I found this image online but I cannot find out who makes the magazine extension for the SCARH magazine. I even showed it to FNH Pro Shooter Erik Lund, who shoots a SCAR17S in 3Gun, at SHOT Show 2016. He did not know what it was from. He even asked one of the Belgian employees and they said it is not made by FNH.

Can any of our readers shed a light on who makes this magazine extension?

For those interested in the other items, the first item is a field care kit with a torque wrench followed by a cleaning kit and the magazine with extension. Bottom items are the ECP flash hider and blank firing adapter.

Edit: according to some people on fnforums.net, the magazine and extensions are issued items in Belgium. Odd since the Belgian FNH employee at SHOT Show did not know of them.


  • USMC03Vet

    Middle item is classic military style cleaning kit. The right most rod is a t handle extension.

    • Phil Hsueh

      Exactly what I was going to say. I didn’t recognize it for what it is at first but then after a second look I immediately recognized it as a cleaning kit.

  • Petto
    • Nicholas C

      The strange things is Erik Lund asked one of the Belgian FNH employees about it and he said is not made by them (FNH in belgium)

  • Victor Jacobs

    that is made by CMI Defence.

  • bob

    Not an ECP flash hider, but an AAC 18T MITER

  • snmp

    SCAR H/17 Mag extention could be an Fal Mag extension

  • ak1134

    Honestly that does Not look like a mag extension. Look closely it looks like one big rubber piece that slips over that would allow a user for a fast mag change for 3gun or something… id say similar to ranger plates.