New German Army G29 Sniper Rifle (Haenel RS9 in .338 LM)

From Suhl to German Special Forces. The new G29.

C.G. Haenel GmbH in Germany is most famous for their hunting rifles. However they have now been chosen to supply their RS9 sniper rifle to the German Army, and gone from hunting-boring to tacti-cool in an instant.
The German Bundeswehr designation is “G29”, and is most likely already in service with their Special Forces.

The bolt-action RS9 model is only available in .338 Lapua Magnum. At 7,54 kilograms it’s a rather heavy beast, but if you need to reach out to 1500 meters it’s in line with other competitors. The magazine capacity is 10 rounds. Most likely a Rotex suppressor from B&T will be used on these rifles as well. The stock adjustable and foldable to the left, with an option to fold to the right.

In the “G29” configuration the color will be RAL8000. The RS9-G29 will most likely use the Steiner military line 5-25 x 56 scope.

The RS9’s smaller sister Haenel RS8 is available in either .308 Win. or .300 WinMag. There is also a model called RS8 Subsonic, with what appears to be an integral suppressor. Very cool rifle, and similar to the B&T bolt action rifle SPR300 by the looks of it.

The Haenel RS8 Subsonic in .308 Win for Law Enforcement only. The barrel has a twist rate especially adjusted for subsonic ammo (220/240 grain).


Haenel also manufacturers AR-15 models with piston, called CR223.

From Suhl (where Haenel originates) to Special Forces.

The Haenel RS9 in G29 configuration. Color RAL8000 and caible .338 LM.

The Haenel RS9 in a G29 configuration. Color RAL8000 and calibre .338 LM. Note the Aimpoint Micro on a Spuhr mount from Sweden.  Picture from C.G. Haenel.

From the RS9 brochure:

“C.G. Haenel, located in Suhl/Germany, offers a sniper rifle system developed
especially for the use by police and military forces. The bolt-action concept sets
a standard in ergonomics and modularity. The rifle can easily be adapted to
the needs of the shooter and the situation – without using any tools.
The RS8/9 system is a “state of the art rifle” with high functionality. The developers
only used the best available materials and production technologies – without any
compromises. Experienced weapon designers developed the rifle in cooperation
with experienced police officers.”
and further:
“The HAENEL rifle system RS9 is the magnum variant of HAENEL RS8. The
effective range is 1500 m (1650yds). Due to the bigger caliber the RS9 has a longer and
stronger barrel, as well as slightly larger overall dimensions. The bolt is adopted
to the magnum-length .338 Lapua Magnum cartridges. The system is perfectly
optimised for this calibre: superior and consistent accuracy in a perfectly
balanced system, to provide maximum performance for long range shooting.
The RS9 comes with a detachable 10 round magazine as a standard. A special
muzzle brake is fitted to reduce recoil, jump and flash. The optional silencer
easily mounts on the muzzle break.”

YouTube - HAENEL Rifle System 8/9

YouTube – Haenel Rifle System 8/9




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  • “C.G. Haenel GmbH in Germany is most famous for their hunting rifles.”
    I’m going to say that there probably more famous for the STG44.

    • Rabies

      I did not know they were still in business.

      • Yep. They are owned by a company in the United Arab Emirates that also owns Merkel and Caracal.

    • Anton Gray Basson

      In South Africa they are most famous for their hunting rifles.

    • iksnilol

      No idea they made the STG.

      Many idea they made cool hunting rifles.

    • MechanizedSwede

      In Europe: known for hunting rifles
      In US and A: known for the STG

  • Anonymoose

    Diggin that matching CAA AR pistol grip. So what are they going to do with all their old Arctic Warfares, now?

    • aguywhoknows

      Sell them to the kurds 😀

      • Anonymoose

        They prefer PSG1s, though.

  • HKmaster

    Just hand the troops of the Bundeswehr some tactical FG42s, and they’ll be GTG 🙂

  • Evan

    Is it ever gonna be available in the US though?

    • Kurt Akemann

      Probably. It’s a bolt-action rifle, so the ATF isn’t going to be very hostile to it.

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    Rotex suppressors are not used on sniper rifles. They have purpose built suppressors for that. Rotex series are mainly for standard karabin rifles.

    • MechanizedSwede

      Ase Utra ftw

      • G0rdon_Fr33man

        A-tec Dragon series. Absolutely robust and has QD with no moving parts.

        • iksnilol

          Americans are probably furiously googlign these strange names 😛

  • Tritro29

    They did more than build STG’s.
    As part of Ernst Thalmann conzern and then Haenel Suhl they also built some MP parts. You probably didn’t know they were still up because Suhl was in the DDR. Also nifty little air rifles.