Gabor Vass of Kalibre Magazine writes …

Heckler und Koch…NO, it is not a VP9, in Europe it is called SFP9 (Striker Fired Pistol), because the Volkspistole Neun is not politically correct anymore.

I had wondered why the H&K VP9 is called the SFP9 in Europe. I would have thought it would be the otherway around. The VP in VP9 stands for Volkspistole, which translates as “People’s Pistol” ie. a pistol for the common man. The People’s Pistol was a German WWII program to develop a ultra-cheap last ditch pistol to arm the civilian population in the face of the imminent invasion.  Walther, Mauser and Gustloff-Werke all developed prototypes. The pistol concept never had a chance to go into production before the Allies advanced into Germany.

UPDATE: In the comments BrettW gives an explanation that makes more sense …

Brugger & Thomet already have the trademark for VP9 in Europe for their integrally suppressed pistol – HK couldn’t brand it as such as a result.

UPDATE UPDATE: Further information suggests they are in fact being politically correct. I will be blogged about this topic soon.


  • Bear The Grizzly

    Sooo they’re trying to distance themselves from an old Nazi arms program that nobody cares about or am I not getting it?

    • Anonymous

      See what BrettW said. B&T has the trademark to VP9 in Europe. In that case it’s roughly ‘Veterinary Pistol’ and is a suppressed “bolt action” pistol for animal euthanasia by vets, animal control officers, etc.

  • BrettW

    Not true…Brugger & Thomet already have the trademark for VP9 in Europe for their integrally suppressed pistol – HK couldn’t brand it as such as a result.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Certainly makes more sense.

    • Yes, this is my understanding.

    • Ah, that does make more sense.

      • Blue Centurion

        The PC Police….Wouldn’t Volkswagen also fall into that same trap? I’ll go with the B&T explanation as well.

    • John

      Meh. They could have called it the VP917 and it would have passed muster.

    • Mmmtacos

      While I like “volkspistole” moniker they’ve been using for years, it bothers me that they went with “9” since it’s less than “70” (yes, I know it means 9×19, but still). Then again, H&K’s pistol designations are all over the place. P2000 is older then P30, so whatever.

  • Marc

    “Volks-” is a regularly used prefix to signify that something is made for everyone.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Nah, Nazi wagon makers!

  • Kefefs

    Well HK had the VP70 and I don’t remember any PC problems with that, and that was well after WWII. I can more easily believe BrettW’s note that B&T already has a trademarked VP9 pistol (that Welrod-ish thing).

    If it is a matter of political correctness running amok, I’d think it would be more due to Germany (and Europe in general’s) current general belief that guns are just for sporting, so a “people’s pistol” would seem a little improper.

    • May

      The V in VP70 was short for “Vollautomatische” which means full auto (which makes no sense since the thing was DAO and could only fire semi or bursts, but then again only about half of the VP70 made sense anyway). Also this was done because VP9 is a B&T trademark.

      • Kefefs

        According to three sources separate articles I can find on the matter, it stood for “Volkspistole”. David Higginbotham notes in his article that “Vollautomatische” is an erroneous name of unknown origins.

      • Anonymoose

        Germans don’t use that moniker for machinepistols. They use “maschinenpistole” for everything from full-auto pistols to full-size SMGs. That also wouldn’t make sense for the civilian versions that can only fire in semi-auto.

        • May

          Yeah it would seem that the old article I found that in was incorrect. Although like I said most of the VP70 didn’t make much sense to begin with so I didn’t really bat an eye at another oddity of it.

          • Anonymoose

            At least it had second-strike capability and reset if you let off the trigger before the burst was over, unlike the Beretta 93.

    • Rustle Wiltson

      They’ve pretty much turned on their own people all across Europe. Nationalism is portrayed as a sort of thinly veiled naziism. Any love of ones country and heritage must be stamped out in order to usher in a global internationalism. Sovereignty is considered a sin against this global hegemony. Its happening here to a lesser extent – kids are told not to fly ol glory as it may offend Mexicans or Muslims. We’re told our culture is rotten and we must accept millions of third world hordes to atone for our colonial sins.

      Sweden might as well be considered transformed. Political correctness is a virulent poison that is at war with the tenets of nature. Europe, where are your men? Who will fight for the heritage of the true volk?

  • TheMaskedMan

    I’ve been debating whether I want one of these or a PPQ.

    • JamesRPatrick

      Can’t lose either way.

    • PPQ has a better trigger and a longslide variant.

  • USMC03Vet

    Maybe they saw Military Arms Channel’s VP9 torture test video?

  • koko

    Well Germans always could rename it to VoPo9 as in “VolksPolizei”. That would be mighty correct, at least in the East!

  • Ed

    Again H&K sucks up to antiguners…

    Just remember there real motto “Where H&K and you suck”!!!!

    I say this despite being of a the biggest MP-5 and USP fan.

    • JSmath

      Read the other comments. It’s not sucking up, it’s being beaten to the trademark.

    • MrEllis

      We all make mistakes, it’s okay.

      • DB

        No doubt!! It’s like “JEOPARDY” on here! You must answer in the form of a question, contestants!

  • janklow

    alongside a Native 5? nice.

  • Kovacs Jeno

    MP9 is also a B+T modellname, but SW MP9 pistols are sold under this name.

    However, recently SFP9 was selected as new service pistol of Niedersachsen Polizei (22.000 pistols for 7.5 million euros), and it won’t look good with nazi name in police holsters.

    • dP

      The S&W = M&P 9, not MP9. Similar, but not similar enough to cause a trademark infringement issue.

  • MR.X

    Europe now is like chicken without head

  • Absolutely false. Pictures of the VP9 branded as the SFP9 surfaced on the Internet weeks before the VP9 was officialized in north America. Truth is, the VP9 name was chosen to be used in the United States only, right from the very get go.

  • Leo

    glocks are for volks, hk is way above …

    • Glen LaVanchy


  • FarmerB

    Actually, in data sheets, they indicate that SFP stands for Striker Fired Perfection.