New Shooting Mat from MidwayUSA

There is some shooting gear that just doesn’t receive the attention and press it deserves, and the shooting mat is one such product. It may not be exciting but it’s extremely useful; if you have ever found yourself without one when one was needed then you know just how useful they can be. Whether you’re shooting prone at the range or hunting prone in a field, a good mat is a must-have.

Speaking from personal experience I will say that if you intend to go prone for unknown lengths of time on a rocky hillside waiting for feral hogs to make an appearance so you can make a long-range shot, having a good shooting mat is pretty much a requirement. Although this particular mat is made with competition shooting in mind, it isn’t only competition shooters who will appreciate it.

MidwayUSA has announced a new shooting mat: the MidwayUSA Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat. This is an updated version of their previous mat. The new mat includes more extensive padding and is also longer and wider than the original version which makes it more useful for taller shooters. The company also listened to customers while improving on another feature: the area’s made specifically for padding elbows and knees are now made from a durable, lighter-colored material. The color matters because darker colors are prone to heating up in the sun while a lighter shade is better able to maintain a more tolerable temperature. In addition they’ve included nylon webbing so shooters can preload their bipods.

The Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat comes in olive drab, pink, and purple with a new option of Realtree Xtra now available. The addition of a camo option is great for hunters. MSRP listed on the website is $59.99.

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 Original features (from MidwayUSA):

  • Sturdy corner grommets allow for staking down to prevent lift from wind or muzzle blast
  • Equipped with elbow and knee pads
  • Includes handle and shoulder strap
  • Legal for High-Power/CMP rifle matches
  • Legal for Smallbore competition
  • Bottom of mat is constructed of textured, non-skid, water-resistant materialTechnical Information


    Material: 400 Denier PVC Coated Polyester

    Unrolled Dimensions: 73-½” Long x 35-½” Wide (Does not include length of the front flap)

    Rolled Dimensions: 8-½” Diameter x 35-½” Wide

    Weight: 6.5 lbs

    Elbow Pads: 25-¾” Long x 33″ Wide

    Knee Pads: 13-¾” Long x 12″ Wide

    Front Flap: Tapers from 34-¼” Wide to 38-½” wide extending 12″ from the front edge of the mat

    Padded: Yes

    Padding Thickness: .535″ thick at the elbow and knee pads, .525″ thick off of the elbow knee pads

    Bipod Pre-Load Web: 23.5″ Long x 2″ Deep

    Staking Grommets: Yes

    Carry Strap Minimum Length: 41.5″

    Carry Strap Maximum Length: 65.5

    Carry Strap Width: 1.5″

    Carry Strap Shoulder Pad: 12.75″ Long x 2.5″ Wide x Roughly .415″ Thick

    Carry Handle: Yes

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  • Jwedel1231

    $60? I’ll go for that. Similar products I’ve found start at twice that amount.

  • The colors are new, the mat isn’t. I’ve had one for about two years in the greenish color.

    It works well. It isn’t the most durable nor is the padding as thick as the Dillon mat. But considering the price it isn’t bad.

  • I just use a foam camping pad I bought at Wal-Mart for ten bucks.

    • Paul White

      cheapskates UNITE.

      Yoga pad that I got on clearance here.

      • Rabies

        Packing blanket I stole from work.

        • CTFish

          Cardboard box that smells moldy

  • DropGun25

    I have one from Cabela’s I got for $100 and its outstanding.