Walker Releases New Razor Series Earmuffs

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Walker, a division of GSM Outdoors, has announced the release of their Razor series of electronic earmuffs to the market. Called “Razor” for their uber-thin muffs, Walker claims that the hearing protection is as thin as they could get without sacrificing hearing protection and amplification of the electronic section.

Despite their thin package, the Razor series is rated for a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 23 dB (2 dB less than the Hunter series announced at SHOT). Putting that in perspective of percentages, that’s nearly a 400% drop on volume at the ear, when properly worn. The muffs operate off of two “AA” batteries to operate omni-directional microphones and “full dynamic range HD speakers” which also can accept line-in input for music and other inputs. Volume controls are recessed into the muffs. Response time for suppression is quoted at .02 seconds.


The earmuffs are available in a veritable plethora of colors (unlike other brands, which tended to be one or two). Colors available are all in a smooth matte finish:

  • Flat Dark Earth (FDE)
  • Kryptek Typhoon
  • Black
  • Teal
  • Pink

Unfortunately, the headbands are only available in black. They sport a wire frame and are fully adjustable to fit heads of all shapes and sizes.

Keeping in line with the small theme, pricing is set at a remarkable $69.99 MSRP.

Let’s hope they are better than the cheap Champion offerings we reviewed previously. 

Nathan S

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    An ipod input is unique.
    Might be kinda cool to rock and roll while I rock and roll.

    • Tahoe

      Pretty sure the Howard Leights have an audio input jack as well (I’ve never used it, but I think it’s there). But talking to your buddies means having a 2-way radio; you can definitely do that, but the headsets are much more expensive.

      • Heretical Politik

        I have two pairs, and yes they have an input jack. I have no need to rock out to the Kills while I’m shooting for groups though.

  • sean

    and what does this offer over the howard leight impact sport? except a higher price point and that howard has been time tested.

  • TechnoTriticale

    Others have commented on this news that 23dB is marginal, and I concur. Might be fine if wearing these over plugs, and using the audio feature to restore range communication.

    I have a more general question about amplified muffs: is a 20 millisecond response time fast enough? And if not, what is fast enough?

    And if not, at what dB are they clipping the noise?

    • Bill

      Concur: 23 is the lower limit for outdoors, and then not for any duration. Indoors I would definitely add plugs. I’m more worried about preserving my hearing than how svelte my ear pro is.

      • TechnoTriticale

        re: …more worried about preserving my hearing than how svelte…

        Sure, but it’s not clear that GSM had style in mind principally. I could see low-profile being useful in wet, windy or cold when a hoodie is needed. These, however, give up too many dB to make that an attractive trade-off.

  • Suppressed

    Why write this “article” when Katie churned out the same crappy press release just a few posts earlier? I could see if it was a super exciting new product and two writers ran to get it out ASAP, but this?

    Do you guys get assigned articles to do or do you decide on your own work?