The SMG Guns Type 1 FG-42 Reproduction Is On Its Way!

In 2013, SMG Guns announced their reproduction Type II Fallschirmjägergewehr FG-42 paratroop rifles. These recreated the late-model German FG-42s with some improvements in semi-auto form. Now, SMG Guns has released a promo video for their new Type I FG-42, reproducing the earlier, lighter, and frankly cooler-looking German paratroop rifle for the US civilian market. The video is embedded below:


The original Type Is differed in having milled receivers and stamped buttstocks, as well as other miscellaneous differences*, where the Type IIs had stamped receivers and wood buttstocks. SMG’s reproductions, however, both feature milled receivers. According to Rick of SMG Guns, the prototype shown in the video will soon be sent off to the BATFE for approval, and offered for sale first to SMG Guns’ customers who bought the Type II reproductions, before being made available to the general public.

*For example, the Type I and Type II magazines are incompatible with the opposite rifle’s magazine well, a good example of the sort of noodle-brained decisions that plagued German industry during the war. Of course, the SMG Guns Type I reproductions will use the same magazines as their Type II counterparts.

FG-42 paratroop rifle reproductions are not a new idea. Before SMG Guns’ reproduction, Tactics Group released photos of their FG-42 reproductions, and even before then Sport-Systeme Dittrich had been making reproductions for the German market. However, neither of those guns were available in the US.

Nathaniel F

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  • Don Ward

    Perfect for my Surrendering to the Allies and Soviets re-enactment group.

  • John

    Is that Ricky Gene Smith in the Video?

  • De Facto

    Is this chambered in the original cartridge?

    • I believe they’ll be making them in 8mm and .308, like the Type II reproductions.

      • Don1974

        7.62X39, cannot recall the source.

        • You are thinking of the HMG Sturmgewehr. Different company, different gun.

          • Don1974

            Right you are, thank you for the smug response.

          • M.M.D.C.


      • Paul White

        I’ll take one of each. IIRC the FG 42s’ in WWII were set up to take scopes, but I’m not sure what mounting system….wonder if this’ll take a scope too?

  • HKmaster

    I wonder how this would stack up against a G3 or M1a…

  • Salty Nuts

    very cool! Now when is someone going to make a domestic clone SVU in 54r?

  • Southpaw89

    Very nice.

  • TJbrena

    If I had the money, I’d get two. One regular, one to make tacticool so I could meet my desire to own a “modern” side-loading rifle. Side-loaders, small arms that fire sabots, and bullpup “battle rifles” are just really cool to me, regardless of how practical or impractical they may be.

  • eric

    I can’t listen to the audio here, but does it get the original grip with the steep angle and exact metal buttstock with the ribs? All in all, I am in awe about their work, because it seems like a huge and risky project.

    • I believe so yes. The test article has a different grip angle for comfort, but that’s not how it will ship, I understand.

  • Bigbigpoopi

    Glenn Fleming came.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    I was going to go get the “shut up and take my money” meme but after visiting the web site, “firm fixed price is $4995”. I could see 1500-ish, akin to modern bullpup prices, but that’s for very hardcore enthusiasts then. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining, it’s still reasonable for a recreation, and wildly cheaper than an original, if you could even find one.

  • I have always wanted one.