The New Apocalyptic Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle has been around for decades now and has gained a reputation as not just a sizable pistol but a big one – big as in, take-no-prisoners. Over the years it’s one through various incarnations and a few models, but what many people think of when they hear “Desert Eagle” comes chambered in .50 AE. New for 2016, from Magnum Research, is another big, bad pistol: the Magnum Research Mark XIX Apocalyptic Desert Eagle.

Given current events, the name makes sense. The potential apocalypse is certainly on the minds of more than a few Americans whether it’s from watching more than a few episodes of The Walking Dead or ideas of a somewhat more realistic, zombie-free occurrence. If you’re looking for a Desert Eagle to get you through it, it’s here. The Apocalyptic Desert Eagle comes chambered in either .50 AE or .44 Magnum and features a distressed matte white Cerakote finish. According to the company, this particular Cerakote is designed to withstand serious abuse and is made specifically for superior durability. Of course, there’s more to the pistol than just a cool finish (see details below).

MSRP is listed as $1895 for the .44 Magnum and $1922 for the .50 AE. Take a look at the company’s website to see their other offerings:

(From Magnum Research):

The .50 AE is a gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol with a 7-round capacity. The .44 Magnum has an 8-round capacity. Both guns measure 10.75″ in length with a 6″ barrel. Slide width is 1.25″, height 6.25″ and the weight with an empty magazine is approximately 4 lbs. 5.8 oz. in .50 AE, and 4 lbs. 6.6 oz. in the .44 Mag. It has a trigger reach of 2.75″ and a sight radius of 8.5″ with the 6″ barrel. The construction of the Desert Eagle utilizes the latest CNC machine technology providing exacting specifications with tight tolerances creating a work of art in a precision firearm. This Desert Eagle features a G10 grip. The G10 material is a high-pressure thermoset plastic laminate consisting of multiple layers of woven fiberglass mesh cloth impregnated with an epoxy resin binder. It is anatomically formed and provides an ideal hand seating angle for two-handed shooting allowing for comfortable, rapid and accurate firing. The Weaver style accessory rail easily allows for aftermarket optics and scope rings.

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  • Never understood why they have the magnums, but never produced a .45 Colt option. Seems like it’d be a great platform for it.

    • Anomanom

      It needs the magnum pressures to work. You cant use .44special or .38special in it like you can in a revolver either.

    • Joe

      I’d guess the orignally blackpowder. 45 Colt doesn’t do anything ballistically superior to the Magnum rounds.

      It’s not like the ammo’s cheaper, so I don’t understand the question.

      • Just seems like the .45 Colt now comes with some hot enough flavors that make it fun to shoot, and I have a thing for .45 Colt.

        • G0rdon_Fr33man

          45 winmag exists…

          • It certainly does. A desert eagle in .45 Win Mag would be cool. 🙂

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      What I would really love is a… 3/4-scale maybe? version in 10mm.

      Just slim the grips down, slim the whole gun down, shorten it a little bit, but keep the overall look and action.

      That would be hot.

      • Budogunner

        There is the “baby eagle” that has a similar design aesthetic. They look like a cross between a Desert Eagle and a CZ-75.

        Lesser calibers don’t need to be gas operated so they are standard blowback. Solid and dependable, too, from what I hear.

        • Mikial

          The current model is the Jericho 941 and it is one of the smoothest, most accurate and reliable guns I have ever owned. Check them out ate IWI, but you can get nice Israeli police.military trade-ins much cheaper on Gunbroker.

    • El Duderino

      Rather them do .454 Casull, but might be an OAL issue.

      • Budogunner

        Alucard, is that you?

    • The Brigadier

      A 125 grain .357 magnum hollow point at 1520 FPS will blow half a person’s skull away. A 235 grain .44 magnum hollow point at 1480 FPS will blow a whole person’s skull completely away from their body. That’s why we have and use magnums.

      • [citation needed]. I have seen plenty of gunshot wounds, including ones from magnums, none of which have removed half or all of a person’s skull.

        • Mikial

          Having spent over two years in Iraq and having seen lots of wounds from 9mm, 5.56 and .45 ACP that removed half a persons’s skull. I think a .357 Magnum could do the same thing.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Yet again CS:GO is becoming reality.

  • Don Ward

    Buys gun for the Apocalypse. Has it chambered in the easy to find .50 AE.

    Oh wait…

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Much rather have a suppressed 10/22 with 12 K rds in my back pack.

      • Don Ward

        Isn’t that like 100 pounds? Maybe my math is wrang…

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Yeah close but I figure in a SHTF situation ammo equals life so I think I could hump it.

          • ostiariusalpha

            Maybe easier in a small pack cart like this:

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Yeah true, ive never seen one of those.

          • Xeno Da Morph

            It’s called a Dixon Rollerpack. This is a great idea!!

          • Mikial

            Indeed. A deer cart, but improved by being set up to pull behind you with your hands free rather than pushing it with your hands full.

        • Tassiebush

          I think that’s about right. I weighed bricks of .22lr and .22mag recently. .22lr was 1.9kg and .22mag was 2.1kg per brick.

      • Tassiebush

        Hmm one of those belt fed .22lr uppers with a silencer would be uber cool. Gee if only someone owned a select fire version member of the AR15 family to match the upper… 😉

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          I tried a belt fed F/A .22 upper years ago on my M-16 (Or M4 or whatever) and it worked for about ten minutes. Never could get it to work right with or without the silencer. QC and customer service were awful but I finally got my money back. Ive been gun shy about them ever since.

          • Tassiebush

            That would have been so incredibly disappointing! Sorry to hear that! I feel like i just heard that all icecream just got discontinued!

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Yeah, my next experiment will be with a Blackout upper after I deal with an annoying jamming problem that I hopefully have remedied by replacing the extractor spring and o-ring.

          • Tassiebush

            That sounds like a cool idea. That jamming problem would be frustrating. Hope that works.

          • jcitizen

            The worst thing I ran into with the new high velocity 22 ammo was boll bounce – and the BATFE won’t let you put a bolt bounce buffer into the bolt as it is considered an NFA part!! UNFAIR! Fortunately I had a huge stock of old ammo that was made in standard velocity to keep it shooting perfectly.

          • Tassiebush

            That’s a shame that it’s fussy like that and silly that you can’t legally do that to fix it. Glad you’ve got a stash to keep it going. I honestly just really love the concept of that gun. The bigger the critter the longer the trigger pull 🙂

          • jcitizen

            I wished I could afford to convert to the aluminum bottom plates, as that would have helped. I say this because the steel ones seem more reliable. I haven’t visited E&L for a while to see what they have for parts. That is the only source to buy new rifles; they may have a back log on orders though, if they are even making them now. I can attest that they are a dream for prairie dog hunting!! I’ve made 300 yard kills with them, they are so accurate, but you need a scope that helps with the hold over. My barrels got so hot I had to swap them out, just like an LMG!!

          • Tassiebush

            Is that bottom plate on the mag? Does it hold the feed lips?
            That prairie dog shooting sounds so awesome! I am one very jealous man!

          • jcitizen

            Yeah, they are way better than the lexan plastic ones they first developed. I’ve been trying to get E&L to develope a barrel that is chambered for the .17 Mach II. I think that is a way better performer. Those would fit right into the magazine system. Here is the URL for the new ones.


          • Tassiebush

            Wow that’s astounding about it holding zero between barrels! Sounds like a pretty cool idea having the .17hm2 barrel. Especially as a varminter.

        • Budogunner

          In a case where the firearm you carry is your only means of personal defense, as there is no police force, and your only source of meat, as hunting is the only option, you’d probably want a firearm that meets certain criteria:

          -common caliber
          -high reliability
          -common platform for easy spare parts.
          -light and portable even with spare ammo.

          A belt-fed .22LR upper is exotic, questionably reliable, heavier, and designed to waste ammo. Cool for the range in a civilized world, but I wouldn’t trust my life to it.

          • Tassiebush

            Yeah i can’t argue with that. Notorious made it pretty clear it wasn’t a goer. I would say that i think a select fire .22lr or mag with a user showing fire discipline would have some extra defensive capabilities but yes reliability is more important.

          • Budogunner

            In that case, I’ve gotten my dedicated .22LR upper to work with a slidefire stock. You have to hero the upper light, but it is possible and would be much cheaper.

            Plenty of fun suppressed, too.

          • Tassiebush

            Well i’m jealous then. Sounds fun.

          • Tassiebush

            I read many years ago that DeLisle of the silenced .45acp rifle fame also was interest in developing a silenced belt fed .22lr. He apparently imagined applications like commando attacks on troop carriers. Pretty awesome stuff! I don’t think it was ever developed to prototype stage but it’s a pretty cool notion.

          • Budogunner

            I may or may not have seen a silenced, belt-fed .300 BLK platform. Now that is a cool concept.

          • Tassiebush

            I reckon you saw it in an encyclopedia next to the entry on awesomeness!

          • jcitizen

            Oddly enough I found that using an American 180 22 rifle could shoot through steal plate and even railroad rail at close range(7 to 25meters) if one used the high cap mag and kept chewing a hole in the same place. The full auto version was much better at it. I and a friend developed an armor piercing 22 lr that did it in way fewer rounds, also. In fact those could penetrate 1/8″ steel one round at a time at the same range. I don’t think of the 22 lr as a survival round though. Hell we can’t even find it now, let alone after the apocalypse.

          • Tassiebush

            “And Tassiebush wept for the anecdote was so awesome!” That sounds like the coolest fun thing I ever read! It’s one of the great injustices of the world that i can’t own one. I just reckon they are a great combination of characteristics.
            Down here .22lr supply is back to plentiful.

          • Tassiebush

            That penetration sounds better than the usual anecdotes about breeze blocks and body armour too.

      • Tassiebush

        There’s a lot to be liked about guns and ammunition that are easy to carry. It’s truly tragic the savage B-mag has had such quality problems because the concept of a 4.5lb rifle that has such a potent lightweight round with the .17wsm has amazing potential for survival. Not sure of weight per round but pretty sure they’re lighter than regular .22lr.

    • Xeno Da Morph

      An apocalypse gun also shouldn’t be one that plugs the gas port up, when firing lead projectiles. Lead is a no no in a DE. Effectively making it a single shot.

    • iksnilol

      Shirley worked out fine for Burt.

  • Cymond

    Seems like Desert Eagle is really challenging Sig Sauer for the “most guns in tacky finishes” award.

  • Lance

    Gives the cool look Leon Kennedy’s Desert Eagle from PS-1s Resident Evil 2!

  • Don

    Why don’t you look before you speak, it comes in stainless steel.

  • Dark Shroud

    It has a Cerakote finish on it. If you don’t think that’s good enough then you’re never going to be happy.

  • WFDT

    Back in the 80s I had a DE in .357. One had to use specific factory ammo in it. It was fun but expensive to feed.

  • iksnilol

    It’s been for like a month.

  • GearHead

    What is this???

  • Dan Clay

    An article about a desert eagle, so Im going to comment about everything other than a DE. Smh

  • Mikial

    I know Desert Eagles have a lot of detractors, and a lot of fans. They are not the most practical of guns, but we love our .357 and .44 DE’s. Accurate, reliable and seriously bad a$$, we enjoy shooting them and would be completely comfortable with them in a SHTF or home defense situation. We don’t go for the .50 because at around $3.00 a round, they aren’t really practical for regular shooting or practice. But really . . a .44 magnum round, or even a .357 will pretty much do the job at half the cost. And we have plenty of ammo for both.