Miles posted a self made trailer hitch shooting bench the other day. It reminded me of this project where a guy made a reloading bench inside his Honda Element. I feel this reloading bench would be a perfect companion accessory to the trailer hitch shooting bench.

ClarkM posted his Honda Element reloading bench on a Honda Element forum. He also talked about taking a deer and loading it into the back of his Element by himself.




  • USMC03Vet

    Mobile freedom dispensary. I like it!

  • Geoffry K

    Nice, but it means you didn’t bring enough ammo in the first place.

    • Nicholas C

      I look at it more as a mobile benchrest shooter platform. Benchrest shooters will handload ammo at the range for the variables of temp, humidity and atmospheric pressure.

      • Geoffry K

        Do you have any data to back that up?
        My handload 5.56 Match ammo does not vary by more than 1/4″ at 100 yards regardless of the atmospheric conditions.
        Bench/bipod, suppressed, only my shoulder and elbows for rear support. 16″, 1:7 twist, 5.56 NATO SS barrel.
        How are you going to calculate the load?
        AFAIK, it could be a difference of hundreths of a grain of powder.
        I don’t know of a scale that can measure to .01 grain accuracy.

        If you think going through all that is worth it, I would just adjust my aim after the first 3 shots.

        • Nicholas C

          This is what I was told by a competitive benchrest shooter.

          • Geoffry K

            I don’t know if that would come under being an OCD thing or what.
            Seriously, if you have ammo that hits dead center at 100 yards and 1/2 MOA, and then it shifts POI because of the conditions, just adjust your aim or scope. Why go through all the hassle of coming up with a new load?

          • Renegade

            Nicholas C is not exaggerating. The “hardcore” element of the bench rest shooting crowd will bring all of their reloading supplies, will load 3-5 rounds at a time, fire them, check results, and adjust accordingly.

            The first round fired tends to be unimportant, as a completely clean bore will shoot differently than a dirty bore.

            About a year ago, TFB had an article on rail gun bench rest shooters. They measure their 200yd sub-MOA groups with micrometers.

          • BattleshipGrey

            LOL, people are funny.

          • Old Vet

            My cousin used to carry a small target around that he shot with a .221 Fireball. 5 shots/one hole/100 yards….on a no wind day. He gave me a recipe for my .25-06 Rem. Sendero that would shoot under 3/8ths in. on about any given day and on days when I did my part, 1/4 in.

          • Nicholas C

            No offense but you are not even close to the benchrest shooters. 1/2 MOA is terrible when guys are shooting groups that are 1/8 inch apart. Look at the article I posted about the Houston Warehouse where a guy was getting 0.025 inch groups. Those are benchrest shooters.

        • JSmath

          It’s less that they’re trying to perfect their combinations for that particular moment, and more that they’re experimenting to see how changes will affect the different loads – what powders are more sensitive to heat, will this much powder work correctly at high/low temps, will this different barrel twist rate or rifling design work with this or that, any extremes you can think of.

          Pretty sure that exact manner of perfectionism is exactly how Hornady ammunition came about.

  • Xeno Da Morph

    Next up, the platform for a Dillon!!

  • Joel

    Seems like a good idea if you’re doing some load development and your range isn’t near your home.

    • Geoffry K

      This OK. My range is my backyard, out to 100 yards.
      Make 5 rounds, shoot, adjust the next 5 rounds.
      Chrono everything, write it down, find the best load and stay with it,

  • wetcorps

    Now try reloading while the car is moving, should add some challenge 🙂

    • Nicholas C

      Better yet, have a moving team competition. Honda Element Door Gunner challenge. One member drives the car. The second member is making the ammo. The third member is sitting at the bench shooting targets while the car is in motion!!!

      That would be awesome to watch if it could be done safely.

      • JSmath

        That it isn’t a sport already shows we Americans have -some- restraint.

      • wetcorps

        Now that’s something I’d watch.
        Also someone needs to make a “Honda Element Door Gunner” patch.

  • YS

    Does he re-level the balance scale every time? Or is there some self-leveling contraption that I can’t see…

    • Tierlieb

      Don’t you re-level your scale everytime? Until now I had considered that a basic move before every reloading session.

  • Bob

    bench rest shooters typically have their stuff mounted on a sheet of plywood and then clamp it with C-clamps to the concrete benches where the match is held.

    Good idea, but I would NOT park the vehicle in the average shopping center lot.