How To Unjam A Magpul D60 Drum Mag.

I recently acquired a Magpul D60 drum magazine. As I was looking up disassembly instructions, I came across this video by Twangnbang. The information in this video is helpful. Not that i plan to jam my drum but he tells you what NOT to do. There is really only one way to jam the drum. And that method can possibly lead to breaking the drum. It has to do with unloading the D60. If you unload the drum with the latch in the vertical position, the drum will not unwind itself and the remaining round can cause a jam once the latch unlocks. If you try to lift the load gate and rapidly unload the drum, you could damage the drum. Without the tension of the load gate, the drum will unwind faster than it is designed to do so. It will unwind faster than a full auto mag dump. That is where the drum could self destruct and become permanently damaged.

The steps shown in the video below are purportedly to be Magpul’s official method to unjamming the drum safely.

Nicholas C

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  • Larry vicker


  • RantGirlRants

    Sootch has a fairly good video for this as well.

  • me ohmy

    so do I… carry two P-30’s, better.. carry three P-40’s, one third the price, twice the round count, and no feed issues. I quote Peter G. Kokalis…”DRUMS ARE DUMB”

    • lucusloc

      Where do you keep the spare mags for your “bump in the night” gun? Drums have their place, and that place is in the gun that you will grab when you have no time to grab anything else. Drums are not for kitting out battle gear, standard mags fill that role just fine, for cheaper and less weight, so it would be nice if everyone stopped pretending that was their role.

      • me ohmy

        my “bump in the night gun” has a redi mag, and a third mag on a buttstock pouch…I’m fine thanks

      • iksnilol

        Uh, right next to my other mag.

        Duct tape is a thing you know, put a couple of cases between two 40 rounders so that they are oriented the same way and you’re done. It costs a fraction of the price, is way more reliable and you have 20 more rounds.

        • Ernest

          You mean the snag-tastic P40’s? Its a bit like having a leaf rake hanging from your gun, isn’t it?

          No thanks. I’d rather have something a little more compact.

          • iksnilol

            if 40 rounders snag in a standing position you’re doing something wrong.

          • Laserbait

            Do you only shoot in the standing position? What about getting in and out of a vehicle? How about with a plate carrier and chest rig? Do you not have have to shoot around odd barriers? What about prone? Off a bench? Ever tried shooting in a kneeling position with a 40 round box mag in a bullpup – it’s a great exercise in futility trying to rotate more than 40 degrees.

          • iksnilol

            -I don’t have a vehicle in my house, nor do I intend to get in/out of a vehicle while in bed and something goes bump in the night.
            -I don’t have a plate carrier nor do I intend to throw on a chest rig (Like, who was the time for that if something is happening?).
            -Closest thing to an odd barrier in my house is my couch.
            -I am not going to shoot prone in my house (though I can do that outside without problems with AK 40 rounders).
            -I don’t shoot of a bench at all.
            -Again, kneeling isn’t a problem with a 40 round AK mag (which is longer/more awkward than a 5.56 40 rounder IIRC).
            -I don’t have a bullpup… Kinda want a Famas or an AUG but I am not really dying to get it.

          • Laserbait

            Well then you might as well start designing your own 100 round box mags. 😀

    • Nicholas C

      If you did your research, Magpul drums do not have feed issues. That I have heard of. We will see how they fair with long term use.

      • me ohmy

        user induced in times of high stress??

        • Anomanom

          Nothing can stop user fail. NOTHING.

    • hydepark

      This. To each his own and all that but I don’t see the purpose of this thing. The p40’s are super reliable and thin. I have a couple Surefire 60’s that have been perfectly reliable, but I don’t know how they’ll hold up over time. And I know some of them aren’t reliable. Maybe I am also somewhat tainted from my previous drum mag experiences in the AK realm.

  • Ken

    Not so sure about sending a jammed magazine to Magpul. Shipping ammunition isn’t just a simple put it in a box, throw some stamps on it and toss it in a mailbox. Not that anyone would do that of course.

    • Nicholas C

      Not that easy. But you can ship ammo via UPS Ground. The only hassle is that you have to go to a UPS distribution center to do it. You can’t ship it at a UPS store. The box must be marked ORM-D. But the Distribution Center should have stickers for that. Also the shipping fee is standard ground rate. No extra “handling fees” for shipping ammo.

  • Colin

    Still waiting for a 308 version magpul .

    • Mickey R

      Never mind the 308… I want the AK version!

    • Ebby123

      Yes. Yes. YES!! GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!
      A 308 SR-25 drum in 50, 60, or 100 rnds from Magpul?? I would drop $170 on that in a heartbeat.

  • RICH


  • claymore

    Or even better read the instructions for unloading BEFORE unloading and not have any jams.

  • me ohmy

    aw yeah… that’ll be easy to unjam in combat….LMBO

    • Nicholas C

      You are assuming the magazine will jam in combat. So far I have not heard of a Magpul D60 jamming while being fired, even full auto. However it is a mechanical device. So it could jam. Does that mean we shouldn’t use it? Guns are not jam free either. If you have a jam there are many things you can do to solve the problem. Problem solving a jammed magazine is not one of them. Just drop the mag and insert a fresh mag is the easiest solution.

      • me ohmy

        also the cascading rounds when you work it out later… sorry Nicholas, I am not spending six or eight magazines worth of hard earned dollars for one magazine, no matter what the mechanism is.
        same reason surefire never got my money for the 60 or 100 rounders. I cannot justify a hundred dollars for ONE magazine.

  • Nicholas C

    Sometimes price and practicality are not the main priorities. If that were the case why would anyone buy anything other than a Hipoint?

    Don’t compare the D60 to a PMAG. Compare it to other drum mags on the market. This is VASTLY superior to other drum mags in terms of cost, size and capacity.

    • iksnilol

      Yeah, but drums themselves are inferior.

      Especially a 60 round drum. I want ridicilous capacities if I am using a drum. Something like 100 rounds.

    • me ohmy

      great.. enjoy, you get to have twenty more bangs, then I switch mags and I get twenty more bangs, in comparison….does the target or other members of our hypothetical firefight care? and did they count our blistering cavalcade of 60 versus 40 shots? I know they were counting.. they do.. it’s a round count conspiracy…where’s my tin foil wrapped ghost mag.

      • janklow

        personally i think drum magazines are basically fun toys… but i’m not sure it warrants this level of outrage.

  • Joe DiAntonio

    Buy an X Product 50 round drum & you won,t have to screw around with the magpul

  • Bodie

    What is the purpose of that load lever? Why would you ever want to engage it to lock the inner spring from moving? If it needs to be free to spin while loading and unloading, why would that lever be present in the design to lock up internally?

    • Laserbait

      The load lever is used to assist in loading. When you get close a full mag, the load lever helps rotate the the drum, so that you can feed in the last few rounds easier.

      • Bodie

        Appreciate it. Thanks man

  • Laserbait

    The big problem with the 40 round PMAG’s is shooting prone, plus they are so long, the seem to catch on everything. The Drums are much lower profile (especially the Beta-C). The Xproducts and Magpul drum also work nicely on most bullpups.

    • me ohmy

      ak’s have had long mags…RPK’S have had long mags..STEYR AUGS LMG role have had long mags.. if going prone is the ONLY issue… I can find a spot that is better to go prone into. frankly I wanna be down low in any case.. the rifle mag holding me up won’t be that much of an issue,, three or four inches.. you’re in line of sight anyway.

      • Laserbait

        Yep, and they all suck with the long donkey dong 40 round mags. They’re unwieldy, and hang up on on everything. Pass on that crap, I’m loving my D60’s. Ask anyone that has one (or more), you’ll get pretty much the same answer.

        • me ohmy

          that’s just it…. no one I know wants to piss away that much money for ONE magazine. and yeah.. you love them.. it’s cool dude.. there is a big enough world for the great unwashed to prefer another magazine style.
          when we get shot to tatters in the hypothetical internet gunfight, you may scavenge our blood splattered, and torn bodies for our gear..
          but mark my words…my mags will be empty. donkey dong aside.