Armtac Monotube Integral Suppressor

Very interesting. Having shot my 22LR rifles with my Spectre II and seeing the VSO Gun Channel talk about the YHM Integral suppressor, this Armtac sounds impressive.

ARMTAC Monotube integral suppressor on a CZ 455 .22 bolt action rifle. THIS is more than “movie gun quiet.”


Here is a video of Armtac’s M&P15-22 suppressed.


I was able to get similar performance using Aguila Sniper SubSonic 60gr .22LR out of my M&P15-22

Shooting the @aguilaammo #snipersubsonic22lr out of my m&p15-22 it cycled!! #spectreII @silencerco

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I could not find a price for the monotube suppressor barrel. I did find this on their website.

Armtac has taken its proven “Monotube” integral .22 suppressors & retooled it “Reaver-Style”.

Gone is the traditional sleeved barrel & separate baffle stack we used in our monocores.

The Reaver .22 now features our true one-piece integral suppressor.

The barrel assembly is a 7075 T6 Aluminum sleeve. The baffle stack is a 420 Stainless Steel barrel liner with a 321 Stainless Steel removable o-ringed tube that covers the barrel and suppressor assembly.

Oh yeah, it comes off for cleaning as well.


For more information check out

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  • BattleshipGrey

    Serious question: Is suppressing .22lr strictly a hearing protection thing? I always wear hearing protection when I shoot .22s anyway, but in the big scheme of things, .22s aren’t very loud compared to bigger calibers.

    Or is suppressing them more for the hunting crowd? I’ve shot some critters with .22s but I haven’t set out to get multiples of any small game in one setting. So if you’re squirrel hunting, does suppressing your .22 get you more game or does it matter?

    I can’t really see it being for the tactical crowd since .22lr isn’t often used in defensive or offensive roles.

    Any thoughts to help explain? Suppressors, integral or otherwise are nice, but in regards to .22, I guess I’m just not getting it.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      99% Giggles.

      • Budogunner

        But LOTS of giggles. : )

      • Paul White

        that’s a reason I can get behind. Just not at their current prices for me

    • Bub

      Hearing protection is a good start, but the benefits don’t stop there. Nice for varmint control around barns, etc where you may not want to make a lot of noise. Always great to start youngsters or new shooters out on something that is not loud as all getup. Plus 22lr std velocity is easy to suppress and comes about as close to Hollywood quite as you are going to get. May not really be for tactical crowd, but suppressed 22lrs are and have been used in such rolls around the world ie crowd control, dogs, lights, and who knows what else.

      Rimfire suppressor is a good place to start if you think you may be interested in a suppressor, but not quite sure. They are typically cheaper than centerfire models. Think of them as a gateway model to bigger things down the road. I only have one a 9mm model that is rated for everything from 9mm down to rimfire rounds plus subsonic 300 Blackout. It comes apart for cleaning and btw they get really dirty really fast shooting rimfire ammo.

      At this point I kinda want a centerfire rifle suppressor, but I’m really not sure they are worth the expense and trouble. Maybe someday.

      The biggest reason to have a 22lr suppressor is the COOL FACTOR.

    • Budogunner

      I have a trainer for every ‘platform’ I own that can accept my .22 muzzle can. That’s pistol, AR-15, bolt-action rifle, and a 10/22 with M1 Garand style iron sights.

      Suppressed .22 firearms are great teaching aids. They have next to no recoil, minimal sound production, no muzzle flash, and are less intimidating. All the while you are teaching good habits for follow through, trigger control, not flinching, and how to clear malfunctions.

      Naturally, basic safety and handling rules should be taught before someone touches any real firearm. However, my trainers have helped many people get into the hobby in a safe and responsible way.

      Plus, they always put a smile on your face. It feels good when you are at a range and you can tell people in different bays are having a pissing contest about whose gun is loudest or who can fire the fastest (with shotgun spread style results on the target)… then, while they are reloading they hear your “pew pew pew” and see one, tiny, ragged hole in the vitals of your target. The best is when that is being accomplished by a student on their first day at the range.

    • Tassiebush

      Over here it’s always about hunting. People do use them largely because of their ability to shoot more game without spooking remaining game but also for places where neighbours would complain if they knew. There’s a lot of animal lover greeny types in hobby farm rural areas. It’d be nice if they were actually legal.

    • iksnilol

      Easier for everyone + results in more game.

      I know a friend of mine shot crows. He managed to shoot at least 5 of them before the rest noticed something was wrong.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Its just freaking cool.

  • Marc

    Allows for shooting within city limits; doesn’t alert anyone. Shhhh, don’t tell.

  • De Facto

    I like my hearing. Quieter is better.

  • David

    Try shooting augilla colibris through a suppressor it’s the Same result with my gemtech outback

  • Budogunner

    Unrelated, but for the love of God, please remove these mobile share links. They interfere with the WYSIWYG and screen position.

  • rob in katy

    But can I get one before ATF 41-F goes into effect.

  • Cymond

    Any idea how it compares to a Dead Air Armament Mask HD on a bolt action? Twang n Bang’s review pretty much convinced me that I need a Mask HD.

  • DougMasters

    That M&P15-22 is very similar to the Innovative Arms Suppressed M&P15-22 and sounds just like it. Great gun!