Moldova Special Forces Cup Pistol Stage

I am a fan of competitive shooting so I found this interesting. In a normal sanctioned match, the RO would have stopped the shooter for losing his hearing protection. However this is a special match for Special Forces they are not concerned about hearing protection. More interesting is the course of fire. The shooter’s hands are handcuffed together and submerged in ice water. This is commonly referred to as the cold pressor test. The Mythbusters used this to scientifically apply pain to their volunteers. Suffice to say, it is an interesting challenge in a shooting match. I have heard of other challenges. Like at a West Point Two-gun match, shooters must carry two 5 gallon jerry cans filled with water. carry them back and forth along the course of fire, something like 50 yards, before picking up a gun and shooting it.  I am not sure what the tactical ninja roll was for, probably just for fun rather than waste time running around the bench. I am rather impressed with the manipulation and reloads while handcuffed. There is a little bit of blood shown where the handcuffs cut into the shooter’s wrists.

Looks like he might be shooting a CZ75? Can anyone identify the pistol?

Nicholas C

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  • Budogunner

    Anybody else missing the video link on Android mobile?

  • Lance

    Looks more like “AK operators union 47-74” idea of a shooting stage.

  • Alexandru Ianu

    It could be a pistol model 2000 – it’s a Cugir made gun, it copies the Jericho with some small changes. Moldova has bought some Romanian guns in the past (primarily during the Transnistria crisis) , though I have no clue about pistol orders. I can’t tell just from the video.

    • adicontakt .

      you are right , a vazt in ce limba vorbesc ? sa , s e ma vrea unire cu astia

  • USMC03Vet

    That’s so Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. Baklava and ski google operators are best operators!

    • Patrick

      Baklava = delicious Greek dessert
      Balaclava = intimidating face-hiding headgear

      • Jwedel1231

        Man, I wish I would have known that last week. I could have avoided a *really* awkward situation…

      • USMC03Vet

        Both are acceptable to wear on face.

    • Nicks87

      Baklava operators? Mmm, sounds delicious, where do I sign up?

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Hey Marge!

  • Blake

    “However this is a special match for Special Forces they are not concerned about hearing protection.”


    • Nicholas C

      If the ROs and the shooters were concerned about hearing protection they would have stopped the shooter. But they did not.

      • Blake

        Sure, you made that clear in the article.

        …but I still can’t hear you because I forgot to wear my hearing protection 🙂

  • Xeno Da Morph

    Isn’t this more of a “Bowl” , than a cup stage??

  • Don Ward

    It’s important to train for realistic self defense scenarios should you ever find yourself in a bondage/handcuff party.

  • jerrythegeek

    Colonel Jeff Cooper would approve; this is “Practical Pistol”

  • Hallan

    why don’t they have someone with a boxing glove punch them in the face a few times. Then have them listen to music they hate, like “All about that bass”. Then shoot the gun. Would simulate stress better.

  • Pete Sheppard

    It looked pretty flippin’ cold even without the ice water. Maybe he also had earplugs.

  • Igniz

    Looks like sphinx. How often moldovians speak russian? I clearly heard that.

    • adicontakt .

      Very often

  • adicontakt .

    moldavians speaking russan , bleah

    • What language should they speak? I respect the intent for building national identity, but Moldova only found itself a country 15 years ago, and before that Moscow had to _force_ writers to write something about Moldovan history and film directors to shoot something (by incentives I mean – better to be a leading studio’s director in a small republic than a loser at a big studio in RSFSR or Ukraine). There are several directors, writers and singers who changed their surnames into “moldovan-like” and created sort of “reconstructed” moldovan ethnic stuff – a hit movie, a series of hit albums etc. I mean it was really good, no joke, but it was artificial. So maybe these guys went to Moldova to be the best special forces guys in a small country? =) or just were born into Russian-speaking families. Anyway, most of the country is bilingual, no? 70% of the populace are fluent in Russian (but not all of them use it in everyday life, this number is 16%), and only 1% doesn’t speak it at all.

      • adicontakt .

        how abouat learn some history , is not such thing moldavian language , it is roamanian language , it is the same ,you know that this country belong to Romania long time ago and the Tsarist Empire and later the urss stealit from romania, so if u wanna talk about history of moldavia first you should talk about romanian history

        • I know there is much debate about the differences with Romanian language, and that everyone basically admitted it’s Romanian. It has nothing to do with people speaking Russian. I speak Russian, and I am a member of a Siberian people from the Mongol group (presumably the one that was Ghengis Khan’s home tribe), that was subjugated by Russian Empire and for a time, exploited as slaves. I’m hella glad to be Russian, educated in Russian music academy and later university, speaking the great Russian language and belonging to the great Russian culture. OK?

          I know that NOT everyone in the former Soviet republics and former socialist republics is bitter towards USSR as a whole or, especially, Russian ethnicity in particular (because that’s basically chauvinism). And it is a complex issue that can’t be weighed on scales – pros vs cons. And it’s definitely not a matter of “stealing stuff”, when “stuff” is people.

  • ParaLarry

    Why is he shooting the no-shoots?