Geissele Aimpoint mount and charging handle

Soldier Systems Daily has some good coverage of two of Geissele’s new products from The Great American Outdoors Show. Both of these are apart of the companies diversifying line of “Super” products. The first one is from the same line of mounts that will support the Trijicon MRO, but this is for the T1/T2 series of Aimpoint red dot sights. It differs in shape and can only be mounted with the Aimpoint products as opposed to the Trijicon sights. It is apart of the Super Transition T1 Series and is made from 7075-T6 aluminum, and is being offered in two different heights, co-witness and 1/3 co-witness. This is to allow the use of different types of image magnifiers on the same rail system with the Aimpoint sight. I would assume that multiple colors will be offered, but it seemed like they only had a goldish tint finish at the show, something like bronze. No word on MSRP yet.

Screen shot 2016-02-13 at 11.10.35 PM

The second accessory is also made from 7075-T6 aluminum, and is their Super Charging Handle. It was offered in the similar bronze finish from above, but also in a flat black like most charging handles are these days. It appears that it is ambidextrous, in that the right side handle activates the release of the charging handle as well as the left side. No word on MSRP.

Screen shot 2016-02-13 at 11.10.38 PM Screen shot 2016-02-13 at 11.10.50 PM Screen shot 2016-02-13 at 11.10.43 PM


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  • Edeco

    Alright, I like that kind of mount, with a stalk, as opposed to a block of aluminum drilled thru the middle. Probably heavier for a given stiffness, maybe more likely to snag on a strap depending how one operates (heh) but I like that it’s more trim.

  • Nicks87

    “No word on MSRP” I’m sure it will be obscenely expensive compared to other machined pieces of aluminum. I’m surprised there’s no BS story about how the parts were requested by Ghost Recon Team 7 Delta because tactical reasons, which is why they cost so much.

    • Steve

      MSRP on the T1/T2 mount is $95 for Black, $120 for DDC… this was provided to dealers a few weeks back at SHOT.

      Charging handle is $89 for Black, $99 for DDC.

      These are listed as MAP as well as MSRP, so they should be on-par with what you see them sold for.

      • Which is in line with their competitors.

        Larue charges $107, and ADM charges $92-97 for the same Aimpoint Micro mount.

        • Nicks87

          There are plenty of Aimpoint mounts that are cheaper. The Daniel Defense mount is $80 and it looks like it will hold zero better because it has two slotted machine screws securing it to the rail instead of just one.

          • Edeco

            I’m not convinced it’s a more-is-more thing with screws. I mean one steel screw should be good for all the force an inch or two of aluminum rail can handle. One could make a case for two points, but then its more complex, torque on one affect force on the other… more room for gremlins.

          • I have a long post about returning to zero and torque, but it disappeared into the moderation queue for some reason.

    • Steve

      Dealers were also provided with a list of SOPMOD-certified (i.e. in-use) products. These include:

      Super Semi-Automatic (SSA)
      Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced (SSA-E)
      Super Select-Fire (SSF) for M4 Carbine
      Super Select-Fire (SSF) for HK416
      Super SCAR for FN16 & FN17
      HK MR 5.56
      HK MR 7.62
      Super Precision Scope Mount 30MM (Vortex 1-6), for AR-15
      Super Precision Scope Mount 30MM (Vortex 1-6), for AR-15
      Super Precision Scope Mount 34MM (Mark 6), for SR-25
      Super Precision Scope Mount 34MM (Mark 6), for SR-25
      Super Precision Scope Mount 34MM (CQBSS), for SR-25
      Super Precision Scope Mount 34MM (CQBSS), for SR-25
      Super Precision Scope Mount 34MM (Schmidt & Bender 3-27), for SR-25
      Super Precision Scope Mount 34MM (Schmidt & Bender 3-27), for SR-25
      AR15/M4 Reaction Rod

      Which seems pretty reasonable, especially if the scope mount was being used for evaluation across a number of platforms/scopes.

      • Nicks87

        “SOPMOD-certified (i.e. in-use) products” Ok, so what dealers have these lists and did they come from the manufacturer or the US Govt? Also, could you post a link or a phone number so I can contact these dealers?

        • JumpIf NotZero

          I’m guessing he means NSN and Cage numbers have been ordered by SOF? (Not sure how that list would be generated) Which is kind of as useless as a “what the pros” use articles as a shopping list for yourself.

  • Erik (from Sweden)

    It’s great they put “Super Precision” on there, because I wasn’t sure.

    • Sianmink

      It’s the new “Grip Zone”.

      • Not really Super Precision is the product name, which no one can complain when it is put on the product.

        SA putting Grip Zone on the grips still baffles me.

    • USMC03Vet

      I wasn’t gonna buy it because I just thought it was a charging handle unit I saw it was a Super Charging Handle. That changes everything.

      • Patriot Gunner

        “Neva been dun befo”

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Im not paying $200 for two ounces of aluminum.

    • USMC03Vet

      …….and you just lost 50 hypothetical gun fights before you even brushed your teeth in the morning.

      Do you even internet gun fighter SHTF bug out operate or you just a FUDD?

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        I know, my buddies on Delta Team 8 will make fun of me.
        The charging handle is the least important part of an M4. They never break.

  • Jwedel1231

    Both items will probably be offered in ALG purple before long.

    • Nicks87

      I heard that’s the most popular color for the Naval Special Warfare guys. It looks just fabulous when you need to accessorize down range and it has a calming effect on insurgents.

      • Lot of women like purple. Off the top of my head I can think of 3 that will prefer the purple option when buying gun stuff.

        • Nicks87

          Many folks in the LGBT community like purple as well so at least 0.001 % of firearms enthusiasts will be happy.

          • 0.001% will be happy? Sure women might not be the largest demographic in the firearms community, but they are certainly more than 0.001% based on my observation.

            And the other colors they offer, black & tan, cover as vast majority of the market.

          • FarmerB

            ???? He never said that, you did ????

  • Andrew

    Let’s talk about the fact that Geissele ran 2 contests on arfcom during SHOT 2016 to drum up tons of free advertising for these new SUPER PRECISION products…promising to give away a rifle, scope mounts, rails, and triggers…but then disappeared at the end and never announced any winners…

    • Andrew

      I want Super Precision.

  • Goody

    Did anyone else come in here thinking that the aimpoint mount and charging handle was a single product?

  • uisconfruzed

    I like the raise lip on the charging handle that’ll help divert gas away from the eyes when using a can. I wish the Raptor had it. I don’t like the hook on Geissele’s, something else to snag.

  • itsmefool

    Nice explanation…thanks!