[GAO] Magpul Happy Claymore Pouch

I cannot believe I missed out on this little gem at SHOT Show. Luckily Taylor W, an industrial designer at Magpul, gave me the low down on this innocuous little bag at the Great American Outdoor Show.

At first clance it looks like a burlap pouch with two buttons. The buttons and the stitching is where it gets its name. The buttons are like eyes and the stitching is a jagged “messed up” smile. Taylor explained that when they had these prototyped, the embroider would make a perfect semi circular smile. Taylor kept telling him to make it less perfect and “messed up” but every sample came back as a perfect semi circle. So Taylor had to draw a “messed up” smile which the embroider scanned and programmed in their computer to create the pattern perfectly.


The exterior of the bag is obviously not the main focus. The front flap opens to allow storage or retrieval of a stored Claymore mine.

In the main compartment, is a large square sheet with a pouch. this is for storing any manner of items required for your explosive needs.The interior is blaze orange for emergency signaling and the trim of the sheet is reflective material that is also compatible with NODS and IR.



Take a closer look at the diagrams and instructions. The guys at Magpul are not without humor and loaded this with a few jokes.

Happy FullSizeRender Happy 2


No price on the Happy Claymore bag but it will be released in a couple weeks.

Nicholas C

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  • iksnilol

    That’s not funny, the Belgian takedown is a real thing.

    • Giolli Joker

      They are all illustrations from the British fighting manual with the bag added in the game.

      • iksnilol

        I know.

        A Belgian Takedown is never funny. It’s srs biznis.

    • displacer

      I thought a Belgian Takedown was when you shot a dude in the face with a FAL

      • iksnilol

        Nah, it’s more brutal.

        You grab them by the ankle from behind and pull up… then you repeadetly kick them in the crotch til they pass out from the pain.

        • Paladin

          I think I learned something similar in my Krav Maga class, those guys don’t mess around.

          • Xanderbach

            I took a few years of Bujinkan Tai Jutsu, the style that Krav Magra is based on (and improved in a few ways) and I agree- Those guys don’t mess around. My Sensei telling me “you could have added an eye gouge” was a high point. Also my future wife (all 100lbs of her) snapping 2 of my ribs like twigs during an exercise. Good times!

  • Adelbert Waldron

    I’m liking Magpul less and less.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      My brother shot the 2016 Magpul calendar and said they were all pretty cool guys there. They asked him and some of the other photogs what they had on their wishlist and sent them all boxes of mags and other stuff. My brothers was shipped to the wrong address so they re-shipped him some more stuff.

      • Vhyrus

        What caliber did he use? And what made him want to sho.. oh, wait…. well I feel stupid now.

    • David w.


      • Kyle

        Cause they made jokes I guess. Those bastards!

    • displacer

      I’m sure they’ll take this well-constructed feedback in stride, and stop having fun as per your wishes

    • Patriot Gunner

      Their AK mags have been disappointing.

      • BattleshipGrey

        I haven’t had any problems with mine.

        • ostiariusalpha

          That’s because you haven’t been dropping them fully loaded from head height onto their feed lips like the real operators do. You need to step your game up.

          More seriously, there have been some issues with certain AK rifles with design specs that seat the magazine a bit higher than other makes. This leads to the bolt group smacking the back of the feed lips on many polymer mags (not just PMags) and cracking the feed lips there. Seems to be mostly Chinese and Bulgarian AKs, but some Century rifles do it as well.

          • BattleshipGrey

            Hadn’t heard that, but I hadn’t been looking either. I will try to step up my game from here on. 🙂

          • Bill

            Some early PMags would not fit all of my ARs, i think there was enough variance in well dimensions and catch design to make some of them a little off. I thought it was hysterical when the guy I spoke to at Magpul recommended modding my receiver. I decided not to grind on my receiver so a couple mags might fit.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            I had that problem and solved it by sanding the mags with rough and then fine grit paper. It didnt look all crappy either.

          • HSR47

            “Your part is out of spec, perhaps you should get it machined to spec or replace it with one that’s already in spec.” Is a valid answer when the problem with a product is a third party part that was not properly built.

      • blotonthelandscape

        No problems with mine either.

    • Mi


  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Finally, I can stop carrying my claymores in my fanny-pack.

    • Cody C. (Magpul CORE)

      That will free up a lot more room for activities.

      • Xanderbach

        And operating while on operations! I’ve been keeping my claymores in an old happy meal box, complete with the tactical “golden arches” handle. This will do in a pinch, though.

    • Bill

      I wonder, if your wore the fanny pack in front, how much “recoil” a claymore has. It would be like the ultimate belt-buckle pistol, assuming everything went the right direction. Otherwise, it would suck.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Find out and get back to us.

      • HSR47

        A claymore is basically a sheet of C4 with a bunch of ball bearings on one side, and nothing but plastic on the other.

        As a result, your death is pretty much a foregone conclusion if you’re in physical contact with a claymore when it goes off.

        • CountryBoy

          People go all to pieces over these things.

    • CountryBoy

      Yes, and no worries about the correct grip to lower the “bore axis”!

  • PeterK

    That is amazing. I want one.

    • Cody C. (Magpul CORE)

      2 is 1…

  • Now, does it work with other US Mines? Does it work with Allied Mines, British and Israeli?

    Will Magpul be making Claymores?

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      I bought one of their stocks for my claymore and it works great.

      • Cody C. (Magpul CORE)

        I like your style.

      • Paul White

        Keymod master race! I put flashlights onm y claymores to operate operationally

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          I put a grenade launcher on mine.

    • Cody C. (Magpul CORE)

      It works with any mine with the same dimensions as the M18. It also works great for other things like the recovery and employment of the buddy line for combatant divers on infill or exfil.

      Making Claymores? Magpul doesn’t comment on what we may or may not be making.

      • DrewN

        Even though this is in no way CORE related, I’m going to humbly beg for some M1 Carbine PMags. Considering production of the Carbine is some orders of magnitude greater than the M18 you guys might even make some money.

    • AK™

      Im waiting for their M-LOK MOE accessories for my Claymore..

  • SP mclaughlin

    Remember the basics of CQC.

  • USMC03Vet

    Christmas came early for mall ninjas.

    • Cody C. (Magpul CORE)

      The Magpul CORE staff is made up of Force Reconnaissance and MARSOC Marines, Special Forces soldiers, Snipers and one highly motivated F.O. We draw on our experiences to bring the most functional products to real world end users with legitimate concerns.

      • claymore

        Hey you guys stole my name I’m suing : )


    M! Carbines…wonder how many 30 rd mags would fit.?..boxes of .22 L. R.?..MRE packets ?
    compass,map, pistol and spare magazines for grab bag ? would it fit 10 x 50 mm binoculars ?

  • Cody C. (Magpul CORE)

    Hey guys, Cody here from Magpul CORE. The concept for Happy Claymore came about from our experience working on small reconnaissance teams where one or more claymores are set up during long security halts, at the ORP, or at the surveillance site. The standard reel that the firing wire comes on causes the wire to kink, knot up or eventually just become completely useless through repetitive winding. Plus its just slow, noisy and requires another man from the team to hold security. This new design allows the claymore be employed quickly by one man, as it can be thrown and unwinds tangle free, or worn as a satchel, again unwinding tangle free as you walk back from the emplaced claymore. Since one end is already fixed through the grommet on the bottom (the end that connects to the “clacker”), the blasting cap is stored in the static free pocket on recovery, and the rest of the firing wire can be quickly recovered and dropped on the tarp (which is also bordered by an IR reflective tape for NVG use), gather the 4 corners, shake and the wire drops into the bag, just like a climbing rope bag, no knots or twists. We added a separate compartment for the claymore with buttons because velcro is loud, plus tie downs and separate compartments (for fast visual and tactile accountability) for a stake, range card and whatever else unit SOP dictates, and finally we added in some humorous instructions because who doesn’t want something funny to read on day 7 of a 10 day patrol?

    • Nicholas C

      Thanks Cody for the explanation.

    • RICH

      I love it. Does it come with the claymores…. ! ! ? ? : )

    • Pete

      Well, I see this has brought out some inane comments from people who don’t actually have to use Claymores. As a dude who does, I can say I’m genuinely excited about this product. Thanks for being here in the comments Cody.
      It looks great and I really want to know more about how the wire spooling/recovery is implemented. Running retainer bands into the loops inside a std bag works quickly to emplace, but fast to recover and reset it ain’t… This looks like a great alternative to rigging “dropkicked” claymores. The anti-static cap pouch is a particularly nice touch.
      Do you have any experience with the Platatac Claymore pouch (Aussie company). That has always looked like an interesting option, but not so available stateside.

      • Bill

        I’m pretty sure Platatac ships to the States, if you can wait for it and gamble that Customs doest get too froggy. They’ve got some nice looking kit, and it’s top-shelf, from everything I’ve heard.

      • Cody C. (Magpul CORE)

        Thanks for the comment, we’ll put a video out soon that explains everything. Yes the “drop kick” method works great for fast employment but not for recovery. I think you’ll like this much better.

        • Pete

          Looking forward to it. Thanks Cody

    • Paul White

      As someone who hasn’t used claymores in any capacity, I’m just thinking it’s a product with a sense of humor that I can use to schlep stuff around (provided it isn’t too pricey).

    • CountryBoy

      Well done, guys. Anyone having to work with Claymore mines deserves and has earned my respect, as long as they’re on our side.

    • Ben Pottinger

      Never used a claymore and probably never will but this looks alot like a climbing rope bag (as Cody mentioned) or a kayaking throw rope bag. I’m I understanding this correctly that you pack it and toss it similar to how a throw bag works? Kayaker discovered a while back that coiling things up is not conductive to quick deployment so this looks like a good idea!

  • Don Ward

    What is GAO’s MOA?
    Also, can we get Alex C. to do a TFB Run-and-Gun with it?

  • Renegade

    The absolute absurdity makes me want one.

  • Porty1119

    Magpul shotshell pouch?

  • Southpaw89

    Smile towards enemy.

  • Jinglebob

    Holds a couple of ham and cheese and a snicker bar