CZ Scorpion Evo III Stock Adapters

The aftermarket for the CZ Scorpion Evo III continues to grow quickly, this time with two new stock adapters to interface with Magpul’s Zhukov folding stock. With safety selectors well in hand and various magazine catch & release adapters available, it makes sense that the platform would see its stock modified.

Showing the ZAP adapter.

Showing the ZAP adapter.

The first option comes from Rehv Arms in the form of the “ZAP” or “Zhukov Adapter Plate” which attaches to the existing receiver and is compatible with the Yugo version of Magpul’s stock. The ZAP is CNC machined from 6061 – T6 aluminum and then hard anodized to protect the metal and match the base CZ Scorpion. Pricing for the Rehv Arms ZAP is set at a retail of $69.95 (before the stock itself) which is currently on sale for $59.95 on Rehv Arms’ website. Of note, Rehv Arms states the adapter brings the full weapon length to 29″ making it MD legal.

On the shorter side is an offering from Side Project, a new company focusing on new accessories. Unlike the ZAP, which is just an adapter, the LINK from Side Project replaces the rear cover to make the weapon systems slightly more compact. Like the ZAP, its machined from aluminum and hard anodized. Orders are not yet being taken, but its estimated to ship this February according to Side Project’s website. Pricing is not available at this time.

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Nathan S

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  • thedonn007

    My ability to resist buying one of these weakens every time I see an article about these

    • Brian Peterson

      Yeah, I think one of these pups is in my near future. I also think I’m going to end up with a Bren when a civilian version is released <3.

      • Rick5555

        The Bren 805 rifle is available for civilian sales. It’s a heavy rifle. I would wait till the Bren 806 comes to market. It’s suppose to be 1.5 lbs. lighter.

        • Brian Peterson

          I did not know that! I think I will wait for the lighter version :-).

        • Brian Peterson

          Good call. I’m loving the new Czech modern styling. I hope the Bren 806 is available to us civilies sooner rather than later…. I want it now :-/.

    • Jambo

      I stopped resisting months ago and I’ve never been happier. It’s even better now that they have FDE versions coming out and sane threads for muzzle devices. Pair it with a CZ Custom folding stock adapter and the shockwave blade, or actually file your SBR form for more than just looks, and you end up with something that’s really satisfying to shoot and look at.

      One upgrade I definitely would do is a trigger job and the reduced weight spring kit. It’s perfectly usable in stock configuration.

    • Dark Shroud

      I’m feeling the same way.

      I have to keep reminding myself I’m savings for Brethren Armament’s mp5 that takes AR triggers.

      I never dreamed there would be too many 9mm options.

  • Sianmink

    I’d like to see a Zhukov stock adapter for AR lowers, because reasons. (these reasons can be mostly summed up with ‘Faxon ARAK-21’)

  • Hopefully they make an MP5 stock adapter so that at least one part of this gun can be acceptable.

    • Green Hell

      Alex, after all you said, you should make a video or an article about “Why EVO sucks”. Okay, those fragile magasines sound like trouble, also the safety selector is a common complaint, what else?

      • The molded in, non removeable picatinny rails are dumb (and razor freaking sharp), the gun has a choppy and uncomfortable recoil impulse, the trigger is terrible, magazines crack at the lips, the cyclic rate is retardedly high, the barrel is threaded in a goofy metric thread, the safety jabs me in the hand constantly, the charging handle is too small, the factory irons suck, and it’s heavier than a freaking UMP .45 (how did CZ manage to screw that up, I mean sweet Jesus).

        Is that sufficient?

        • JumpIf NotZero

          I could go by in a point by point… but why bother.

          You have listed 11 “issues”. Of those 9 are personal or subjective issues. The only one I agree with is the trigger is bad, but not as bad as other pistol caliber carbines.

          And the weight is 3oz heavier than the UMP, which doesn’t at all mean the CZ is heavy, it’s still lighter than the MP5 which less than you have no issue with, and imo balances better. The UMP is VERY light, but also $3000 for most people with zero support.

          As to the feed lips, there was one bad batch imported. Some did crack, CZ replaces for free, and none of them actually stopped the gun from working. I have a bad MP5 mag… does that mean that’s a con for MP5s?

          “This is actually a real fun, little, accurate pistol caliber carbine” – Alex C

          … I’m not arguing with you, just presenting the other side of the discussion, because well… this:

        • Finland

          Buy railcovers, install suppressor, change trigger spring, buy more mags, dont mind fast cyclic rate, barrel is good for people who live in metric world, safety is just fine, if not use dremel, get bigger charging handle if that bothers you, who even uses iron sights? If its too heavy go to gym.

          There, so its perfectly nice little subgun for a reasonable price.

        • Malthrak

          Railcovers are cheap, cracked magazine lips appear to be isolated to one production run that CZ is offering to replace, the factory irons aren’t bad at all with 4 apertures and solid adjustability (certainly better than most guns in the Evo’s category, you’re the only person I’ve seen say anything negative about the sights), the charging handle isn’t appreciably different in size next to most contemporaries (at least from what Ive seen of Turkish MP5 clones and stuff like CX4’s, Sub2000’s, etc), and the safety is very easily replaces or modified. The factory stock is also great (at least, IMO).

          It’s also half the price of MP5 clones (less than a fifth the price of an HK94) and MPX’s, on par with something like the CX4 (which is not currently being imported at this time), which it competes with nicely.

          The gun works fine, has good accuracy for what it is, is relatively inexpensive, and has lots of customization options coming out, and suppresses better than many equivalents. Honestly, most of the complaints about the Scorpion strike me the same way as many complaints about the AK, in that the gun is doing most stuff reasonably well in a very affordable package, but because its not duplicating exactly what an AR (or in this case, MP5/MPX) does, it gets bagged on for what really are mostly subjective preference issues rather than honest appraisal of the firearm’s objective utility.

        • ostiariusalpha

          Perhaps if it had been made clear that the gun had several (mostly manageable) issues before you purchased it, you wouldn’t have as much animus towards it, but to have them crop up as little unwelcome surprises could definitely leave a sour taste. The 10/22 is rather popular despite its limitations and eccentricities, but most people accept them with the awareness that the aftermarket has numerous fixes available.

        • Kivaari

          Well, that’s enough for me to save my money and spend it on more 5.56 ammo.

        • Opinions are like noses. And mine is that none of these are real issues. I don’t care for the rails, either, but ladder covers are cheap and fix all but the thickness. And, yeah, it’s heavy for what it is.

          But the heavy trigger pull is pretty much fixed with a $12 spring kit, and the feel is rectified with ~$30 replacement triggers. The crummy safety is easily filed or cheaply replaceable. The goofy barrel thread is addressed in the new model, and adapters are readily available for those of us with the first model. The charging handle is fine unless you have Lana Kane hands, and there are several companies with larger, metallic replacements. None of these break the bank or are difficult to install at home in minutes.

          But complaining about uncomfortable recoil from a 5# gun that fires 9mm, high cyclic rate from a semiauto, and the nigh-universally praised stock sights? Unreal.

          • Gahahaha! “Lanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

  • TDog

    Doesn’t putting a stock on that thing make it a SBR?

    • Xtorin O’hern


  • overlander

    So it turns out this adapter isn’t made by Rehv, it’s made by Cloudbreak Designs and Rehv is just a retailer selling it — FYI.

    • Jpatel

      I heard Rehv went to CZ saying it was their product. So much drama with that company.

  • Ian Thorne

    It seems like that adds a lot to the LOP. I am 6’1″ and I use the scorpion on the shortest setting, that looks way too long even at it’s shortest setting and gigantic at the longest. Maybe the ZAP one will be better.

  • Kivaari

    I like it.

  • nova3930

    Been wanting an EVO but I think I’m more interested in the carbine. Not too keen on another $200 to uncle sam and IMO braces are silly.

    • USMC03Vet

      They really need a .45 caliber carbine version.

  • Stupid question, but are there plans for a scorpion carbine stateside, and if so – any details when?

    • Malthrak

      Mid-late 2016 for 16″ barrel carbine versions.

  • MIke H

    I would love to see Magpul start making some grips, mags, and stock adapters for these.

  • shawn

    CZ Scorpion Evo III Fail. The best day Imhad with my Scorpion was picking it up from my dealer and outfitting it with the ecential accesories. Things took a turn for the worst the next day at my personal range. One FTF after annother. The only ammo that would cycle reliably was the Lehigh Defense Extreme Defense. 124 gr. JhP from freedome would FTF about 2 to 3 per 10 rounds and so would other JHP ammo. Cz offered up the only solution. Per CZ USa, “… send it in on your own, we will look at it. More than likely we will not to fix the problem. This is because the Scorpion is designed to shoot ball ammo.” Im sorry, what did they say? How about letting all your paid reviewers state this in the review/infomercials that are so common now? I sold my CZ and im willin to try out the next version when its available to me.

    Why own a gun of any kind that is only works reliably with mall ammo? Is CZ following in KelTec’s footsteps? Keltec will at least tell you that their PMr30 has certain prefered ammo. I also got rid of that great gun for reliability problems.

    My collection of guns as vast as it is has no room for guns that have serious design flaws.

    I want to thank CZ customer service for telling me I’m SOL if I want to return it. Fortunately I was able to sell it for what I paid from my dealer. I did explain the issue to the buyer but unlike me, he has ball ammo. My 3k rouns of 9mm consist of JHP aside from a small supply of Lehigh Defense premium ammo.