentic?

    • UCSPanther

      It’s a good choice if you can’t get the full auto version due to price and legislation.

    • Cal.Bar

      Agreed… but as a semi-auto pistol (especially in a state with a 10 round limit and no SBR) it makes even less sense as without a stock it is a ridiculously large and ungainly 10 round 9mm lacking even the hand cannon cache of the AK pistol.

      • Maxpwr

        You’re in California so you ain’t getting this pistol for about 5 different reasons, not just because “it makes even less sense”. California gun laws are what don’t make sense. Let collectors buy this gun if they want something that looks as close to an MP40 they will see for sale.

    • Phil Hsueh

      I think that the original was largely stamped steel but probably had some bakelite parts, likely in the pistol grip.

  • UCSPanther

    I really hope this comes to Canada. I want one.

  • Cymond

    ATF has flip flopped on this subject over the years. Currently, they’re ruling that SBRs have to be 922r compliant.
    However, did you mean to write ‘nonsporting’? Because I thought that 922r only applied to nonsporting rifles. Hence, the reason it’s a concern to stop many AK builders and such.

  • Broz

    I can see the ATF overwhelmed by requests to SBR this little ‘pistol. . Be nice to have this and the PPS43 style pistol as side by side SBRs…but that $200 tax stamp (times two) is a huge OUCH!!!

    • JK

      Sig brace it! Oh, wait…

      A few months late for that joke.

  • exciting

  • Jnonymous

    Put a folding “arm brace” on it, and then I’ll have to buy one.

  • russell larson

    Fun… but impractical. …
    Ill keep my Hi Point 995TS….

  • jcitizen

    Avast has a script blocker that occasionally gets block happy, but it clears up after a few minutes, about the time I think it is to blame for everything, I find out turning it off has no affect. I do get attacked on legitimate sites, but Avast pops up and lets me know what it is, in case I need to contact the web master about the problem.

  • jcitizen

    Another damn 22!! Don’t they know 9mm is cheaper half the time!? What happened to EL-BE Tac. that was supposed to be bringing in the StG 44 replica to the US?

    • JK

      Reread the title and article.

      • jcitizen

        Okay, but when you look at what is for sale now, there are nothing but 22s. Seems like that is all that gets on the market in new designs these days.

  • freethinker

    The first pic shows a rivet or something like that where the folder mechanism should be. I would be curious if the rivet can be removed and a “sling swivel” or something like that was substituted?