Magazine Extension Kits

Glock owners are pretty lucky that they have OEM high capacity mags available to them at reasonable prices, not many other pistol brands have that option. There’s also the new Magpul Glock mags from the recent 2016 SHOT Show. There is one problem with those OEM Glock mags however, you’re still shooting a Glock. I kid! I love Glocks, but now Heckler & Koch owners have a high capacity magazine option of their own, kind of.

The Heckler & Koch parts retailer has their new magazine extension kits available for a few popular HK pistols. They’re made out of impact and crush resistant polymer and attach to the mag bodies of the Heckler & Koch VP9, P30, P2000 and P2000SK magazines.

Their kits include a polymer mag extension body, polymer extension cover housing, polymer follower and an extended steel magazine spring that can be used for either 9mm or .40SW. Their extension kits do not come with a magazine, but they have a extension kit and factory mag combo option as well.’s magazine extension kits retail for $39.95 while the extension kits with a factory HK mag retails for $74.95. Check out the video below on how to install the extension kits, it looks pretty easy.

By adding the mag extension to the following HK mag bodies you get the desired extended mag capacity:

VP9, P30, USPC, P2000 15 round mag body in 9mm: 30 rounds
VP40, P30, USPC, P2000 13 round mag body in .40 cal: 28 rounds
USPC, P2000 13 round mag body in 9mm: 28 rounds
USPC, P2000 12 round mag body in .40 cal: 26 rounds
P2000SK, P30SK 10 round mag body in 9mm: 25 rounds
P2000SK, P30SK 9 round mag body in .40 cal: 22 rounds

Please note: The magazine, magazine body is NOT included with the extension kit. You must use your own mag body or magazine. Will NOT work with 10 round blocked mag bodies or mags.


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  • Good to see the extendo lifestyle making its way to HK. Hopefully something similar will come out for the PPQ.

  • Mmmtacos

    Keep the VP9 love coming… I hope MecGar or someone will make a third-party magazine. $45 a pop is hard to swallow… part of the reason I bought the LE version is that it came with three mags (and they weren’t available anywhere at the time), the night sights were just a great incentive.

  • PK

    I’ve been on the wait list for the USP45 extension for ages. I hope they’re still in the works.

    • Jianim

      I came here to post this. I hate how .45 guys get screwed in the double stack arena. Either give me a bunch of rounds extra like this or how about a simple +2? The monstrosities that the M&P and Sig 227 mags are is ridiculous. And don’t get me started with how stupid double stack 10 rounders are in a full size. Just add 2 to a single stack and you still keep the ergonomics. Cow towing to California and New York sucks. Some one should open a cash and carry magazine shop across the state lines like Colorado’s pot shops.

      • PK

        “Some one should open a cash and carry magazine shop across the state lines like Colorado’s pot shops.”

        In effect, it’s already happened in nearby states. That’s according to a few friends who reside in CO and dislike the new regulations.

  • William Johnson

    Talk to me when I there is an extension for my non-12 rd USP 45 mags.

  • Nick Terrier

    I guess people with HK’s don’t shoot USPSA… Where’s the 140mm OAL extension?

  • chedolf

    I get the 127.0.1 redirect when I try to access the previous post (“Firearms Food for Thought: Self-Defense Training, Yes or No?”). Turning on NoScript prevents the redirect, but the page still won’t load at all. I assume some ad-related javascript specific to that page is causing this. Sorry if all of this is known/obvious, but it’s frustrating.

  • john huscio

    I appreciate the effort, but these look as aesthetically godawful as the M&P45 mag extensions. Wish HK would make a flush fit 17rd mag for the vp9.

    • R H

      Forget HK, I’m wondering why Mecgar won’t make P30/VP9 mags…must be a contract thing or something

  • ostiariusalpha

    Aw, lordy, what I’d give for an aftermarket standard-length magazine with a mag body geometry that allows loading to 17 rounds. I’ll pass on extensions in general, and these super-extensions that double the length of the magazine hold absolutely no interest for me personally, but I’m glad that they’re out there for people that do want them. Any love for the VP9 is much appreciated.

  • flyfishr

    Thanks for leaving the supply of parts for the rest of us who don’t form their opinions according to what the Internet tells them.

  • ProLiberty82

    That looks impractical for just about every types of use you have with a semi-auto pistol. The 15 rounds only mags are the reason I went with the PPQ over the VP9 (and got a better trigger to boot), when I was looking for a suppressor ready .45 I ended up with the FNX 45 Tactical for the same reason, now having shot it side by side with the USP 45 Tactical I find the FNX better in every other regard as well. For a company that sells it self as a “no compromise” product they ALWAYS make compromises when it comes to mag capacity.

    And after market mag/extension makers make every thing but a simple +2 option for H&K pistols, I don’t get it, it’s like they don’t want that extra revenue?

  • hami

    They also plan to offer these for the Mark 23 mags. I have been patiently waiting.

    • aguywhoknows

      Then I definitely need a MK23. And a carbine kit for that monster. And a fun-switch.

      Oh lord, there goes the annual bonus payment…

  • Skokie

    So those of us with full sized USP’s are out of luck?


    No Hk45?!? I can still dream

  • B-Dubs

    I have this and must say I was underwhelmed. These do not have the strength of a 30rd Glock magazine. The two haves are connected by tabs of plastic in the middle, and break apart when you apply pressure in the middle. Range toy, in my opinion.