Remington Huntsville Alabama Plant Tour

After our tour of the Ilion plant we all headed to Huntsville Alabama to tour the new facility. Currently Remington is making all of the 1911s there as well as the Bushmaster line and the new RM 380 micro pistol. Any and all handguns will be made there in the future. Other guns are in the works to be made in Huntsville and will be announced later.

200th anniversary R1 1911

200th anniversary R1 1911

Assembled Busmaster ARs

Assembled Busmaster ARs

Bushmaster assembly line

Bushmaster assembly line

As you can see there is still plenty of room for setting up new machinery and assembly lines.

As you can see there is still plenty of room for setting up new machinery and assembly lines.

A lot of the space both office and other floor space is currently not being used but as with any new facility construction and installation of equipment continues pretty much non stop. As the facility works towards completion the number of employees continues to grow as well.

I should also mention AAC products are also currently being made in Huntsville.

AAC suppressor

AAC suppressor

Huge AAC logo flag

Huge AAC logo flag

AAC suppressor disassembled

AAC suppressor disassembled

The beginnings of the RM380 in the form of raw steel which when finished will be the slide.

Raw material for the RM380 slide and a slide approaching completion.

Raw material for the RM380 slide and a slide approaching completion.



A new assembly line

A new Busmaster assembly line

R! 1911 assembly line

R1 1911 assembly line

Of course we saw many other areas including R&D, design etc. We also ran across a 3D printer that allows Remington to print full size, aluminum AR 15s. This printer is huge measuring approximately 8x7x5 feet. I would have really enjoyed seeing it run but at the time they had no jobs pending.

After the tour we met with the new CEO and others who make Remington run day to day. All of the executives invited our questions and encouraged us not to hold back. That specifically included the CEO.

I asked the CEO what he saw for Remington down the road and what plans they had for the near future. First he expressed his commitment to getting Remington back to the basics and doing the things which made Remington so successful. This included but was not limited to customer service, quality control as well as something I’ve mentioned numerous times and that’s no more prototype guns being tested and then going straight into production. All new guns will be completely and thoroughly tested before being shipped to dealers.

In the future any events we writers and editors attend we will shoot production guns only. In other words the same guns the customer will buy from the local gunshop. I personally think this is a move in the right direction. I’d much rather write an article on a production pistol rather than a year out prototype R51 than ran fine for us on the range but fell short in production. Nobody in the room dodged that situation and they are very determined it will never happen again. To answer what you must be thinking right now no the R51 isn’t dead and it will be released in its improved form. Those who purchased one and waited so long will get a new R51 unless they have taken advantage of the Remington policy of replacing it with a base model R1 1911 or refund. In keeping with the new policy we won’t have much advanced notice when it comes out in it’s new form but we will let you readers know as soon as we find out.

After our meeting our tour of the Remington plants was concluded. I have to say it’s the first time in a long time I’ve toured a plant and been allowed to photograph anything I wanted without restriction. All of our questions were quickly answered. This was just a refreshing atmosphere for us to work in. Generally some questions I’ve asked at other plants I have toured went unanswered which tends to make me wonder if we are getting all the facts on the questions that were answered.

I have to thank all of those at Remington from the workers on the plant floor to those who scheduled and coordinated our tour to cover a great deal in a very short time. I think I can speak for everyone else when I say we felt welcome wherever we went and everyone was very open. They did an excellent job showing us just what goes into making a Remington gun and how proud the workers are of what they do in their daily jobs. I hope all of the readers have enjoyed this inside look at Remington!

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • JohnnyBGood

    See that trigger bar spring in the 11th picture? My RM380 has been at Mark’s Outdoors (Remington’s only certified service department) for over 5 weeks waiting for one of those springs. A defensive pistol out for 5 weeks because of 1 spring… According to Mark’s Outdoors, I’m not the only one waiting either.

    • You know if it was me I’d call the Huntsville plant directly and ask about it. Maybe they would mail one out. It couldn’t hurt to try it. Heck you could even try to get in touch with the floor supervisor.

      • JohnnyBGood

        I have contacted them. Everytime I get the same “Wow really! Let me look into that for you!” with no follow up or results. The guy I talked to today seemed to be a little more on the ball and I got his extension so I can follow up with him next week so hopefully something will result of this. The important part to remember here is I shouldn’t have to do any of this. Remington is not some small company with growing pains.

        • Well I hope this time it works out right and quickly. Getting his phone extension and a promise to follow up is a plus.
          I understand what you mean. You know I’ve found that smaller companies are quicker to get things from than larger companies.

  • I would of loved to see what CNC’s they used. That RM380 slide looks like a mill-turn made it since it came from barstock.

  • nova3930

    the building they use is huge. Old Delphi/Chrysler plant or something like that. My wife’s clinic is just up the street from them so I drive by periodically…

  • steve

    Do you have any pictures of the assembly fixtures and jigs from the Bushmaster and other assembly lines?

    • No I wish I did. As I told John we did this tour in two days ( including the museum and Ilion) so some areas we had to skip. I did put up one general photo of the Busmaster line, R1 line.
      We all wish we had one more day so we could get more photos in Huntsville.

      • Drew Coleman

        Which museum? Do they have one out there at the plant?

        • Ilion Ny plant had the Remington Museum. The first post I did on the tour was of the museum they also had a gift shop with the usual hats, 200th anniversary knives, shirts etc

          • Drew Coleman

            Ah missed that post. Is it worth it? I drive up to Nashville semi-regularly and could make a side trip out of it.

          • I would say yes if you happen to be in the general area. The curator told us 100,000 visitors come through each year and they don’t advertise the museum or even have a website. People come from other countries to visit it. You could spend two or three hours in there at least.
            Remember though it’s not in Huntsville but Illion, NY way north an hour from the great lakes.

          • Hey no big deal. I knew what you meant. It definitely is a long haul from the area you’re in.

    • This laser engraver was also at Huntsville.

      • CountryRock

        Kinda strange seeing them working on an 870 receiver down there. Maybe it’s something to do with R&D.

  • Bushmaster AR barrels

  • Don Ward

    I’m hoping, I truly am, that Remington is rounding the corner as a company that firearms owners can in good faith buy products from again.

    • As am I. I really want to see them do very well. Of course I feel that way about any company. I hate to see a gun company go down like Legion Arms for instance. It’s just sad to see a dream die.

      • Division Charlemange

        Strictly speaking, they aren’t dying. Remington, like AAC, and the other victims, is being killed.

  • StBernardnot

    Remington’s record of unsafe triggers, like GM’s record of unsafe ignitions, means they put dollars over your’s & my safety. I won’t buy either one. I had a Model 760 back in the ’70s that would slam fire. It was used & the dealer fixed it, but how long has this irresponsibility been going on?

  • Dixie Shooter

    Sounds like the reporters ran into some Southern hospitality in Huntsville. I’ve lived in New Market, Alabama my whole life and there is one thing I have never saw or heard of and that’s folks retiring and moving North. I’m kind of wondering if the flawed R51 was the result of the news that it was moving to Huntsville and the plant it was being made in was closing. You know the people that worked for Remington in Charlotte, NC and any of the other plants didn’t like hearing that they would soon be out of a job. I hope that wasn’t the case but Remington said all of the new R51 pistols would be made in and have Huntsville, AL stamped on the side of them. I’ll be glad when they are available for purchase again. I have a R1 1911 and an 870 Express and both are exceptional firearms. I’ve grew up owning and shooting Remington firearms and all were flawless. My daddy had a Remington .410 semi-automatic shotgun and it was flawless. I truly believe that Remington’s quality issues are going to be next to nothing since they are going to be made down here now.

  • MT

    I’m crazy over my Para GI expert , I hope Remington will utilize this in there future entry 1911s

  • carlcasino

    I have a Bushmaster XM15-E2S stamped ILIon NY purchased in 2012 barrel stamped 5.56 and in gun age this one is a virgin having less than a 1000 round run thru it. without disclosing my S/N is there a way to find out if my AR was in a production run that experienced problems? labor or otherwise?

  • Employees Worried

    Not exactly the best of news for employees at their current plants…