Operator Suppressor Systems Founder And President Russ Oliver Resigns

Soldiersystemsdaily posted this yesterday.

Due to different views between Russ Oliver and the people who own OSS, Russ has decided to resign as well as a huge chunk of the sales team of OSS.


This was posted in the description for the video above.

Russ Oliver, founder and former president resigns and removes shop flag in defiance of new management’s removal of military standards, morals, structure and veteran management within the company.


Friends and Patrons of OSS,

I cannot possibly articulate or properly convey the degree of gratitude the OSS team and myself have for the unwavering support we have received over the past few years. The resilience of everyone’s support, from operators, components, federal and local law enforcement, firearms manufacturers, fellow engineers and scientists, and patriotic gun users and enthusiasts nationwide has motivated our team’s relentless dedication in bringing flow through suppression from conception to reality. Together, I believe we have proven there is a new century of signature reduction possibilities that will in time, dominate weapon systems of the future. In that aspect, we have a Mission accomplished!

With this success has also come the apparent realities and evils of some particular corporate business philosophies. It is these philosophies, who unfortunately retain a majority ownership of OSS, which have forced my resignation as President of OSS and terminated my employment. As of February 18, 2016 I could no longer in good conscience be an executive or employee of the new OSS and immediately pursued and am currently pursuing the sale, at discount if necessary, of all of my interests/shares and ownership of OSS.

In complete contrast of multiple inferences falsely portrayed in a letter from the new OSS acting “President” and management posted on “the tactical wire.com” (in which I had no prior knowledge of nor were advised, consulted or quoted in regards too), I DO NOT support the new management direction of OSS in any way, nor do I believe it will be successful in the future to any degree that it would have been with its original team, purpose, concept and trajectory. The “success” spoken of in the new managements posted statement, is the direct result of exceptional personnel and their vision, capabilities, execution and dedication in combination with the financial support of several tremendously supportive and honorable minority owners.

The new OSS was built by and upon, but will not continue to flourish at the ignorant expense of exceptional men. Those men worked for and accomplished the impossible for purposes greater than themselves. The strength required to support the degree of dedication, sacrifice, and adversity that has been overcome in this endeavor can only come from true greater purpose and brotherhood, not personal wealth, greed or ego. The sum of the people who have willed OSS to success, has been and is the true strength and value of the company.

In addition to myself, over a dozen other primary and essential team members feel the same and have and will be leaving the company as soon as they are able. In my opinion, these personnel represent the whole of OSS’s sales (to include military, international, federal agencies, law enforcement and civilian sales), engineering, project management, testing/evaluation, and IT departments. These personnel represent exemplary experts from both military and civilian backgrounds to include, former military service ranks from CW 5 through Sgt. and civilian expertise from PhD of computer science through engineering.

Myself individually and as a group profoundly disagree and are unable to place our names and reputations upon the new managements business practices, treatment of employees, sales policies, product performance compromises, quality practices, priorities and production. In our opinion and interpretation, the “new” OSS Philosophies include among others; the military mentality will no longer be a part of OSS, a 20% return rate and ship now fix later philosophy is acceptable, and the weight of devices is the sole determining factor above ALL else moving forward. These new philosophies are the opposite of who we are as men and what we aspire to be, THE BEST!

Moving forward, my primary responsibility is to those individuals who have stood by me and through their examples made me who I am today, for which I am forever honored and grateful. In the initial interest of promoting these exceptional individuals, I have created a new company, the Organization of Strategic Sciences www.orgstrategicsciences.com and www.facebook.com/Organization-of-Strategic-Sciences-536453453204094.

Within the following days and weeks, resumes of these exceptional gentlemen who have already left or intend to leave OSS, will be posted as they become available. I would give or take a bullet for each of these men without hesitation and ask of any potential employer in and out of the firearms industry who reads this article, please consider them for upcoming or current positions you may have available.

As far as myself, I will also be available in a variety of limited capacities through strategic sciences for the next 362 days. After that time, industry can certainly expect me back with an unrestricted vengeance, wielding the passion, vision and creativity that the original OSS was founded under.

Years ago, some real physicists nicknamed me “the caveman physicist”, I wear that nickname with pride! There is no doubt a million more caveman physicists, like myself, are creating new technologies in their garages right now. I’m sure they will all say as I would, even caveman physicists know there is more than one way to apply physics and science to solve any given problem! Knowledge, perspective and creativity WILL always find a way.

With sincere thanks and appreciation to all who have supported myself and my team,

Russ Oliver

Founder and former President of OSS


What will this mean for OSS Suppressors? Who knows? I was intrigued by the system when I got to try them at SHOT Show 2016.

I understand Russ’ stance on integrity and I hope his brainchild continues on.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

Any questions please email him at nicholas.c@staff.thefirearmblog.com


  • De Facto

    That’s disappointing, but I hope his new company is even more successful. Hopefully he has now learned to maintain the majority holding in any of his future endeavors.

    • Nicholas C

      Often that is not always possible. I am sure getting the funding to make his suppressors was astronomical. Often you have to sacrifice a part of your soul to obtain your dream. In this case he probably sold off majority to fund the suppressor. to be made.

      • De Facto

        You’re probably right. I’ve just seen quite a few companies in the firearms world oust their own creator/founder once they have a name and a product. Very few companies treat inventors like FN treated John Browning, which I view as the gold-standard for investor/inventor relationships.

        • Calimero

          On the flip side there are also talented inventors that have no clue how to run a business and will run a company into the ground.

          I have no idea what’s happening here. It’s just that I’ve seen good “techies” miserably fail when moving to the production/industrialization/sales stage.

        • RICH

          I have a close friend that has a couple of very successful businesses and he once told me (years ago) if you start a business and aren’t at least a million dollars in debt you can’t make any money. I have seen some of the ‘deals’ he has had to do and agree with him 100%. Hopefully Mr. Oliver will be able to bounce back up and start over again.

  • Spencerhut

    I think I like this guy. So we look forward to OSS v2?

  • Hamma

    Will OSS’s suppressor design travel with the original team members? Doesn’t seem likely…

    • Harrison Jones

      I’m afraid you’re right and if I’m not mistaken the technology was patented. So unless he still holds the patent/rights/option we may not see it from his new company.

    • MemorableC

      It depends who owns the patent. if its in his name he can take them, but if there listed as owned by OSS then they stay at the company.

  • Mack

    He has a countdown on his website when he is going to be back. i think that is awesome! Stick it to’em!

  • Renov8

    Sounds like I am not doing a group buy with them……oh well. Can’t substitute performance for profits….long term, never works.

  • More gun biz drama. *yawn*

  • santi

    I am curious what Desert Tech has to say about this considering they do a lot marketing together. Just recently with the MDR’s release anyway.

    • Hensley Beuron Garlington

      I am as well. One of the main attractions to me with the MDR was one of the OSS suppressors with that shroud/handguard over it. This sounds really bad, but I think we judge the product later. There are two sides to every story. Very interested in what Desert Tech will say, if anything at all.

    • Colin s

      What about H&K, do they still market the mr556 and mr762 SD’s?

  • RICH

    Russ Oliver indeed sounds like a man of ‘integrity’ and belief in himself and the individuals he had working with him at OSS . I sincerely hope he returns with a vengence as we need more individuals that put the quality of their products in front of the instant ‘BIG PROFIT$’.
    Good luck to Russ and his “Team” in their future endeavors ! !

  • NDS

    10/10 for naming the new company also OSS.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Welcoming a lawsuit immediately? Yea, not sure about that plan.

  • Kivaari

    The link to the “other side” wont open. I’d like to see their take on this. A pile of the who, what, when, where, how and why this split came.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    I respect these guys for making something they obviously know Military users need, as they are SF veterans. That said, I don’t see a lot of sales outside of military/LE contracts, and isn’t that what a suppressor manufacturer needs to stay alive? Prices over $1,000 plus TWO tax stamps if you want the luxury of…decibel reduction! The double tax is the NFA’s fault, not OSS’s. Still, civilians just aren’t going to pay that, especially when the market is growing so fast that noobs are being sold on multi-caliber designs they can use on a 9mm pistol and a .300 Win Mag hunting rifle. People are going out and buying suppressors like they would buy a car or a refrigerator. “Well, honey, this has all the features we need. Never mind that fancy OSS suppressor, that’s for military people. We wouldn’t go out and buy a race car just because race car drivers use them, would we?”

    • George Dean

      Michael, could you pleas explain to me the issue of the “TWO tax stamps?” I am not familiar with that issue. TIA

      • Michael R. Zupcak

        The system consists of two components: a “Back Pressure Regulator” that telescopes over the barrel and a “Decibel Reduction Module” that attaches to the BPR. The ATF ruled the BPR as a suppressor by itself, so that and the Decibel Reduction Module each require a $200 tax stamp for civilian ownership.

        • E Wolfe

          .Thanks, I’ve never seen an article or ad on a suppressor like that

  • uisconfruzed

    This could get quite interesting

  • William Elliott

    well, that would explain why I never got that RMA for my can to get the core swapped out…

  • carlcasino

    I have bought my hearing protection locally but I can insure you I would never do business with this company no matter how many times they change the name.