High Tower Armory 10/22 magazine

High Tower Armory has come out with a new set of magazines for the Ruger 10/22 rifle. They come in a number of colors: Black, Desert Tan, Flat Dark Earth, and OD Green. Magazines come in a 30 round capacity, and all have removable windows to visually see the round count. These have arrows designating every five rounds, starting at 10, with a red marker on the follower that shows where the round count is at. The feed lips are Nitrided stainless steel. The magazines can be disassembled without tools as well. A neat feature of the magazine windows is that once they are removable, they can function as a follower hold down because the follower will extrude through the former slot where the windows used to be. This can be useful when reloading the magazines over a long course of fire because you can depress the follower without having to individually press each cartridge in. The magazines are listed at $29.99 a piece.

There are obviously a huge variety of 10/22 magazines out there on the market for the Ruger platform, some good, some mediocre, and others not the best of course. But High Tower Armory really focuses on 10/22 accessories and parts so it looks like the company has a handle on what works and what doesn’t with the rifle platform.

img_2408 Screen shot 2016-02-13 at 9.05.00 PM


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  • Bob

    I’m surprised that windows to easily access how many rounds you have are not more common. I have some badly dented surplus AK mags that bind the follower I’ve contemplated attacking with a drill and then covering over with something clear to keep the dirt out.

    • Edeco

      Well, given that the tolerances have to be just so, and stay that way, I’m very superstitious and conservative about mags. So aftermarket mags with windows where OEM’s do not have windows have a nigh-unwinnable uphill battle with me. I’m more open to entirely translucent mags.

      Plus, I dunno, having to check remaining rounds isn’t a thing for me… I’m just a recreational shooter, maybe it’s a thing for others but for my part I’m not surprised windows have not become ubiquitous.

      • High Tower Armory

        Hey Edeco! !

        Thanks so much for the comment and we can definitely understand your concern. We can assure you these magazines have undergone rigorous testing and the fact that they have a window has not been a factor in performance in any way.

        As for the windows actual functions of the window, we find the loading process as much as the actual shooting benefits from a visible counter. You know when you’re close to or have finally topped off a mag. You also have the option of removing the windows and assisting the follower from the outside like most .22 pistol mags. This makes loading a lot nicer, especially for shooters with trouble loading magazines the traditional way (new shooters, older shooters, etc).

        If you decide to give one a shot, we do have a full satisfaction guarantee and we’ll take back anything that doesn’t live up to your expectations in any way. We just want to make our customers happy. Thanks so much Edeco! We appreciate it!

        Andy and the team at HTA

    • High Tower Armory

      Thanks for the comment Bob! I think cost has a lot to do with it. It costs more to put windows in just about anything. It’s also more challenging to design and produce, but it gives you some pretty awesome advantages as well. Hopefully, we’ll see a trend moving that direction! Thanks again Bob!

  • Zachary marrs

    at $30 i’ll stick to my BX25’s

    • High Tower Armory

      Hey Zachary! Thanks for the comment and sorry if the price scared you! It’s the MSRP and anything lower scares our potential distributors haha. That being said, slick guns is running a really good deal on these right now. I’d check it out. $18 a mag is a steal and it ends this month. Thanks so much,

      Andy and the team at HTA

      • Zachary marrs

        At $18 ill definitely try one out! Thanks for letting me know!

        • High Tower Armory

          Thanks for your business Zachary! We appreciate it!

  • Blake

    “The feed lips are Nitrided stainless steel.”

    This is the single most important thing that differentiates a crappy 10/22 mag from a good one. Every plastic feed-lip mag we have was chucked in the “to sell or give away” bucket for a good while now (along with the rotting greatwall-mart earpro, Norinco SKS parts, & factory Ruger “buffer” pins).

    Someone at HTA knows their stuff.

    BTW 30 rounds is interesting, but 25 happens to be half a box & was thus likely not an accident. Bulk shooters probably don’t care though.

    • High Tower Armory

      Thanks so much Blake! We really appreciate it! Just fyi, these are actually 25 rounds. Somewhat by chance, somewhat by design. 25 is a nice number in .22 LR and also the magazine body becomes to unwieldy at any size over that. 30 rounds has a a lot of curve to the stack. Thanks again for your kind words- we really appreciate it!

  • USMC03Vet

    OD Green?

    They know my weakness.

    • High Tower Armory

      Haha Sorry about that! Thanks for your service to btw! We appreciate it and offer a military discount of 10% on everything in our store. Let us know if we can help with anything and thank you again!

  • High Tower Armory

    Thanks so much for the post Firearm Blog (Miles especially!) and everyone who left a comment!

    First things first- we are running a deal on these coming up in march so stay tuned for that. Pricing will likely be pretty aggressive, down to $20 or there about for the sale but this will only be for a limited time as we build a following and pick up retailers. Let us know if you have any questions and thank you very much for the buzz! We appreciate it!

    Andy and the team at HTA

  • AJ187

    Great mags, great stock, from a great company!

    • High Tower Armory

      Thanks so much AJ! We appreciate hearing that! Thanks for your business and as always, if you ever need anything just give us a shout!

  • Keith

    My magazine arrived today, and I tested it out by manually cycling rounds through my 10/22. Disappointed so far, but I can’t pass final judgement until I can actually get to a range. Took it apart to see how it worked, and blew out a couple of plastic shavings. Loaded up 25 and tried to chamber a round. That round on the top of the left image is the result- it slammed into the front of the feed lips, deeply gouging the bullet, and didn’t chamber. I pulled it out and tried cocking again- second round is seen in bottom of left image hung up in chamber. I pulled that one out, and the remaining rounds were not being pushed up by spring. The follower or whatever had apparently hung up. I was able to easily shake the next four rounds out the magazine. Banging the mag on the workbench unfroze the follower. I was able to cycle several more through the action manually, until 10 rounds remained and the follower seized up again. I loaded up 25 more rounds, and the first one or two failed to feed. as picture on right shows- the rounds are not being pushed up enough. Got it cycling again fine, until 10 rounds remained, and then it failed again as before. Banging mag on hard surface got it feeding again. Tried running a full mag through several more times, and seemed to improve a bit, but always had one or more failures to feed on every full mag. I own 3 Ruger BX-25 mags, and two of them are great. One of them behaves almost identically to this High Tower mag. Frustrating. It’s entirely possible that this issue will resolve itself after it’s broken in more on the range. Quality seems good, love the color options and the round-count window. I’m rooting for anyone who makes magazine for the 10/22, and I will buy several of any that work reliably. Jury’s still out on this, and I’m curious what other people are experiencing.

    • Zachary marrs

      mine came today, and i ran 75 rounds through it, without issue